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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 124522 views.
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It appears the location of the artifact part is nearby and Lucas begins reading the manuscript very carefully believing the text contains a well-hidden metaphor.  “This metaphor clearly means a labyrinth!  I’m going to visit the labyrinth and search for the belt part.”  Lucas found the artifact part, the Ice Gem, but the artifact is still too cold to hold for long.  “We’ve done it.  This is only a small part of what you’ll have to do, but you’re on the right track.”

Professor Pinfeathers is positive the castle will, once again, overcome the mortal peril confronting it.   “It’s still unclear if this entity is good or evil, but we can’t take any chances.  Go to the one most likely to have answers to our questions.”

Han, the Sage greets you subconsciously while he finishes meditating.  “I knew that this trouble would lead you here.  The Serpent’s awakening has created chaos in your mind.  Restrain it, and we’ll be able to proceed.”  Ready to “seek the help of someone with a clear mind and brave heart”, Han confides that grief consumes his mind.  “Not even my concerns over the Serpent can overshadow it.  The power of patience wanes with time.”  Sensing in his mind palace your capability of setting everything right again, Han says “Fate was generous in granting me a twin brother, although we walk two very different paths.  Everyone must follow their own path, and my brother chose the way of the warrior.  Unfortunately, we have drifted apart.”  

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Unwilling to believe his brother is gone, Han decides to enter into a trance to search for any connection to him.  Han senses life still flows through his brother, but can’t understand why he hasn’t visited in so long.  “Did you know that many twins have a special connection?  It’s true, and his mind is trying to tell me something.”  Han feels his brother’s anxiety and decides to send his astral body in search of his brother.  As his subconsciousness takes a faraway journey in search of its relative, Han feels his brother’s in a protected area.  Encountering some sort of barrier, Han needs help strengthening his astral body.  Once his astral projection breaks through the protective barrier,  Han reaches the soul that so closely resembles his own.  “Now I can see that your path leads to the settlement of harpies.”

Olympe, the Harpy greets any “friend of the sage.  My people’s hearts are always open to those that are chosen.”  Agreeing not to abandon our mutual friend, Olympe says “Han’s twin is important to our people.  He protects us from destruction.  We must prepare for the journey to find him.”  Flying to where the warrior twin should be will leave the settlement vulnerable, so Olympe asks for help to protect it.  “I have bad news.  The location the sage saw was empty.  But his twin was there.  His spirit still lingers in the air.  We can track the warrior’s lingering spirit, but only the oldest of the harpies knows how.  She’s an outcast who lives near our settlement, but no one knows exactly where.”  Harpies never completely vanish and would have died out long ago were it not for the elder harpy doing her best to hide from outsiders.

While the Harpy elder is the wisest of all, “she leaves behind very cryptic clues to her whereabouts.”  Unable to completely decipher the elder’s clues, Olympe has a possible lead.  “Our elder’s hint leads in four different directions, so I asked my people for help.  Harpies never refuse to help those close to them, but it requires payment.”  Olympe gave gifts to four harpies, who split up and went in the four cardinal directions.  Now “we need to wait for their return.”

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“The search has paid off.  Our elder understands our reason for seeking her.  The elder determined the warrior’s last location, so there’s hope.  We need to get ready for his arrival.  There’s no telling what state he’ll be in.”  Olympe would have liked to thank the elder, but she departed quickly without another word.  “The sage’s brother is alive, but he’s in bad shape.  Apparently, he’s been fighting to protect us from invaders.  He needs tending to.”  Olympe can’t tell the cause of his wounds, but they’re deep enough to put his life in danger.  To avoid infection, the wounds must be cleaned and Olympe is positive their remedies can handle it.  “He’s a skilled fighter.  I can’t imagine who could have done this kind of damage.”

Olympe did everything she could for Han’s twin brother and hopes he recovers quickly in the healer’s tent.  “I can’t believe our luck!  I’m told that our protector is awake and feeling much better.  We just need to give him what he needs to recover fully.  I’m happy the harpies could help.  I’m sure the brothers will contact each other soon.  The warrior has information about what you need.”

