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SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - ask here for help   Archives

Started 4/23/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 83292 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi all!

This is just to let you know, I have had to make some difficult decisions.  This is one of them. 

My DJ1 game is being changed to an Event-Only feeder game.  The Rooms will be open during an Event.  Also I will gift any of my friends on that game - especially if you have Event items or airship/ pet food items on your wish list.  I have 1500+ of each airship item and 500+ of each pet food to gift.  Also stamps.  Unfortunately there are very few crafted items and only some eggs.  My wish list will have Event only items during an Event & come down at the end of the Event.  I will put a "gifting only" message on my avatar. 

I will understand if you decide to decline this game but I am hoping you will want some of those items to give away and maybe use of the Event Rooms.

Have fun in the castle.

Dot sunglassesearth_asia

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi Dohrayme!! 

We are so very happy that you reached out to us for help!! It is my understanding that you are in need of The Little Raven Eggs? Is that correct? 

Please send me a PM with your lvl, as well as game ID #, and I will do my best to reach out to our friends and helpers on Android for the Consortium. 
In the meantime, if there is anything I may do to be of help or assistance to you, please never hesitate to contact me!! 



From: Dohrayme


Thx anyway

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi All,  sparkles

Here is another of those difficult decisions that I have had to make. 

cry   I am resigning from the position of Consortium Co-ordinator.  I have not been able to do justice to this role for several months now.  Between real life, health problems and family concerns, I have not had the time needed for checking the forum & answering queries promptly.  And real life is not going to change any time soon.  So I reached the decision that the Consortium needed someone at the helm who did have the time and desire to devote to this wonderful group of players and its ideals.

I would like to WELCOME DEBBIE to the role of CONSORTIUM CO-ORDINATORboom

Debbie has been here when I have not been able to be.  She has been active in helping players & co-ordinating the workings of the Consortium.   She has reached out to others so I feel she will be a wonderful Co-ordinator (and not just in an acting capacity anymore).  To the Consortium members, Consortium friends and other players, I hope you will continue to support her in her new role as you have supported me over the years. 

I will still be around - just as a Consortium member though.  I am leaving all the organising to Debbie.


Dot   sunglassesearth_asia


From: misstracy22


Hi Dot,

Sorry you are having to give up the Consortium Co-Ordinator position. You have helped and supported so many people. You will be such a miss. Your health and family come first and I wish you well. 

Welcome Debbie to your new position. You will be fantastic as usual. Look forward to your leadership, help and support. Anything you think I can do please do say. 

Take care, both of you.

Tracy bouquet


From: oiuoiu321


 Dot, congratulations on your retirement!

Here's your gold watch.  Thank you for all you've done!

Welcome Debbie!  Thanks for offering to take this job on.


You have been a fabulous coordinator and helped countless players. I don’t know who started the Consortium, but it was, and is such a wonderful idea. I had so much fun last Winter Event, helping to collect pet eggs for the Consortium; and it was so rewarding being part of a team of players all helping each other to achieve a goal. Congratulations on a job very well done.


You are so kind, thoughtful and considerate of other players and I think you will do a fantastic job in your new position as coordinator. It’s a big responsibility, but one I’m sure you will handle with grace and ease. If it gets to feel a bit much at times, take a step back, a few deep breaths, and remember it’s just a game (yes I admit I have to remind myself of that sometimes). A big congratulations to you! 

Thank you for all your help and hard work, Dot.  I’m sorry you are stepping down, but you need to look after yourself and your family first of all.  I know the Consortium will be just fine in Debbie’s very capable hands! 


Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


Hi April:

consortium , I believe, started with Christmas pet eggs...and took off from there. Dot was with them from the beginning.


and also the author of Pet Tales? Or Pets gone wild. 

Debbie, thank you for becoming the consortium organizer blush

I will continue to assist you as neededsmiley_cat


From: THEdella


How do I join the consortium?  Am willing to help.  I play on a PC only.