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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


October 7th - 13th

  • Mon 7th - Bathtub day; Frappé day; Architecture day; Day of Bullying Prevention

  • Tue 8th - World Octopus day; Face your fears day; Touch Tag day; Ada Lovelace day (no, not the porn star); Podiatry day

  • Wed 9th - Canadian Beer day; Scrubs day; World Post day; Bring your Teddy Bear to work/school day; Mouldy cheese day; Pet obesity awareness day; Curious Events day

  • Thu 10th - Hug a drummer day; Cake decorating day; World porridge day; World homeless day; Handbag day; World Mental Health day; Shift10 day (spend 10% of your daily money at local small businesses)

  • Fri 11th - Coming out day; Egg day; Sausage pizza day

  • Sat 12th - Old Farmers day; Pulled pork day; World Arthritis day

  • Sun 13th - No Bra day (woo hoo!); Train your brain day;


From: misstracy22


This was from BBC The Octopus in My House, very interesting fun things I didn’t know about octopi.


Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Octopi are amazing, I love to see reports on them, their colour changing  and all the other things they can do (like making accurate footie predictions). And I do admit that I also like them grilled or fried with a bit of aioli or filled or marinated...

I am not familiar with Canadian beer - is it worth a header? Any experts out there?

Friday I rather have eggs. I do love sausages (hey, I'm German!) but why put them on a pizza other than salami? And we had that already as a header,

Be wary of Sunday - the no bra stuff when left to PTG will probably not show a georgeous young gal but some geriatric nudist gardener... - Apologies, I didn't know you could do that one tasteful (I like it).

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Great one blush

Somehow the picture made me immediately think of ACDC - She's got balls


From: KatieAn56


LOL PTG!!! Every day is no bra since I retired, unless of course I have to go somewhere. :)