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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 127367 views.
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Anabel in Tiara knows a fair bit about things that come from the heart, “Love requires dedication, but one must also be...amiable.  While learning a great deal reading the family’s diaries, Anabel wonders how to seal love within a vial.  “It seems love requires a special container -- and I don’t mean the heart.  This vial can contain the power of love.”  Anabel doesn’t believe absence makes the heart grow fonder and says there are too many types of love in this world.  “We can’t craft true love without gathering all kinds of affection, passion, and devotion.  How will I fit them into one vial?

With a bit more time, all the emotions come together in the vial and the Loving Mixture (Each sip is a reminder to love yourself and others just as well) is added to the Revitalizing Cauldron.

The Warrior Knight is bound by noble duty to assist in Salty’s dilemma.  “There’s neither nobility nor honor without kindness.  Together we can vanquish our friend’s troubles.”  The Knight remembers stories of a magical remedy, “I hear tell the solution is in the castle of an influential lord.  Take care of my duties while I make our plea.”  Fortunately, tales of the lord’s famed generosity are well-founded and the Knight returns with a story to tell.

“When I was young, I dreamt of slaying dragons.  With time I’ve learned that kindness and honor are better weapons than fire and sword.  A respectable dragon has invited me to his cave.  Within the cave lies a lake of kindness, whose water mortal men cannot endure.  I can bear the depths, but please assist me while I’m away.”  The Knight must recuperate as the quest held many trials, but “our friend may be saved yet.  This solution soothes the soul.”  The Kind Concoction is added to the Revitalizing Cauldron.

Valeria Steiner in the Chapel in Ancient Park offers spectral greetings.  “Professor Pinfeathers must be joking!  I have no happy memories to share.  Unless...”  Valeria knows depression is no small matter and we must do what we can.  “I know a vial of happiness is buried here somewhere.”  Busy bickering with a gray ghost, Valeria hasn’t found any vials but she does have a bit of information.  “A crafty witch haunts these parts.  In life, she could brew anything, even true emotions.  Perhaps she still can in death -- that is if we can find her.”  Valeria found “the old crone hid some fancy vials within the walls.”

*****END OF UPDATE -- The adventure will continue in a future update.

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UPDATE ****** APRIL 4, 2022

Level 113

Valeria Steiner who’s “used to hunting secret passageways”, urges “don’t put too much stock in the memory of a ghost” but “perhaps the Castle’s walls hold just as many mysteries.”  Valeria feels “so many traps left by that witch…’twould be nice to be able to glide through walls.  I can’t recall many happy memories, but there must have been a few, right?!  Took had better appreciate his lifted spirits.”  (You are rewarded with the Infusion of Happiness and the completed Revitalizing Cauldron goes to Salty.)

Torrum the Weapon Maker is feeling a bit gloomy.  “It’s sad…I delved so deep into the work of my portals, I’ve forgotten my true craft.”  A noble art, weapon crafting was Torrum’s first true love and wonders if it will bring him joy again.  “Pinfeathers says we need to protect ourselves.  A weapon of great defense – I’m on it.  So you don’t know who we’re protecting, or from what?  Well…I guess our castle is known for its mysteries.” 

With that in mind, “we can’t do better than the All-crushing Hammer.  It’s the ultimate defensive weapon.”  There is one small snag however.  “Most say the Hammer was forever lost, its parts scattered through time and space.  Of course, thanks to my portals, all of time and space is within our reach.” 

To begin, “we’ll need to know where the Hammer was forged”, but Torrum can’t seem to locate its home on his end.  “I hate admitting I need help.  Can you guess who I turn to first in times of need?”  (Lucas the Minotaur, of course)

Lucas the Minotaur is so happy seeing a dear friend, he steps in for a hug.  “Of course, minotaur hugs have been known to break bones, so perhaps a simple hello will be best.”  Since the target’s identity is unknown, Lucas wonders if it could be one of us.  “So to protect this unknown victim, we must assemble the All-crushing Hammer?  The Hammer’s might is nigh unimaginable.  Do you know it’s most important quality?  Its power was so great, its creators put a defensive spell upon it – it can’t be used to attack.”

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Lucas, knowing Torrum “isn’t the biggest reader, is always ready to help a friend.”  Starting with the most ancient texts, Lucas loves studying the sky.  “Stargazing is more than watching pretty lights – the night sky holds great knowledge.  Time means nothing to the stars.  They hold the secrets and memories of countless millennia.”  Unfortunately, the forecast is less than perfect.  “Alas, clouds hide the sky’s secrets.  Rotten luck, really.  Wait!  If I summit the mountain and rise above the clouds, then the weather means nothing!” 