Han, the Sage owes his life to the harpies for reuniting his soul with that of his twin.  “You helped rescue the person most dear to me.  Now I can concentrate on our next problem.”  Hans’ brother helped him regain his spiritual powers and “it’s as if we share one soul.”  His twin told Han about a prophetic vision he had showing the location of a part of the Chilling Belt.  As the brothers joined minds and exchanged knowledge, Han realized something.  “The artifact we need is hidden deep in my subconsciousness.  A deep dive into my inner self will help me create something so powerful from nothing.”  It’s imperative for Han to concentrate because if he can’t make it materialize, the artifact may be lost forever.

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“Many years of spiritual practice have rewarded me with the artifact, but it’s left me weak and weary.  Help me recover and the artifact will be yours.”  “No effort goes unnoticed, and the universe rewarded you generously” with the Ice Salamander used to balance the Chilling Belt’s raw power.


Professor Pinfeathers thinks Helma, the Shaman Outcast and Ludwig Milton, Skeleton Knight can help.

Helma, the Shaman Outcast believes your intentions are pure, but you’re out of sync with nature.  “Let it into your heart, and the world will open for you.  The ancestors talk to us through the sounds of nature and they’ve been waiting for you to listen.”  Helma continues, “Can you feel  how the living creatures suffer?  This place used to thrive.  Shamans from all lands once lived here.  I’m the only one left.  Everyone else left for more peaceful lands.  I remained to prevent this place from perishing.”

While Spirits may wait for eternity, trouble won’t.  “The nature spirits once revealed a prophecy about a threat coming from this mountain.  The shamans heard the prophecy and did their best to suppress the mountain’s power.  But they couldn’t guess the true source of the threat.”  Helma continues, “On the day the prophecy came true, the shamans used all of their power to subdue the mountain...and that’s when the miners came.  The miners exploited the opportunity to search for precious ores and treasure.  Legend says that the ancient spirits who created this world put treasure under this mountain and left a powerful guardian to protect it.”  Helma says the miners’ greed was limitless and the shamans were powerless to stop them.  So the shamans sought refuge elsewhere.  “ The miners’ digging almost awakened the guardian of the treasure, but a miracle saved us when the mountain erupted with lava, taking those who disturbed its peace.”

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Helma, the Shaman Outcast was chosen to be the mountain’s caretaker and can’t leave it under any circumstance.  While the prophecy says the land can be saved from the guardian of the mountain, it will be very dangerous.  A natural source of power must be found in order to succeed.  Helma believes “you must be the savior from the prophecy!  Your aura shines like a thousand suns on a cloudless day.”  Helma also reveals a minor eruption sealed off the entrance to that part of the mountain.  “I need all of the natural elements to overcome this.  Air, water, earth, and fire, heed my call.  Let the savior enter the mountain.”

With the path open and trusting that nature will protect you, the trip begins to the mountain.

Though intrigued by your limitless bravery, the Fire Elemental suggests quickening your pace.  “This is a dangerous place, stranger.  But if you’re courageous enough, perhaps you can help me.”    Warning that you haven’t proven your right to be here yet, the Fire Elemental says “I’ve guarded the treasures of the ancient spirits since the mountain was created.  Only someone with a pure soul and brave heart can hope to get even a glimpse of it.  Do you dare to try?”

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Hoping the intention is not to steal the treasure but to render help, the Fire Elemental continues.  “My fire essence tears me apart from inside.  My inner flame was meant to protect the mountain, but because of human greed, I could end up destroying everyone.”  The Fire Elemental remembers it was a fine day until the miners caused overwhelming anguish of the mountain.  “When the miners found out about the limitless treasure, greed took over.  They decided to take everything for themselves.  The ancient spirits tied my spirit with the mountain, so when the miners reached its core, I was filled with pain.  My wounds are so deep that I’m barely able to hold off my fire.”  While the shamans’ intentions were good, they only weakened the mountain.  “My molten fire could cause the mountain to erupt at any moment!”  If that happens, everyone and everything in the castle would be destroyed.

