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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 278098 views.

From: Flootie


Hi, my player name is Shroomie and I have sent an invite. 

Best wishes


From: misstracy22



I’ve also sent an invite, welcome.

Take care, Tracyhatching_chick

Hi again Hunter!!

I am sending you a PM!! 
Please look for it, in the upper right hand corner, their are two grey boxes, when you have  PM’s, one of them will be colored orange with a number inside indicating the number of unread messages. 
(Just providing complete information information incase you were not already aware!! wink )

Also, if you are able not yet  listed on our Master List, here is the link:

Please just leave your information there, and the fantabulous Chilpep (Hi Chili !!), will make sure you are added at the next revision!! I think you will find it rather helpful!! 

Hope you’re staying safe and well!! Looking forward to your acceptance of my invite as you indicated and please let me know how else I may be of help or assistance to you at anytime!!


CC to chilpep

From: misstracy22


Hi Debbie, 

Sorry this post has two things. 
Firstly, I already have our wonderful Bajon on my friends list. So sorry for the re invite. I shall try and remember to check first. I just so love helping those I can. I get a bit over enthusiastic. blush
Secondly, I noticed just before I posted this, my number of posts was ‘666’ smiling_imp I can’t believe I’ve posted so many times. Also bit spooky number! I wasn’t sure where to post that. So kidnapped this post.

Always take care, 

Tracy kissing_heart


From: RiverLady55


Hi. Sent you an invite. I play every day and live it.


From: RiverLady55


Hi. Sent you an invite. I play as RiverLady and love this game.



Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



So thrilled and ecstatic blush that you already have Bajon on your Friends List!! WTG!!  And being one step ahead of the rest of us!!

As for your post being # 666 smiling_imp....well what can I say, I remember reading some of your first posts!! So perhaps post a few more to increase that number in short order!! LOL wink

Hugs, be safe and well ~ Debbie  XOXO 


From: misstracy22


Thanks Debbie, 

Hope my post are improving. 
This counts as another one, so I’m safe againwink
Keep safe and take care,

Hug back, xxx


From: BernDover2


Hello, I'm new here.  In fact, I just signed up to this forum today.  Previously I was a member of the BigFish Games forum (..although not as active...).  I'm glad there's a new home for us to share information, tips, and trick regarding Midnight Castle.  I can't believe I've been playing this game since 2015 .... that's amazing.fearful

Well, I'm on level 97, and waiting for updates to be able to progress to level 98.  I could use some new IOS friends.  My friend code is: i2362846.

Thanks for having me, and I can't wait to get some new friends !!


From: Flootie


Hi, my player name is Shroomie and I have sent an invite. I always gift   A-Z, but not bothered about receiving gifts. Unless you need to build your postcard stash, then gifts are most welcome.

Best wishes, stay safe