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A forum devoted to the FTP game Midnight Castle. All formats and platforms. Find Friends, learn tips and tricks, read strategy guides, ask for help or just kick back in Fletcher's Tea Room and dodge the odd explosion.

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

March 9th to 15th

  • Mon 9th - Panic; Barbies; Meatballs; Crab meat; False teeth; Get over it

  • Tue 10th - Pack your lunch; Fill your stapler; Organise your home office; Purim; Wigs; Bagpipes; Skirts; Find a phone booth; Middle names; Mario

  • Wed 11th - Johnny Appleseed; Tools; Plumbing

  • Thu 12th - Girl scouts; Plant a flower; Popcorn; Fanny pack; Scallops; Kidneys

  • Fri 13th (OOOH!) - Jewels; Sleep; Blame someone else; Earmuffs; Ken; Open an umbrella indoors; Smart and sexy

  • Sat 14th - Pi; Genealogy; Butterflies; White; Crowdfunding; Science; Moths; Ask a question; Dribble to work; Potato chips

  • Sun 15th - Dumbstruck; Everything you think is wrong; Ides of March; Speeches; Confessions; Buzzards


From: LvlSlgr


Maybe it's just me, but every time I see that banner with all the wigs on the same head ... it just looks scary. That was my initial reaction and I thought it would "grow" on me. But it hasn't. It just makes me think of a large group of cloned women (with different hair, mind you) who are planning something evil. I know ... cal me crazy! LOL

Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


Haha...I didn't think anything of it until this post. Now all I can "see" are Stepford wives. see_no_evil


From: misstracy22


Thanks, every time I looked at this header I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t keen on it. Now I know. Not my favourite. 


From: LvlSlgr


So it's not just me.

And I think Cookie got it right - Stepford wives. LOL


From: misstracy22



I agree too.

I prefer today’s header. I at least understand this one.



From: misstracy22


Nice header today. 
Dancing butterflies in a kaleidoscope of colour. Enough to brighten up a dull day.

Thanks, Tracybug


From: KatieAn56


Thank you sooooo very much for the butterflies.  I LOVE butterflies...they go where they please and please where they go.  Most of my pictures in my house are butterflies and as you can see so is my profile pic.  Thank you again Jenifer made my day!!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


March 16th to 22nd

  • Mon 16th - Everything you do is right; Freedom of information; Giant pandas; Lips; St Urho's day; No selfies

  • Tue 17th - Corned beef and cabbage; Submarines; St Patrick's day; Tea for two Tuesday

  • Wed 18th - Goddess of Fertility; Supreme sacrifice; Awkward moments; Forgive your parents; Biodiesel

  • Thu 19th - Poultry; Chocolate caramel; Read to me

  • Fri 20th - Earth Day; Happiness; Proposals; Storytelling; Kiss your fiance; Hufflepuff pride (I did those last year); Neighbours; Ravioli; E.T Abductions; Sparrows; Snowman burning (candles, not the impossibility of burning snow)

  • Sat 21st - Spring Equinox; Quilting; Poetry; Corndogs; Healthy fats; Slytherin pride; Forests; Fragrances; Down Syndrome; Memory; Single Parents; French Bread; Common courtesy; Sports car racing

  • Sun 22nd - Goof Off; Water; Gryffindor Pride; As old as you feel

As a Finlander from Minnesota...…………….