“Only the Chilling Belt can stop it, but there may be a temporary way to calm it.  An ancient stone flute from the mountain depths can buy us some time.  Ancient spirits foresaw this possibility, so they created a unique stone flute covered in gems.  However, I’m having a difficult time remembering where it is.”  The spirits’ powers helped the Fire Elemental remember the calming instrument is in the mountain’s treasury hall.  But the hall is vast and full of unusual artifacts.  “Time waits for no one, and the fire burns inside me still.  My wound has made me so weak, but I know we’ve almost found what we’re looking for.”  While the Fire Elemental is successful in locating the artifact part, there is still one obstacle protecting it.  “Your efforts bought us some time to search for the Chilling Belt components.  I’m trusting you to complete it.”

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Helma, the Shaman Outcast knows the elemental suffered because of human interference.  “Even though we knew the prophecy, we couldn’t protect him.”  Helma must find out where the shamans kept the artifact needed to pacify the mountain.  “When I was little, I saw an old shaman talk to the spirits.”  He “used an ancient peace pipe to communicate with the ancestors’ spirits.  The artifact should be in the old shaman settlement.  I’ll go – only shamans can enter that sacred ground.”

Helma found the settlement and the artifact, but there’s a complication.  “The artifact is sealed in a case made by the royal artisans.”  After succeeding in the task to open the seal, the Polar Bear artifact is yours.  It adds power to the belt and allows the wearer to hold off flames.  Helma says “I knew you’d manage to succeed.  Now the artifact is yours.  Use it well.”

Poor Ludwig Milton, Skeleton Knight, doesn’t have the strength to move.  Helping Shadow lift that terrible curse took a lot of effort, leaving Ludwig gravely weakened.  The powerful effect of the curse left behind painful consequences, but Ludwig believes there’s a way to recover from it.  “I’m not about to die, but we should still make haste!”  Ludwig remembers “a potion maker mentioning that the potion of a thousand lives can remove a curse’s effects.”  But the potion is as powerful as it is rare, making its ingredients almost impossible to find.  And in his current state, Ludwig can’t remember all the ingredients.  “I can’t move, so I must rely on my faithful winged companion again.  He’ll find out how to brew that potion from that potion maker himself.”

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Fortunately, “my raven returned with the good news.  Now that we know the proper ingredients, we just need to find them.  Fern butterfly wings are the most common ingredient.  Don’t worry—Their wings will regrow.”  Ludwig reminds that “little victories add up to large achievements.

Continuing the hunt for ingredients, “a laughing mushroom’s tears are very rare but highly effective.  Many have tried to grow them, but they only grow in the wild.”  Ludwig’s raven found a glade full of laughing mushrooms and collected their tears.  “The last and rarest ingredient is the light of the rising moon.  It’s almost impossible to catch.”  But the raven managed to trap the light in a silver lantern after flying high above the mountain.  “The potion maker said that we must brew the ingredients in a sand dragon’s scales at the temperature of the sun.”  The potion is ready and Ludwig Milton is on the road to regeneration and recovery.  Feeling strong enough to continue with the task at hand, Ludwig found the next part for the Chilling Belt is kept in the glaciers of the sky birds.  He decides to send his raven once again and hope for the best.  “The sky birds aren’t friendly, and fought my raven.  Now, it’s my turn to care for him.  My raven managed to get the part you need.  Help me heal him, and we’ll be even.”  With Ludwig Milton and his raven healthy and strong, “you deserve this artifact.  Now, go and save our castle.”  You are presented with the Stormbringer, the beat of these wings is strong enough to cause a blizzard.

Professor Pinfeathers knows that while we’re one step closer to salvation, some magic would help.

