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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 40833 views.
In reply toRe: msg 114

As Lord Chamberlain requested I went to see Arabella Scales, the witch. When I got to her in the Underground Grotto she already knew I was coming and why. She said that she knew who sent me there and asked if I was sure that the Chamberlain was frightened and grieving. "Well well...", she said, "Helping the Chamberlain are you? How very nice. That's sarcasm if you couldn't tell." She has her own plans for him but she is not ready to tell me just yet. 

She sent me for some items and told me that I was doing great. She told me that she believes she will let me help her with the surprise she is working on for the Chamberlain, and gave me another list of items to find for her. When I finally returned, she asked me if I remember she mentioned a surprise for the Chamberlain, and before I could answer she said that it was a nasty one but it is for the greater good of us all. She asked me to find the Rage of the Forest and the Light Bringing Sign. When I brought them back to her she said that I look guilty already, but that she has no plans to kill the Chamberlain, which did ease my mind a bit. She has something more fun in mind. She sent me for a couple more items and when I returned, she said that she needs to conduct a small but pretty complicated ritual. She expects that it will make the Chamberlain show his true nature and sent me to find some things for the ritual. I came back with her list of items and she told me that they were nice but that I had better go now. She said that she is in a horrible mood today and a sad witch is a bad witch. I told her that I would come back later to help her some more if she needed me.

In reply toRe: msg 115

Later, when I went back to Arabella Scales, she asked me if I could cheer her up. But my ability to do so is merely to do the tasks that she asks of me. When I was able to find what she needed, she told me that what I returned with was "so, so nice" and that I actually deserved my reward this time. She told me that soon enough the Chamberlain will know what our help is like. Not actual help, of course, she said. Then she stated that the ritual was half done, and sent me for a few more items for it. She asked me if I was excited, and although I did not say so, I think I was more afraid than excited. But she just kept talking and said that it was Ok if I was not excited yet, because it is not time yet. She needs me to bring a few more things to finish it. 

She held out an ancient book and told me that it revealed the second part of the ritual and that she needs my help again with that. As I found the items she wanted, I wondered just what she was planning. When I returned she was very happy with my choices as they were just what she needed. Very well done, she told me, but now I should stay away until the ritual is done. She sent me off on another of her quests, and when I returned, she looked and felt exhausted. She would not be able to finish the ritual without me. She gave me a list of what she needed and told me to hurry as she is losing the last bits of her power. When I brought them back, they apparently helped, because she was feeling better. She did not imagine that the ritual would be so hard to fulfill. Besides, she told me, the Chamberlain seems to have some protection. But it doesn't matter any more. She is so happy about the way things are going.

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Arabella Scales, the witch, asked me to help her with the last arrangements. She said that she was on edge, and needed a couple of things, and asked me to hurry. When I brought the items back, she was very pleased with them and thought it was amazing that I could find her items so quickly. One last step and we will be done, she told me, and gave me another list of items to find. When I returned she asked me if I was ready for this performance, and although I was not really sure I wanted to be ready for whatever she had in mind, I went to find the last two things she needed. It is done, she said to me, she has done it all. Exhausted as she was, she felt so happy. "Ok my friend", she said, "you can go back to the Chamberlain, and send my best to him." 

So I headed back to the Throne Room where the Chamberlain was, and heard him say that something is wrong. Then he said that it was Arabella Scales who wants to destroy him. I heard him yell, "Noooooo!" and in a pink haze the Chamberlain turned into a pinkish purple bat with long ears, and holes in his wings. He had big brown eyes, and I noticed that he also had one long fingernail at the tip of each wing. Uneven fangs hung down from his mouth, and before I could start laughing at the look of him, I had to run out of the castle. He looked so funny, I could not stop laughing. Every time I thought of him, I burst into another bout of the giggles.

In reply toRe: msg 117

Still giggling about the Lord Chamberlain's new look, I went to the Professor, who told me to go to help Anabel. He said that she will tell me where to get the Left Gear for the Heart of Wishes. 