 Reading the stars revealed a cryptic message, “lost in the echo.”  Lucas recalls “a legend about a group of people who go into hiding.  In the legend – they were master weaponmakers.  They decided to disappear.  Villains hounded them, demanding they craft them weapons.  So they chose to vanish…figuratively.”  Lucas found a scroll with an invisible inscription that few can decipher.  “I can’t make heads or tails of this scroll.  Any ideas?  This is starting to make me angry…I’ve tried everything I know, but I still can’t read it!”  Little did Lucas realize the solution would be so simple.  “I did it!  I got so frustrated that I chucked the scroll into the fire…but heat turned out to be the key!?”

Lucas manages to decipher the message, “but surprise surprise…the answer is incomplete.  The location of the weaponmakers’ hideout is always moving – it’s an invisible, flying fortress!”

Torrum knows the place Lucas speaks of…”it’s the Domain of Weaponmakers!  I’ve dreamt of seeing it, but no living soul knows its location.”  But who can we ask if no living soul knows?

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“By my beard…we should talk to someone dead!  A friend of mine might know where it is.  This friend is the ghost of an ancient dwarf.  He was lucky enough to visit the Domain once, and left me a hint to its whereabouts.”  Annoyed that his friend left just a hint instead of the exact location, Torrum has an idea.  “Wait, I think I got it!  I can activate my portals to reach the Domain.”  His portals can travel through time and space, but there was one small complication.  “I arrived at the Domain of Weaponmakers, but in the past – no one there had heard of the All-crushing Hammer yet.” 

Reminiscent of a time paradox, Torrum says, “You know, I wonder if my mistake gave them the idea for the All-crushing Hammer in the first place?”

His second try through the portals resulted in being a bit too late.  “The Hammer was already destroyed and its pieces scattered.”  A spark of inspiration ignited itself, “My beard!  I could go back and help them make a new head for the Hammer!”  That sounded good theory, but Torrum was insulted when the Weaponmakers wanted proof of his skill.  “I’ll show them what this dwarf is capable of!”  Ultimately dazzled by his artistry, the Weaponmakers “helped me re-create the piece of the All-crushing Hammer that had been destroyed.” 

“You came through, and so shall I!  May the Hammer, and your journey, be blessed.  It’s a pity we don’t have the materials to make the rest here.”  (You are rewarded with the Sovereign Head.)

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Level 113 cont.

Helma, the Shaman Outcast, still at Shaman Glen, is very welcoming.  “While it warms my heart to see you, I must ask – why have you come?”  There appears a flicker of shadow in the sunlight…someone is in trouble and Helma feels sorrow.  “I sense an unending struggle…a spirit suffering in silence for long ages and only now beginning to yield to the pain.  My heart seeks a shield from the sorrow.”  Trusting that the All-crushing Hammer will solve this problem, Helma says “Violence is unnatural, but since you say this Hammer can only be used for protection, I’ll consent to help.  Nature has blessed me with access to an artifact that is sure to help.  It’s an amulet called the Omniscient Eye.  With it I can search the heavens and earth without actually going anywhere.”

Helma prays the will of nature will guide her toward the goal, but she encounters a hostile disturbance.  “Some force works against my Omniscient Eye, disrupting its vision.  Perhaps someone doesn’t wish us to create the All-crushing Hammer.”  Helma knows whoever is preventing the victim from being saved is very dangerous and she hesitates about proceeding.  “Hmm.  It seems that the spirit opposing us is no longer a part of our world, so there shouldn’t be any immediate danger.  Every delay is further torment for the victim.”

Helma continues, “I see that the victim betrayed his friend – the weight of the treachery shattered his soul.  When stung by betrayal, the broken soul wanted revenge, and…they got it.  Retribution was swift and brutal – they condemned the victim to eternal suffering.”

While the Omniscient Eye can see far and wide, it cannot see into the depths of the Earth.  For that, help is needed from the Fire Elemental.

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Level 113 cont.

The Fire Elemental, still at Lava Cave, is very happy to help.  “Helma sent you to me?  For a human, she’s quite charming.  I don’t mind lending a bit of advice.  Helma understands me like no one else because she’s so close to nature.  She knows that I can help you find things hidden deep underground.  Those who live below the Earth have uncommonly deep memories.”

Fire Elemental further says, “Elementals are uniquely suited to learn from the past – to see deeper.  That’s why you’ve come, yes?  To find something a human’s eye can’t see?”