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Nala is plagued once again by experiments going sideways, but trying is what gains experience.  Nala wanted to help, but it seems her experiment resulted in an unfortunate transformation.  “I wound up creating this scarecrow...hey, have you seen my cat, Potts?  Oh no, don’t tell me this scarecrow is my cat!  Oh no, Potts!  What have I done to you?”  Apparently, Potts jumped right in the middle of the spell Nala was casting to stop the Elemental.  Sure her cat isn’t enjoying his current state, Nala finds the counterspell.  “Maybe you should stand back.  I don’t want you to end up like Potts, too!”


Reversing spells doesn’t always work, but Potts is safe and now it’s time to save the castle!  Nala knows she’ll succeed this time...eventually.  “I think earth magic might help us, but I haven’t tried it yet!”  But Nala begins feeling something’s not right, “I feel my body starting to solidify.  I can’t do magic if I get turned to stone!  But I won’t give up yet!”  Acting with urgency to lift the spell before she can’t move at all, Nala finds a potion to keep from turning into stone.  But a key ingredient is missing.  Nala feels the completed potion working as she feels her joints loosening.  “Whoops!  This potion keeps things from solidifying by turning them into liquid!  This calls for drastic measures.”  Nala sends her extra fast messenger snail to ask a shadow mage for help in stopping the liquid curse.  “At least my magic finally accomplished something!  The snail brought the reversal spell.  The solidifying spell requires a torch, some tinder, and matches.  Does that seem strange to you?  Oh well, it’s our only option.”  Unfortunately for Nala, she begins to feel like the Fire Elemental himself.  “You can’t see it, but I’m burning up inside!  But don’t worry – I know what to do now!  I learned this spell in my first lesson.”

***END OF UPDATE (Nala says “I’ve invented a new spell!  I just need to figure out what it does.  Come back later.”)

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UPDATE ****** DECEMBER 20, 2021

Nala’s spell backfires once again and she finds herself lighter than air.  In fact, she’s light enough to float away and “there’s nothing to hold onto!”  It turns out the “flying fairies know about our trouble, so they gave me this fancy-looking thing and said that you need it.”  Hoping she helped save the castle, Nala presents the Sea Unicorn, the final piece to the Chilling Belt.  (The Fire Elemental’s spirit is tied to the mountain and as the miners’ greed gobbled up the limitless treasure, the mountain’s pain overtook the Fire Elemental.  The Elemental knew his molten fire could cause the mountain to erupt at any moment, destroying everyone and everything in the castle.  The Chilling Belt is the only way to tame a raging fire in someone’s heart and when the Chilling Belt goes to the Fire Elemental in Lava Cave, it has the desired effect and the castle is saved.)  Pinfeathers gives you the Charming Bouquet.

Ludwig Milton, Skeleton Knight wishes to have a heart-to-heart, sharing a bit of his past.  “Thanks to you my body is whole, but I can’t say the same for my heart and mind.”  With the lifting of the curse, Ludwig’s memory was restored and he remembered the stinging pain of lost love.  “Long ago while exploring the mountain, I met a stunningly beautiful Shamaness.  She rebuffed my advances, and I was left alone with my hopelessness.”  Ludwig hopes their long time apart changed her feelings, but believes it likely only soured her further.

“Why the pessimism?  Just look at me -- I was handsome then, and still I repelled her.  Now I’m just a bag of bones.  Worst of all, I’m stuck here, and she’ll never leave the Shaman Glen.  Perhaps if I sent a gift...a bouquet?”

Ludwig realizes a bouquet isn’t the greatest idea, but having treated her so poorly in the past, at least it’s a start.  “My raven can help me with the first flower but gathering the rest will require some special skills.  I wish there was another way to discover her feelings, but I’ll have to share my burden with a few -- those who can help me complete the bouquet.”  The Enticing Vriesia becomes part of the Charming Bouquet.

Han, the Sage knows Ludwig has a stable mind but senses some instability beneath.  “Imbalance always leads to chaos.”  The path of self-destruction is imbalance...chaos...self-destruction...then villainy."  If you truly wish to save Ludwig, we must help his soul find balance.”  Han understands meditation won’t help if the mind is overpowered by a feeling or idea.  “A question torments Ludwig Milton’s soul.  The answer to that question is all that holds him back from the brink of villainy.”