When I got to Anabel, she greeted me as a dear friend. She had heard that I was looking for the Left Gear. She said that she might help me in return for my assistance. She told me to go to the Secret Slab in the Mystery Chamber for the Hero's Strike. When I got there, the Secret Slab appeared in the low wall. I love the way the castle makes things visible for me when they are needed. This is another magic cupboard, you insert two Demonic Rings and one Taste of Prey, which is a very ugly looking item. It looks like a skull sinking its teeth into red stone flesh. The Secret Slab then gave me the Hero's Strike. I then went to the Winter Idol or as I call it, the totem pole in Ice Rock. I brought the items back to Anabel and she told me that I had done well, as always. She gave me a small list, and told me to come back later and she might have some fresh news. After I had collected what she wanted, I went back and she told me that she has news about the Chamberlain, but there is one urgent task she needs me to do first. 

After completing her urgent task, she told me that she has good news for me. Her source is about to talk soon, she said and thanked me for my help. Then she asked me if I knew that more people are deserting the Chamberlain? She felt that his days are numbered. I couldn't help thinking about his "new look", and as she needed items from the Three Prisoners (skeletons to me) and from the Flag, I turned away before she could see the smile on my lips. I was able to obtain the items she wanted and she told me about a man that had come to her who claims to have some information but he demands something in return. So she gave me an idea of what to look for to pay for the information.

In reply toRe: msg 118

When I was able to return to Anabel, she told me that my help was priceless and that she would always find something for me. She has not forgotten about the Left Gear and she almost has it. When I found more items for her, she told me that I had done well. At seven years old, it feels good when someone tells me that I did a good job. 

Then Anabel stated that the witch isn't exactly who she is pretending to be, and the Chamberlain is losing his power. All the members of the Clan Council have turned their backs on him. Something seems to be up, according to Anabel. I could have told her about him turning into a funny looking pinkish, purple bat, but she needed some more items, so I went to find them instead. She said that she is very pleased with how I am managing my errands. She wishes people well, she told me, but will exclude the witch from that list. We need to find out what she is planning, she told me, so she sent me for more items. When I got back, she said that was great, and that now the witch will have to reveal all her secrets, maybe not to her, but to someone. Then she felt that there was something urgent we needed to do and sent me out with a new list. Anabel said that her gut tells her that the Chamberlain is losing his mysterious powers, and she should strengthen hers. I agreed to help her and find the things that will help her. She felt that there is something in the wind today, and wondered if the plot is thickening. She needed my help again and I found what she needed. She told me that the reward I deserve is on the way. I hope that means that the Left Gear is coming to her. After a few more trips, she told me that she now has the Left Gear, and after I found a few more items for her, she gave it to me, telling me that I made her day, and that I should use my reward wisely. So I went and put the Left Gear into the Heart of the Mystery Chamber. 

Professor Pinfeathers said that courage will make the mechanism work no matter who tries to stop us. He told me not to forget to clean the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, and he feels that luck is with us today. He asked me to go to the Keeper of the Castle and do what he asks and get the Magnet Cylinder.

In reply toRe: msg 119

When I got to the Keeper of the Castle, I found that he was expecting me. He greeted me as "mortal one" and stated that he knew I came for the Magnet Cylinder, but that we have things to attend to first. He said that later he would help me find the Magnet Cylinder for the Heart of the Mystery Chamber. 

He said that now that Lord Chamberlain has been punished, the castle is more or less safe. But we still must deal with the negative influence. For that, the Keeper of the Castle needs the Pang of Conscience which is a really ugly thing. It looks like a big bug on top of a mirror and a golem's heart underneath. He also needs the Mirror of Clear Sight. So I crafted those items for him and when I gave them to him, he told me that it was well done and that he will take care of the castle, and that I shouldn't worry about it. Then he seemed to get a little philosophical and said that if you don't grow as a person, nothing has meaning. 

