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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 33820 views.
In reply toRe: msg 101

Professor Pinfeathers told me that with just a little more searching we'll find a way out of here (The Underground Grotto). He said to go to the Keeper of the Castle and help him. This is the only way to get the Rune of Overwhelming Kindness. 

So I headed for the Keeper and he said that he can see the past, present and future. And that it flows by him like a rushing river. I guess the way to help the keeper is to help the dragon and do what he asks. 

The Wise Dragon was still in the Forbidden Tower and when I approached him and asked him what I could do for him, he was in one of his strange moods again. He was talking about Knights, Princesses and Dragons. He was saying that the Knights love Princesses, Dragons love Princesses, and Princesses love Knights. He feels that mortals are so complicated. Then he looked at me and said that it is my fate to bring him the Vampire Sign and he wants the Card of Destiny. He said that he would just wait there for me, while he is fuming. I brought him the items he requested and he told me that I was a good egg, but to go away right now. He needs time to think. Princesses are so fickle aren't they, he asked me. People are so much more complex than dragons. He needs some time to himself, he told me again, but before I could leave, he told me that like Sands through the hourglass, our lives dribble away, except for his, as he is immortal. Some times, I really don't understand what he is saying at the time, and then later I will understand some of it. 

So I went to see Seraphim, my baby dragon, and I was surprised to see just how big she had gotten already. But the dragon trainer said that she was doing very well in her dragon classes.  

I went back to the Wise Dragon and did a few tasks for him, and he said something about he guessed he was going to bed hungry again tonight. If he would say something, I could probably sneak something out of the kitchen for him. But I found a few more items for him and he looked like he was asleep, but he said that he was only resting his eyes. He is completely awake. He asked me how I was today, and I told him that I was fine. He said that he is always perfect. I found a few more items for him and when I brought them back to him, he said that a hard worker is good to have around. I think he meant me, but with the Wise Dragon, you never know for sure.

In reply toRe: msg 102

The Keeper of the Castle said that the Chamberlain might be useful, and perhaps I would go and help him. Although the Chamberlain is not my favorite castle resident, I agreed to go and help him anyway. The Keeper hopes that I will return with good news. 

When I asked the Chamberlain what I could do for him, he said that he is getting the impression that I find collaboration with him distasteful. I just would have said simply that I don't like it, but of course, would not voice my opinion to him. He said that we are not finished working together yet. It was time to set my reservations aside. Now it was time for him to do something he has always wanted to do. He gave me a list of items, and when I returned to him with everything he had asked for, he said that he seems to exercise some control over me despite my issues with him. He also said that I was really a good sport. I didn't tell him that I am doing this for the castle. The Chamberlain said that I had a great quality, in that I never let people down. Although I continue to regard him with suspicion, I am still there to do his bidding.

After making several trips for his items, he said that they were exactly what he needs for his plans. He made me even more suspicious when he said that this is an unjust world, and only the fittest survive. He does what he has to do, and so should I. He also told me that it was nice when I find things for him in such a timely manner. When I returned with more items, he asked me if the ire between us is melting because I came back for more instructions. He felt that my eyes say that we are not becoming closer. He told me that he was very busy today which means that my help is much appreciated but he will be too distracted to offer any help. He wasn't just my uncle's chamberlain, he is also the Head Vampire and warned me that if I waste his time, there will be blood. Mine! Boy am I glad I am through with his errands for now. I will make my way back to the Keeper, glad to be away from Lord Chamberlain.

In reply toRe: msg 103

I went back to the Keeper of the Castle and he told me that we are growing closer to our goal. He also said that sometimes a good relationship is more valuable than gold. (I guess there are some others that should think of that.) He said that I should help the pirate in the Mirror Lake, but it is best not to ask anything in return. 

