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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 388441 views.

From: bajon


Thanks. Just wonder why there would be amulets we can’t get.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


The amulets that are unavailable were offered for cost- last year? I think? It was during an event, some bought into it and some didn't. Thinking they would be available again, but so far they haven't. As far as I know..


From: zaraonyx


Hi Flootie,

Happy to meet you!

Oh boy, Freddie’s voice - don’t get me started! No,  I meant to write,  Don’t Stop Me Now. smile

Honestly, he had a unique voice - truly unique. To me, Queen is only Queen when it had Freddie as a singer. Fantastic voice!

I remember when “Bohemian Rhapsody first came out, & hearing it on my transistor radio for the first time - wow! Then I saw the video clip for it on television - so cool, & very innovative for it’s time. Truly fabulous!

Thanks for the good wishes! I’m sending them right back to you & hoping that this situation isn’t putting you Under Pressure.grin

All the best,



From: CindyK65


CatLowe, Would you please set your Spring Room to 2 or 4? It is showing the Winter Lodge. You may need to make a change in the spring room if you already have it set. Just edit the name or piece of furniture. There is a glitch in the game that sometimes doesn’t let friends see the room that you have set. Thanks! CindyK


From: Flootie


Hi Zara, always good to know fellow Freddie fans. 

It’s A Hard Life right now, but if Friends Will Be Friends it won’t be time for the Hammer To Fall and hopefully we will get a Breakthru very soon. 

My brother bought the records and I sneakily listened to them when he was out (wasn’t allowed to touch his things, still not come to think of it!) 

Stay safe



From: bajon


Thank you for explaining. I never knew they were available last year. I missed it somehow.

Also been wondering about the games some people are losing. Is it because someone hijacks the game because they accepted the wrong friend? From a couple of posts I got that impression but they never came out and said that was the case.


From: LadyAstra



        No, we don't know exactly how the games get hijacked or lost.  Some people have gotten hijacked who haven't accepted a new friend in ages, and the person with whom your account gets merged is usually not even on your friends list.  It's most likely server errors at either Big Fish or Elephant Games, whichever is hosting the servers (probably BF, from what I understand about online gaming distribution).  There doesn't seem to be much that we can do on our end, although some report that customer service reps advised them to wait a few minutes before closing out after you conclude your activities in a given game session.  This gives the servers have time to properly save.  Not a guarantee, but at least something within our control.



From: Flootie


Hi Pammy, hope you are well. I’ve just gone into MC to do my 2nd gifting of the day and find you have somehow gone into my invite friend box. No idea how or why, but please do accept it. 

Best wishes, stay safe, Shroomie


From: bajon


Thank you for explaining. I have wondered about it for sometime when I would see where someone would say they were hijacked.

I have played on an Ipad for about 2 years and never had any problem. Just recently started one on my computer. It looks like the computer games have been having the most trouble. And I have noticed I must play a little slower on the computer to let the complete everything.

Take care and stay well.


From: CatLowe


Hi CindyK65, please let me know if it’s still set on winter.  I keep it on Spring 2 but I scroll through every open room I have because sometimes there are butterflies for crystals; maybe You visited during one of those brief times?

I’d like to send out a Huge Thank You! to all who responded here and for all of the 18 Friends I now have!  

I read all of the responses here and should have returned sooner so I could reply to each (and I do hope to participate more on the forum) but I have some serious health issues and don’t always have the stamina or clear-thought to get online.  You all sound warm and wonderful and I’m so glad I came here!

if there are any issues with my rooms (for anything at all) please do let me know.
If anyone has some suggestions about the fairest way to dole out gifts and keep track of it (since we only get 5 each time), I’d love to hear it.  I hope to see you again soon! >^.^<