Then we got back to business and he said that he had been looking for the Seal of Obedience for ages and can't do his work without the Solar Seal. So I gathered the items for them and crafted the seals for him. He thanked me as a loyal friend and told me that I have earned his respect. He also told me that the castle is now free of doom and we can finally get back to work. He gave me a list of what is needed to craft the Horn of Ancestry and Infernal Armor. So I left with my list and started hunting for the items that will be needed to craft his requested items. 

When I returned, he said welcome back to me and that he could see that I had done well, perhaps even perfectly. But now it is time for me to go and I will come back to the Keeper of the Castle again tomorrow.

In reply toRe: msg 120

When I was finally able to get back to the Keeper of the Castle he said that he had heard that I was looking for the Magnet Cylinder for the Heart of the Mystery Chamber. When I said that I was looking for it, he told me that he knows where to find it. But he said we will get to that all in due time. Right now he needs the Vulture's Claw and the Bloodthirsty Idol. When I was able to craft those items and return them to him, he said that time flies, or perhaps for him it doesn't exist, and he thanked me for my help. The Keeper of the Castle said that only a wise man deserves to know the secrets of the Magnet Cylinder. Then he asked me if I was ready for this lore, and called me mortal again. This time he needed the Courage and Tenacity as well as the Sparkling Watch. When I returned with them, he said that I was one step closer to my desired goal. Humans, he told me, often ask for immortality, but they have no idea how to cope with it. I don't want immortality, I told the Keeper, I just want my Mom to be better and to come home. 

Then he asked if I feared the Chamberlain's fate, and while I wish him no harm, he is a very bad man. He killed my uncle, poisoned Salty, and destroyed the Heart of the Mystery Chamber among many other bad deeds. The Keeper then asked me for the Beasts Plumage and the Death Bearer. When I created these items for him, he told me that I had earned his praise and said well done mortal. He stated that he was in immediate need of several items, but he can't possibly leave right now. Once I made the Cup of Glory and the Astral Protection for him, he told me that he could rely on me and here is a surprise for me. The Magnet Cylinder, he said that he knew it was important to me. 

When I had thanked the Keeper of the Castle for the Magnet Cylinder and had placed it carefully into the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, I went to see Professor Pinfeathers. He asked me to find out what Christian the Bard wants and maybe he will tell me about the Fire Ignition.

In reply toRe: msg 121

When I got to Christian the Bard in the City Square, he told me that it was meant for us to meet in this world again. He said that he does have the Fire Ignition, but can't just give it away. He said that he needs me to find the Fog of the Future and the Seal of Doom to present to a friend of his. When I went looking for the Fog of the Future a City Clock appeared above an abandoned shop. It is another magic cupboard as I like to call them, and takes a Royal Stone that you have to get from the Flag and the Night Shadow which is a statuette of a vampire bat. When I returned to the Bard, he told me that he was always happy having me as his companion, and thanked me for helping out. He wishes that he could find the Mystery Chamber the way I did. He really needs to compose the perfect melody and share it with the world. He said that he will go on with his own search but needs the Blood Volume and the Mirror of Embarrassment from the Pirate Standard. He told me that he had come up with a great melody and he will let me listen when I get back. 

I guess I was too quick because he said that he wasn't ready to see me back so soon. He told me that the performance should wait, he thanked me all the same. He then said that I should understand that he must find the Mystery Chamber and asked me why I won't help him with his search? When I told him that I could not do that, he asked me to help find two items that he needs, the Heavy Seal of Hops from the Drunken Skeleton and the Sign of Penance for a project of his. I got back to him with his items and he asked me how I was doing, and did I have something to cheer him up. I told him that I had the items he had wanted. He said that I had earned a reward even though I refused to help him find the Chamber. Then he was getting a bit angry and said that He needs the Mystery Chamber, and that I can't keep it from him forever, he said he deserves to know, he promises. He was starting to scare me and he calmed down and said Ok and asked me to find the Bloody Hex and Clamps of Wisdom. He said that he hoped one day I will change my mind and tell him this big secret of mine. Fine, he told me, thanks for my help although he was hoping for a secret revealed not just things.