First, Fire Elemental wants to know what the final goal is.  “So an unknown victim suffers…alright, I’ll help you.  I know that pain, the feeling like you’re going to explode.  I wanted to make sure our task was noble.”  He explains that he is “one with the depths – literally!  Nothing that happens down here escapes me.  Every footstep on the rocks above, every magma bubble below…I feel it all – I’m part of the mountain.”

Since the All-crushing Hammer is ancient, knowledge of it must be buried within the depths.  “The Earth’s natural elements hold memories better than humans do.  There must be something here about the Hammer.”

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Level 114

The age of the artifact means it’s buried deep, and the deeper it’s buried, the greater the danger.  “The reason is simple – we must not wake the elemental giants deep within the rock.  Doing so would unleash a devastating earthquake.”

Assured that your interests do not lie in the unlimited treasures held by the mountain depths, the Fire Elemental says “Your heart burns only with a fire to help others – this is a gift most will never possess.”

Suddenly, the Fire Elemental realizes something…”Great flame!  I’ve never noticed…the underground elements combine to form a colossal timeline!  It looks like…yes!  A record of everything that has happened over the ages.  It’s a record that mirrors the path of every human who has walked above – every action!  And much has happened on the grounds of Midnight Castle!”

With so much rock and dirt to navigate though, it won’t be easy to find the needed memory.  “Ah, I see…this path takes us along the very creation of the Castle.  Would you like to know how it was built?”  Before answering that question, the Fire Elemental decides it’s not wise to disturb the soil unless it’s absolutely necessary.  So he moves on to a memory of a grave battle.  “Long ago a great enemy laid siege to the Castle.  There was a terrible battle.  The Castle was saved by the All-crushing Hammer.  The soil says that while the Castle was saved, the great weapon was destroyed.”

Finally, the stones show where one of the Hammer parts might be.  “It’s somewhere sacred, that much is clear.  I’ll need a bit more time to narrow down the location.”  Finally, the Fire Elemental says “Ah, no wonder the Omniscient Eye couldn’t see it – the part is in the Garden of Ancient Shamans.  It’s a sacred place – heavily protected.”

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Level 114 cont.

Hope springs eternal for Helma after learning the Fire Elemental narrowed down the search greatly.  “The Omniscient Eye isn’t the only tool at our disposal – I can summon the spirits of nature to help us.  Spirits can search more independently but may not answer right away.  Sometimes in life all you can do is wait.  I’ll keep the Spirits active.”

Belief and persistence finally resulted in a gleam of hope.  “Are we looking for something sharp?”  The nature spirits found the exact location of the item but they require a reward for their help.  “Be careful, it’s razor-sharp.  May the spirits guide you on your way.”  (You are rewarded with the Peerless Blade.)

Bound Ronan at the Cliff of Lament wonders “What interest have you in a place of punishment, in a man bound in chains?  It is I who suffers endlessly – and undeservedly I must add.”

Not the simple story of a villain punished for his crimes, Ronan’s tale is much more complex.  “The tale is long, but perhaps telling it will ease my pain.  Since childhood, I’ve been a faithful friend and servant to the Crown Prince Stronghold.  Through our many travels, I’ve walked beside him and kept his many secrets.  The Prince had one secret greater than the rest – something that many would call a gift, and others…a curse.”

Ronan continues, “I followed my master as he embarked upon a great journey – to escape his father, who envied his gift.  If you haven’t guessed yet – my master was immortal.  He fought with his father constantly, who longed to gain immortality as well.”

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Level 114 cont.

Prince Stronghold wept at the thought of outliving his loved ones and he and Ronan set out in search of a cure for his immortality.  “We’d traveled far and wide, but no one could help ease my master’s troubles.  I couldn’t stand to see his pain, and swore I’d find a way to end his torment.  By sheer luck I discovered the reason for the Prince’s immortality – the Totem of Life.  This artifact gives eternal life to one randomly chosen ruler, so they may lead their people to endless prosperity.”

Ronan felt he was being courageous and decisive by not asking permission from the Prince before destroying the Totem.  Unfortunately in his haste, he missed something.  “The Prince had learned of the Totem as well…a bit more than me actually.  What he learned made him consider my action treachery.  What I hadn’t learned is that the one who destroys the Totem becomes immortal themselves!”  So naturally, the Prince “was sure my aim was to gain immortality for myself, not to set him free.  In a heartsick rage, the Prince bound both of us with an unbreakable chain – his remains still lie beside me.”

Perhaps a nearby descendant of the one who forged the chain can be of help.  (Dolores the Blacksmith)