So I went to Skull Pete and he asked me if I was sent by the keeper. I told him that I had indeed been sent by the keeper, and that I was there to help him if I can. Skull Pete said there is an urgent assignment and though he is a skeleton, he will never forget the money. I don't know what money he is talking about but I will try to help him anyway. He said that he knows for sure that his human appearance can still be returned. He gave me a couple of tasks and when I returned he said, "Thanks, mortal". I guess he feels that it seems he has found a way to return himself to his human form, and asked me to help him. He has retrieved a recipe that will return his human appearance and gave me a list of items he wanted and told me to come back soon, and even called me his apprentice. He sent me to the Pirate Ship and told me where to find a special item and then to the Game Table. When I got back he said that he was awfully glad to see me, he calls me an adventurer. 

Skull Pete told me that he was close to his dream. He has outwitted the Lord Chamberlain whose curse made him a skeleton. But he could use a few more coins. He said that the ghost innkeeper has found a large sum of money, but he's a pirate and the innkeeper doesn't deserve wealth. Then after bringing some items back to Pete he told me that the Elvish Rum is unrivaled. He wants to start selling it. Actually, he wanted us to sell it, but I am too young to be involved in that. He thought the Elves might ask something in return for selling the rum, so he sent me for more items. "Great job", he told me, "it's a pity you weren't on the ship with me". Now Pete wants a new sword and sent me for more items. When I returned he said that his friend Rudolph would have called me a good soul. Then he said that a certain person promised to make a new mast for him and asked me to help. Poor Pete, he was cheated on the mast but at least he still has some gold. When we were finished, I headed back to the Keeper.

In reply toRe: msg 104

The Keeper of the Castle told me that the innkeeper will be grateful for my help so I headed for Salty's Tavern and Inn. When I got there Salty asked me if the keeper had sent me and I told him that he had. Salty said that he could use the help. So I ran for a few items for him and when I returned with the requested items, he told me that I was quick and he would tell the keeper that I did well. Then he said that he didn't know what he would do without me for a friend. 

Salty told me that the Pirate is trying to strike a deal with him and perhaps I could help him prepare. So I gathered the items Salty felt would help him, and he said that he was ready for him now. But it was funny because he tried to talk like a pirate and wasn't doing a great job, but it got us both laughing. Then he told me that one of the things he likes about me is my work ethic. And on that note he had another task for me. 

He has a bit of an emergency. One of his deals went south (which I guess it means that it didn't do too well), and he needs to recoup his loss. Then he asked me a funny question, whether I had ever bought a pig in a poke. I laughed and told him that I never had bought a pig in a poke. He told me that it was a disaster. He needs to sell it, but first he has to disguise it. So he sent me for some items to help him disguise his pig in a poke. I don't know what you could do to disguise a pig, but I got the items for him anyway. He told me that it is getting harder to do business. I thought that if he didn't buy a pig in a poke (whatever that is), it might not be so hard. But of course, I did not tell Old Salty that.

In reply toRe: msg 105

The Keeper of the Castle told me that when I return we have much to do. The world is sadly full of false virtues, but he believes that I will succeed. He said that I am close to discovering the truth and tasting kindness. The witch rejected the power of good of course, that is why she is a witch. But I need to go and help her anyway. 

When I got to the witch, Arabella Scales, she seemed to be in what my Mom calls a tizzy. Arabella said that she will be in such trouble if she can't find something, and begged me to help her. She promises to try not to be too demanding. After gathering several items for her, I went back to her and she told me that she is always delighted to see me, after all, I am her favorite mortal.  

Arabella was through with me for the moment, so I went back to the Keeper and he asked me to check on Henry as he might be in danger. So I hurried to see Henry, the archeologist and he said that he was fine. But he also said that this is just the time when he needs my help. He needs the Ageless Warrior and the Infernal Armor to protect himself with. Once I was finished gathering Henry's items, I went back to Arabella.

She was checking her herbs, potions, and poisons and told me that I was just in time. I asked her if it was a love potion and she said that it wasn't. She told me that this potion depends on crow feathers and they don't like to be plucked. It's a good thing she asked me to find some items for her, because I don't think I could pluck any feathers from a crow. It sounds mean to me. 

When I was finished I went back to the Keeper and he told me that I well deserve the Rune of Overwhelming Kindness as he gave it to me.

