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Update again   Technical Issues

Started Jun-13 by Penelope1947; 2436 views.



I re-installed Game Manager but that did not do the trick so I bit the bullet and uninstalled and re-installed the actual game.  It took about 2 1/2 hours to load but it did and I did not lose any progress or friends.  I just wish I knew what the purpose was!  It just seemed to hang up games that were working fine and not change a darn thing in the game.  Oh well, perhaps that is part of the challenge of storming the Castle.  Thank you for your suggestion.  Maybe re-installing Game Manager and the game had to work in tandem for me!


From: mdpetdoc


Hooray! I'm glad your game is working again.

Since BFG has stated that the update was to fix performance issues, it could be an attempt to reduce game loss during updates. move all the games to a new server, correct the fuzzy look to some of the HOS after the last update, or fix another problem that we can't see. Since the game manager and game work in tandem, it is very possible that the solution involves both. 

And what a complete mess it is!

When did BF make any sort of statement? And where?


From: mdpetdoc


Mary Cricket posted it in several threads with permission of the original poster from Facebook. 


From: BJApple


It is in the technical thread titled latest update toward the end.

Sorry, but I do not see a thread titled "latest update"

Several threads? ----- would love to see just one!

Facebook? ---- would not know, as I have never used, and never will use that intrusive, nosy, and untrustworthy place.

I just bumped it to the first position under the Technical Issues Folder, the discussion is titled "latest update".   Under this folder there are other discussions regarding the looping issue.

So I read that "answer" which is nothing more than a prime example of why I completely disrespect BF's customer service. That answer says NOTHING about anything being fixed at all ---- it's really close to nothing more than a generic reply.

Can we not get a direct answer from BF ---- has the download looping issue been fixed? As Judge Judy says ---- the answer would be "yes" or "no". And if "no", why not and when may we expect the game to be fixed.