In reply toRe: msg 121

Christian the Bard asked me why I was so reluctant to tell him the whereabouts of the Mystery Chamber? He said that his wish was a good one, and that music can't harm anyone. While I agreed that music is usually good, I still would not tell him how to find the Mystery Chamber. I am not sure that the Midnight Castle would let him find it even if I did tell him. So he changed the subject and stated that he can't find the Eye of Hatred in the Winter Idol and that the Obsidian Whirlwind is supposed to be a useful thing also.

When I brought the items to him, he said that it was good of me to find them for him, then asked if I was finally ready to to tell him about the Mystery Chamber. When I told him that I could not, he was suddenly surrounded by a pink haze and he turned from Christian the Bard to a masked assassin. He laughed at my scared look and asked if I didn't recognize my musician friend. When I said that I did not, he told me that he was now Chris Arwin, the Assassin instead of Christian the Bard, and that he was here to kill the Keeper of Wishes.

Then he said that he supposed I would try to keep her alive for a little bit longer. In the meantime, he wants me to find the Bone Whip and the Saw of Sorrow, and being afraid to disobey him, I found the objects and brought them back to him. When I returned he saw that I was still unwilling to tell him where the Mystery Chamber is, but that he will think of a way to persuade me.

Then he said that killing the Keeper of Wishes is not easy, especially if it's not your own will. He then said that he should not have told me that. That made me wonder if he really wanted to kill the Keeper of Wishes, or if someone else was asking him to do it. He said that he had better send me to the Glass Painting to find the Gladiator's Writ and to find the Spawn of Light.

The Glass Painting suddenly appeared above the Doll Showcase. Again, that amazed me at the magic of the Midnight Castle.

In reply toRe: msg 123

Chris Arwin the Assassin told me that he was making a plan and that I should come by later and we would talk about something or someone. I didn't really want to come back later, but knew that I had to in order to get the Fire Ignition from him.

Although I did not want to, I finally returned to Chris Arwin the Assassin. The first thing he said to me was to ask if I thought he had forgotten about my request for the Fire Ignition. Of course not, he told me. I had helped him a lot and it is his duty to repay me. But first I had to help him fine one thing in the Column of the Fallen and to check the Flower of Sufferings for the Rainbow Stone. As soon as I brought him his items, he told me that I deserve this reward and gave me the Fire Ignition and told me farewell. 

When I put the Fire Ignition into the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, Professor Pinfeathers told me that he was sure the Keeper of Wishes knows where to find the Freezing Sphere.  

The Keeper of Wishes told me that it feels like years since she has seen me, even though it really has only been a short time. She knows that the Freezing Sphere is important but she needs me to help her first. She wants me to explore the Tree of Knowledge and the Doll Showcase. After I had found what she wanted, she told me that I could not imagine how important the Heart of the Mystery Chamber is, and thanked me for helping. Then she wanted the Lunar Eclipse from the Pirate Ship and the Insight Ring from the Bar Counter. It is nice to see that there are still hardworking folks in this world, she told me. With me as her assistant, she believes that she can fix the Heart. She remembered about the Freezing Sphere but said that it was hard for her to get it right now. To get closer to her goal, she wants me to explore the Frozen Treasure, to find the Horseman's Seal and the Stone Bowl for the Stability. She told me that it is hard to be out of your home for a long period of time, and hopes that it will be restored soon. Next she needed the Silent Judge and the Golden Flower in the Antique Shop. She said that she knew I would be back quickly, but had no time to chat. There were things that she needed really quickly, the Crystal of Twilight from the Battle Pit and the Blood Greed from the Mosaic Panel. She thanked me for me help and to come back again soon. She is longing to restore peace to her home, her sanctuary, and she will need my help with that.