In reply toRe: msg 106

The professor told me to go ahead and put the last rune into the Ring of Runes and activate it. I was so excited! I am finally going to be able to wish my Mom to be all better and to come home again. It has been two and a half months that she has been in that coma from the car accident. I can't wait. As I activated the Ring of Runes, I was laughing, clapping my hands and jumping up and down for joy.  

Activating the Ring of Runes opened a doorway into the Mystery Chamber. There was a person there dressed in black and with a wave of his hand he vandalised the chamber. Professor Pinfeathers handed me an object that was broken. He said that it was the Heart of the Mystery Chamber and we will be able to restore the wishes machine. I asked him if I was not able to make my wish now, and he said that I could not make my wish until we could restore the Wish Machine. Once again, my hopes were dashed that I would soon get my Mom home again. Why is the castle doing this to me? 

Floating inside a circular low wall made of large stone blocks was a lady or at least a part of a lady made out of gold. There was only a head and torso, not even any arms and she did not appear to have even all of her head and torso. You could see through some parts of her. It was like she was painted in gold paint in some places but not in others. The professor explained that she was the Keeper of Wishes and as such, the Keeper of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber and she is not happy to see her home ransacked. Above the Keeper of Wishes are several rings, some holding what looks like hot rocks and one that is spewing sparks, as well as one that is empty. 

She told me that I must help her find these rascals that have desecrated her home.

In reply toRe: msg 107

Suddenly a split appeared in the circular low wall. There was a strange totem, crystals and various items in it. The Keeper of Wishes asked me to search through the Shining Split to find a magic artifact. When I was looking through the split that she was referring to, I noticed that there was a statue off to the right that showed a man who looked like he was holding up something very heavy. Perhaps even the Mystery Chamber itself. He reminded me of that guy, I think his name was Atlas or something who was holding up the world. 

When I gave the items she wanted to the Keeper of Wishes, she gave me a magic map. She told me that it will help me navigate the world and find the villains who desecrated my home. 

Professor Pinfeathers saw the map and told me that it is great that I got the map. He told me too that it would help me move around the world. But when I looked at the map, I didn't see the whole world as I knew it, this must be a map of the Midnight Castle's world. 

When I looked at the map of a town, it took me to that town where a man is playing what looked like some type of guitar or something. I could hear the professor saying, "See how easy it is to use the magic map?" Then he told me that it is time to begin fixing the Mechanism of Wishes. He told me that fixing the Heart of the Mystery Chamber should be easy if I have some key details. He has a feeling that this new man in the City might know something about the Central Axis. 

As I had traveled to City Square in Town I met the new man. He introduced himself as Christian and he's been a traveling bard for years, He is looking for the Mystery Chamber and said that he could use my help. Although I had not noticed it before, the Antique Shop on the right opened so that I might look for the item that Christian needed and I used the magic map to get another item from the castle itself. As I gave him the items, he told me that the dream of his life is reaching musical perfection, and the Mystery Chamber is his last chance. Meanwhile he is up to something else. Then he told me that I am actually good at searching, and thanked me for the items. He said that he had come across a strange plant not far from here and would really like me to check it for him. And there, hanging above the Antique Shop was the plant he was describing. He said that he needs a Blood Lotus that I could get from the Ice Rock in the castle and add it to the Golden Flower and put them into this strange plant.

In reply toRe: msg 108

I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. My Dad sent Marty and me to Grandma and Grandpa's to stay for a week. Dad said that Mom was being transferred to a rehab center whatever that is. The hospital could not do anything more for Mom, her broken leg has healed but she is still in a coma. And I am still no closer to getting to wish from the Mystery Chamber for my Mom to get better and come home. The Mechanism of Wishes is still broken. I will have to go to the Town Center to see if Christian the Bard is still there. I had to look up in the dictionary what a Bard was. Apparently it is a person who composed and recited epic or heraldic poems often while playing an instrument. 

