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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 33178 views.
Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Geez Sadie, I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way, although I understand and have often given the same thoughts of quitting myself. Who knows, I may yet!  Getting inventory items is a challenge more often than not. Obviously, communicating with BF didn't get you anywhere either. As I'd told you, I wrote to BF myself awhile back, asking if anything could be changed in the drop rate of inventory. All you get is - I'll pass the message on.

I think before I go any further in acquiring the Magic Miser Achievement, I may pull the IB from my wish list. In fact, I may pull it when the WE/XE begins. I've gifted many IB's but because the other player has so many friends in their game, returning the IB takes weeks - if ever.  I understand your frustration, and I'm sure there's no changing of your mind, so hopefully we can still communicate outside the game. Take care my dear friend!

Shylo aka Carol

Dudette (Dudette1st)

From: Dudette (Dudette1st)


WOW! I'm curious about what level you are on. I am assuming it is high. Does this mean that the higher you get, the less you get inventory items during rounds? It has certainly been a difficult game for me to play as I bore easily and have had to strictly apply myself to continue on. I must say without any event since last spring has had me consider signing out. I spend way too much time playing for hours only to earn 100 coins here and there.  I imagine the devs do this in hopes of prompting sales. However, by not adding anything new to the game, or providing an opportunity for the hangeron'ers to earn anything for the exorbitant amount of time spent playing, seems to be a push toward quitting for those who can only stand so much redundancy. So I can relate to the frustration. It must be about money.

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Hi Dudette,

Firstly, let me assure you that being at a higher level doesn't have anything to do with how you obtain the inventory items. They fall when and wherever they may, and I've come to the clear decision that it's where the planets align for the day is when I get an item/items for that day. LOL  I've played faster in selecting items (I have a touch screen), and I've slowed down and took my time using my mouse. Either way can result in items obtained as it really matters not. 

I am at level 102, and dedication is the key attribute needed to continue with the game. The one thing you cannot do in this game, is to purchase inventory items. Wish there was a way. However, they are your reward for playing the game or swapping with a friend in the game. 

Whatever the developers motives are, it's up to the individual player on how they'll play the game and how much time will be devoted to that particular game. 

Good luck!