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Started 4/22/18 by AEGram; 2334 views.
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From: AEGram


49... PALACE SQUARE... I am Shahryar, Sultan of Persia. It is said that the husband is more likely to wander in his affections, but it was my beloved wife who proved unfaithful, wounding me deeply. Yet within my broken heart is the hope that someday I will find my one true love. 

50... PERSIAN BAZAAR... For many years I've searched throughout the kingdom, but I an unable to find a woman who can make me believe in love again. Yesterday I consulted the Grand Vizier, a wise man, and he told me from his heart that he knew no girl better and purer than his own daughter, Scheherazade. This seems promising. 

51... SULTAN'S GALLERY... Scheherazade has astonished us all with her beauty, intelligence, and talent for spinning a tale. She told one about a sultan and his noblemen, about merchants and sailors. I could not bear for her to stop, and the story wasn't done when dawn came. She promised to come back and finish it. 

52... PALACE BALCONY... One thousand nights have passed, each full of heroic adventures and cunning shenanigans. Scherazade's tales have become a cherished part of my life - as has she. I wait for every night as for the moonrise. The love story of Shahryar and Scheherazade will be among the immortal tales told for generations to come.

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by Annelliegram on Sep 20, 17 6:17 PM

53... SERENITY GARDEN... Nobody knows who planted this garden. It's not here for adventurers seeking riches - it exists for the few who seek solitude and peace. 

54... HALL OF CREATION... Writers and taletellers the world over have searched for inspiration since time began. Some appeal to the muses of talent, others count on luck or swear by hard work. But this is an enchanted hall, where anything created is instantly a masterpiece! 

55... MAGIC COUNCIL CHAMBER... Our United World of Magic wouldn't be such a happy world without the Code of Unbreakable Rules. Abiding by its laws allows us to live without war or catastrophes, and our world can flourish in peace and harmony. 

56... WORLD'S EDGE... This is not a myth! There is an edge of the Earth, and it's here! I've never seen anything as beautiful. There's no constraints of time or space here - only happiness, peace, and limitless horizons.

57... TEMPLE OF JUSTICE... Even in the world of magic there is good and evil, and there are criminals who break the laws. Beware of using magic for evil -- the fair Court of Elders will find and punish you! 

58... CRIMINAL'S DEN... The walls of the Prison for Magic Creatures can endure many types of damage: the scratching of claws, the striking of horns and hooves, the impact of superhuman fists. The Council of Elders have used powerful charms on these walls to contain the criminals of the magic world. 

59... TORTURE CHAMBER... The court puts only the worst criminals into the torture cell -- those who try to take the lives of other creatures. The ones who enter this grim vault never leave it.

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From: AEGram


60… BONE PALACE… Every column, statue, and secret room in the Bone Palace celebrates death. This is no place for the living.

61… BALLROOM… What could be more charming than the Ball of the Dead? Guests come from across time – if ou unmask the nearest couple, you may find your ancestors cutting a rug.

62… RUINED GALLERY… They say the Bone King and his servants have been searching for the chosen Prince and Princess to dance in the red moonlight and begin the reign of the dead.

63…HALL OF SOULS… Not all souls agree to serve the Bone King, but that doesn’t bother him. He ordered a Sphere of Souls built in the palace dungeon, which holds the non-obeying souls and living people the King wants to have as his servants.

64…KING’S CRYPT… Even the worst villains have a sense of beauty. The King ordered a crypt built for himself that rivaled history’s greatest architecture, featuring elegant columns, glass domes, and the skulls of his vanquished enemies.

65…GHOST GROTTO… Ancient myths describe the spirits of the dead sailing down a river into the Underworld. What if this river was real? You could bargain with the silent fairyman and visit the land of the dead. Just make sure you have a way back …

66…ROAD TO GHOST TOWN… Many weary souls have traveled the road from the land of the living into the realm of the dead. Of course, some want to come back, but the rules are hard to break.

67…GHOST TOWN SQUARE… Ghost Town is not a pleasant place for mortals. There’s no laughter here. No whispers of loving couples, or shouts of joy in the streets. Those who used to be alive have become echoes of the past. Fog, twilight, and silence prevail.

68…CREEPY STREET… This is no place for mortals, but necromancers, adventurers, and artifact hunters insisting on discovering the secrets hidden on these mysterious streets. Few find their way in and even fewer escape.

69…CURSED HOUSE… Legend tells of a warlock who managed to hide in one of the houses on this street in order to continue his dark work. He made a deal with the local spirits, but none will speak of the price he paid to honor it.

70…GRIM CELLAR… Magic works differently in the Underworld. Dark spells become stronger, while light magic becomes weaker. This is why the darkest spells are cast in the grim cellars of Ghost Town.

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From: AEGram


71…ISLAND SHORE… The Northern Islands are the icy home to ferocious warrior tribes called Vikings. It’s dangerous to go to their lands, and it takes a long time to reach them. No Southerner has been there in many years.

72…SACRED GROVE… The Northerners believe in a whole pantheon of gods – there is a special place dedicated to Thunderer, as well as Sea Ruler and Wind Master, since they ensure success on long sea voyages. Druids pray to them in special groves where they claim the connection to the gods is especially strong.

73…FROSTY FORT… The walls of Frosty Fort have never been attacked during their thousand-year history. Legends say that they are made from magic stone that Thunderer stole from Frost Giants.

74…JOUSTING FIELD… Once a century, the Grand Joust takes place in the Frosty Fort courtyard. The frozen land is forever stained with the blood of legendary warriors.

75…ICE HALL… The Ruler of the Northern Islands holds audiences in the Frosty Fort’s main hall. The hall was once part of a cave that formed when a waterfall suddenly froze. It’s so cold in the North that the hall walls keep their ancient appearance year-round.

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