I went back to Town Center and to my surprise I still found Christian there. I still needed to finish getting his item from the Flower of Sufferings by putting the Blood Lotus and the Golden Flower into it. The flower then opened and gave me the Rainbow Stone he wanted. Christian then asked me if I had seen the Mystery Chamber already. He thought that it was a pity that I can't just take him there, then said that he supposed he should find his own way. He told me that this is a big step on his way to the Chamber and was curious as to why I am so willing to help him. Then I needed to go and find more items for him and when I returned he said that his songs are horrible. He said that the melody isn't working and the false notes are driving him crazy. Maybe he should change something and gave me another list of items to find for him. I brought the items to him and he told me that he knows he can count on me, which is strange, he said, because he has only known me a couple of days. When I brought more items to him, he told me that his search isn't complete but he hopes that my help will give good results. After bringing him several items, including some from the Mystery Chamber itself he told me that the items I brought him are really helpful. He told me that a perfect melody isn't easy to create. It requires a combination of certain elements and some magic. So after getting him a Rune Stone and Sign of Tactics, he said that now he can animate his melody with the sparkle of true emotion. He tried it and found that the sparkle of true emotion fades so quickly that you might just miss it. Now he isn't feeling well, he thought that perhaps he was putting too much of his soul into his melodies. He needs something to restore his powers.

In reply toRe: msg 109

Christian thought that a Polestar and the Live Potion should be helpful at restoring his powers. He said that he was sadder but wiser and that you should replenish and protect the magical resources of your body. I guess I will do that if I ever find any magical resources in my own body. He said that he has heard of some things that may help and sent me to find them. When I returned, he told me that I had done great and he can go on to other things. 

He then asked me why I didn't tell him right away about the Central Axis that I needed to fix the Wish Machine. He told me that he was sure that he will find the Central Axis for me very soon. He had heard that I needed it to restore the Mystery Chamber. He said that helping me will work in his favor too, and sent me for a few more items. When I gave him the items he wanted, he told me "Great Job", and added that he had done well also, for he had found the Central Axis and gave it to me. 

When I returned to Professor Pinfeathers, he said that the Keeper of Wishes needed my help to find the Right Gear. 

The Keeper of Wishes said that she can't explain the outrage every time she looks at what those rascals have done to the Mystery Chamber. I agreed with her that we must restore it, the sooner the better. She then sent me back to the City Square and suddenly a Doll Showcase appeared. It was filled with dolls and toys galore. I wanted to stay a while and look around, but the Keeper of Wishes needed an item from there and I need to get it back to her quickly. Perhaps I can explore this shop later. When I returned, she thanked me "mortal" and we started to get to work She told me that a Mystery Chamber full of wishes sounds big and that she feels so lonely sometimes but she thinks that repairing her Mystery Chamber will take her thoughts off of her solitude.

In reply toRe: msg 110

When I returned with a couple of items she wanted, the Keeper of Wishes told me that she was a small step closer to her goal thanks to me, and that I had done my job very well. Then she asked for a few more items to help restore the Mystery Chamber and when I got back I was surprised to hear her yell out, "Wait! I won't let you destroy the Mystery Chamber!", then she finally recognized me and said that she was a bit nervous lately, and said that she can now finally get to restoring the Chamber's Heart. She told me that I was her most frequent guest these days and that she has another task for me.  

When I came back smiling, she said that my happy smile tells her that I have brought her what she was asking for, and thanked me for helping her. And after a few more trips she remembered some things that could be very helpful in the process of fixing the Heart. She shook her head and said that someone breaks and someone else fixes, she just would prefer not to experience it herself. Then she told me that she finally knows where to get the Right Gear. She needed the Power of Fear from Six Paw and the Call of Adventure from the Monkey. With the things I brought her, she found the Right Gear and gave it to me to use to restore the Heart of the Chamber. I put the Right Gear into the Heart, but there are still some pieces missing and I was thinking of my Mom when the professor called to me. 

Professor Pinfeathers said that Skull Pete must be aware of the whereabouts of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, but he wasn't sure. So I guess I will have to go to Skull Pete to find out.