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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 325217 views.

From: CatLowe


Thank you For the welcome and the invite, Sinbad.  Thanks too for the info about justjohn.  I was sending quest items!  Now I’ll just send tickets.

Should I add my name/ID number to the “Master List” to hopefully get more friends for exchanging postcards & quest items? Right now I’m working on one of Trina’s quests for eight postcards and I need some for crafting pets.

Another person is on my friend list but now I’m wondering if ‘she’ is also an auto-added friend since her room is set on Halloween (no active HOS) and the only “needed” items listed are pet eggs!

*** Shroomie, thanks so much for the airship chest, I just used my last one! 
Thank you both for the help and info.  


From: CatLowe


So cool we have a lot in common Flootie!  Much to my husband’s dismay I’m a nature/animal lover in the extreme.  For months now I’ve been “training” the cats, raccoons and skunks to get along when they come on my deck to feed!  It’s going great so far, but I go through several packs of cookies every week!smile

Hi CatLowe and you are welcome.

re - getting more friends: this particular thread is the best place to get iOS friends. I am sure more people will respond over the next day or so. Suggest you scroll back through this thread for other people’s request for friends and send them a friend request in the game.

There are people who are members of “the consortium”. They collect items from people who have extras and help out people like yourself who need certain things for quests, pets, etc. There is a forum section for info on this group, and one of the threads is where you can post a request for help. They will get you hooked up with consortium friends.

re - adding your name/ID number to the “Master List” - it’s good to be on the list for reference purposes.

re - Another person is on my friend list with her room set on Halloween (no active HOS): there is only one system auto-added friend (JustJohn), so my guess is that person is no longer an active player. Each friend has a green (active) or red (inactive) person head icon in the top left corner of their entry in the list. Sending gifts to red flagged friends is also wasted gifts.


sinbad raising_hand


From: Flootie


Love the idea of getting all the animals to eat together peacefully. I live in UK, so sadly no raccoons or skunks on my doorstep.

JustJohn is the only auto-added friend, so If you want to query your “new friend” a good way is to create a post with title something like:

‘Does anybody know“ and then say something like, for example

“does anybody know Shroomie  I.d. ending 6911”

always put last 4 digits. I think it’s mentioned in the Code of Conduct in the discussions bit on the left hand side of the screen. I’m sure someone will see my ramblings and explain things a lot better than I have, but hope you get the gist of what I mean.


From: CatLowe


Lots of helpful info and suggestions, thanks Sinbad.  The player in question is green but as I said,  fixed on Halloween room without a HOS and wish list is flop-eared puppy egg and Phoenix egg.  I’ll try sending invites to others who have recently posted.

Which room should I leave open for Friends? Does it matter?  IIRC Spring room 2 has three scenes and room 4 only has 1.


From: CatLowe


Flootie, I live in a wooded area so I get all sorts of wild visitors on my deck, including bears.  I can post some pics (if allowed here) if someone will tell me how to post them.

Love your doggie avatars!

Thanks for the tip on queries about specific members wink.

Does any know Candy with ID ending in 4482?

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Hi CatLowe. I have 2 ios games. iPad and iPhone. I will send invites.

TLB2 and Twinkle. Welcome!


From: Flootie


Sounds terrific where you live. I think you can post pictures, but I’ve no idea how to. Would love to see some, though.

Candy isn’t a friend of mine, but you could try posting a new thread. You see the big picture of Mahjong tiles at the top of the page? That is called the Header - a very talented lady called Jennifer changes that every day. Yesterday it was Labrador puppies. Anyway, underneath is a little blue box that says “New Topic”. Click on that, it opens up and you can give it a title of what you want and then type your message.
It just takes a bit of practice to find your way round this forum. I still get lost at times, but the friends are pretty forgiving if things get put in the wrong place.


From: Cecilia28


Hi CatLowe,

I have sent you an invitation. I gift when I can, and try to return gifts when I receive one.


Re - Which Spring room should I leave open for Friends? Does it matter?

Either Spring room 2 or 4 will work, you will see a mix among your friends. Some people switch their setting between these two rooms each day. I don’t have the time to do that, so I just keep one room selected. Spring room 4 was needed by people to get the items required to build the two new spring pets. Since the event has been going for a while, I expect most people have them already completed. The advantage of Spring room 2 is that, with three scenes, people can get 250 coins x 3, once they have maxed out those scenes - so it is good for people who want to build up their coins.