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SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - ask here for help   Archives

Started 4/23/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 78419 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: misstracy22



Thank you,

I can’t do this without everyone’s support. You have enabled this to happen. Thank you.

I’ll just blame you lot, if I crash and burn. (Only joking)


Welcome, Tracy!  The more, the merrier :)

~Catheryne (Consortium)


From: misstracy22


Thank you. Here’s to some fun times helping others, as a team.



From: oiuoiu321


Excellent!   Thanks so much MissTracy for volunteering to help! dizzy


From: misstracy22


Not sure about volunteering. Beaten with a big stick perhapswink. No seriously Debbie, Datsalotta and Catheryne are so helpful, encouraging and supportive. I wouldn’t even think about being a Consortium member without them. They are a brilliant teamrelaxed

P.S sorry Katie, for placing you with the Consortium members. My mistake. Still getting used to things. I still want to thank you and everyone else for encouraging and supporting me. 

Thank you for your kind wordstulip

Here to help,



From: datsalotta


Hey Tracy

Welcome to MC and I'm glad to be your friend and from the posts here I find out I'm your friend on more than one game. Great!! I pretty much gift exclusively Event Items so am pleased that you listed some in the Social Page so I can gift you every day. Doesn't Benit want Event items too? LOL Of course there's times when not enough Event items are listed for me to fill and so I am pleased to gift according to the generosity and special needs of other players. 

Wow Debbie sure gives you a glowing report.  That's OK she gives me glowing reports in our pm's LOL. But Debbie has a heart of gold and makes an excellent enthusiastic Consortium Coordinator. So glowing reports all round right?

If other Consortium Santas will put Event items on their list, I will be happy to help.

So take care everyone, and hope we will all be there for the Fall Event - YAY!!

Hi, Miss Tracy, welcome to the consortium! Lady Pirate here, although I’m not officially a consortium member, I just help out where I can! We have been friends for a while, and I noticed that you had seasonal items on your list, so I was already wondering if you had joined the consortium. Glad to have confirmation, and many thanks for your willingness to help others in this amazing game!


From: misstracy22


This is just to say thank you to you both.

For your comments, for being my friend, to help others.

Joining the Consortium has been another step through the Castle adventures I’ve had. From taking the initial step of down loading the game, not knowing what to expect or do, with no friends. Then finding the original forum, then this one. When the other closed. Watching and learning. Joining the forum, making friends. Up to today. Me being a Consortium Member. Who would have guessed.

Debbie and my friends have been the most important factor in all of this. Thank you to you all. 

relaxedTracy (miss tracy)
P.S. still learning 

CC to datsalotta

From: attie1234


LOL Datsa!  kissing_heart  My Benit game is finished with Ice Breaths but I have so many friends that helped me that are not and added more friends that need help. I just so enjoy helping them which alot of them are higher level players.  I have sooooo much inventory so I gift the Consortium and know Debbie and y'all will help where needed.  I hope I am doing the most/best I can with Benit. Have Fun and Let's Storm That Castle. (Can't wait for the Fall will be Attie's first FE).  kissing_heartdancer Attie (Benit) 

  • Edited October 8, 2019 9:24 am  by  attie1234

Welcome to the Consortium, Tracy! smile So happy to have you with us. revolving_hearts

I’ve been away a few days (ran out of data allowance), but I can start helping you build up your event inventory now. What are you lowest on? I don’t have very deep inventory on those Fall items myself - I’ve been trying to build up my inventory in preparation for the event, too, but I’ll certainly share them with any fellow Consortium member who needs them more. Just let me know.