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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 33832 views.
In reply toRe: msg 64

When Professor Pinfeathers told me to see Henry the Archeologist, I wondered who that was. I did not know that Rustle the Mountain Troll was actually Henry the Archeologist when he came back to human form. It was Lord Chamberlain who had put a spell on Henry and turned him into a troll with no memory of who he had been. The professor said that Henry would know where to look for the Fine Flourish for the Rainbow Charm that will unlock the hatch. 

When I approached Henry, he asked me if I liked him in human form. As I had not yet had the opportunity to talk to Henry like I did Rustle, I really could not give him an honest answer. He seemed a bit short with me, stating that perhaps if I did something for him, he might get the Fine Flourish for me, and that now he can focus on his work. Later, he told me, we will talk about the Fine Flourish, but first he needed to get some sleep. So I found the items he needed to get some sleep, then he told me that he now felt like helping me. When I asked him about his sleep and work, he told me that at the time, he wasn't in the mood to help before. I thought that was pretty mean of him, and so far, he was not making a very good impression on me, and told him that I felt he was rude. 

Henry then told me to be quiet as the vampires are prowling around. We need to be ready, he said, so I should bring him a couple of things, including a Shield of Order and a Child's Tear. Then he told me that he had good news. He knew who has the Fine Flourish and that I needed to help him. He also needed help dealing with the rats. I found some of Dad's rat traps for him after which he gave me the Fine Flourish for the amulet. 

After putting the Fine Flourish on the amulet, I remembered why the name Henry sounded familiar. There have been notes that I have picked up in each of the rooms of the castle that I have been in so far. I do not know who wrote the notes, but Valeria Steiner, Henry and his daughter Anabel were all mentioned in those notes. I will have to study them a little closer. I know they must have something to do with some of the castle residents that I have already met. I just don't know how something written so many years ago could have relevance today. How are those people still here? And what happened? The papers had mentioned that these people were looking for the Mystery Chamber. Had they found it? It does not appear that they did.

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Tomorrow we are going to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see them. I can't tell them everything that has gone on in the castle, but I can tell them how much I enjoy being in the Midnight Castle. I can even tell them about some of my new pets, my kitten Destiny, the little bat, Bertram, the baby raven, Earnest, but I think I have to leave out my baby dragon Seraphim, and Professor Pinfeathers. Somehow, I don't think they would understand about them. If they had been my Dad's parents, they might have understood, but these are my Mom's parents, and I know they don't really approve of us living in a "haunted" castle. So I wished a Happy Thanksgiving to all of the castle residents, and went to my room to get ready to go.

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Oh no, life as I knew it is coming to an end. Last night, on our way home from my grandparents house, we were in a car accident. Me and Marty and Dad are okay, but they took Mom to the hospital in an ambulance! My Dad says that she has some very serious injuries. Something about a broken leg, and shoulder and some bad thing with her head. And on top of that she was bleeding inside her body. Why can't they fix her quickly at the hospital like they do on TV. Dad said that a drunken driver was the one who hit our car. I had to check with Salty to make sure that it wasn't the drunken skeleton on the stairs of the tavern, who was responsible. Salty said that the skeleton had not moved all night. Then he told me that sometimes humans do stupid things and that sometimes when they do that, someone else gets hurt. 

I agreed with Salty and then I thought about the Mystery Chamber. I have to find it so that my wish of getting my Mom better and back here will come true. So although I was stiff and sore, I asked Professor Pinfeathers who to talk to next to receive some more pieces of the Rainbow Charm of Blossoms. He told me to help Anabel get the Steel Plate. 

Anabel saw me coming and knew I needed the Steel Plate. While she was looking for it she needed me to do her a favor. By now, I knew that doing them a favor meant looking for some items that they wanted. She told me to go down to the Forbidden Tower and remove the heavy dust cover that was on the Scroll Storage. I did that. So I carefully wrapped the poisonous flower that she wanted from there. When I got back to her, she told me that she had left the Steel Plate at the Convention, she said she would have them send instructions on how to get it back by Ghoul post. I figured that must be a little like our post office and the mail carrier that delivers the mail. She had me find her an Immortal Gem and an Eight Point Star for her saying that she would have spent ages looking for them. Now she was getting worried about the fact that the instructions from the Convention had not yet arrived, as they were usually very timely. Then she said that she is about to get an answer because she can already hear the bat messengers squeaking. Oh no! They sent the parcel but it was lost in the mist.

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Dad took us to see Mom at the hospital. She was sleeping, Dad called it a coma. She still looked pretty to me, even though her head was all bandaged and she had bruises almost everywhere. She had all kinds of tubes and wires hooked up to her. Dad said that one of them was helping her breathe. I wanted to crawl onto the bed with her but Dad wouldn't let me, so I just held her hand and told her that she had to get better and come home. I was crying when Dad said that we had to leave Mom and go back to the castle. I know what I am going to wish for when I find the Mystery Chamber. I am going to wish that my Mom is back home with us and healthy. I have got to find it soon! 

Professor Pinfeathers told me that there are those who are unaware that they're part of the charm. We need to question them all, he said. 

Lord Chamberlain was first on the list. I would rather get him out of the way first anyway. But this time he surprised me by saying "Welcome". He told me that the Council Session is about to begin and he wants to shine. When I brought him some of the items he wanted, he must have been in a good mood, because he told me that I prove my value to him with every task he gives me. He needs more power he said, and asked me to help him. In return, he promised not to eat me. That's funny, because that is the same thing the troll said to me when I was helping him. Anyway, after I found more items for him, Lord Chamberlain stated that he would be even more powerful and he can show that to the Council. The Council is about to convene, he said, but someone wants to stab him in the back. He could use my help. He told me that I make his life easier, and that he can always find a new task for me. He seemed off track a little when he asked if he had ever told me his age. He said that I would be amazed. Then he told me I could be a little proud of myself after I had found several items for him. Then he left me standing there, not knowing whether I should stay there or go. I decided to go and check on our new pets in the Midnight Castle.

In reply toRe: msg 68

When I got back to the Midnight Castle, I ran into Lord Chamberlain and it was like he had forgotten that I was doing tasks for him. "Oh it's you again", he said. Then he needed to ask for a favor. He was looking for something called a Rune of Cruelty and Live Potion. I guess he was still thinking about the Council because he said that with these and other items I found for him, he will be the most powerful member of the Council. He also said that I would help him get rid of his foes, and to hurry as the Council will begin soon. He stated that "they are destroying all of his plans", but that I would help him outsmart them. Although I am not too sure about making him powerful or helping him get rid of his enemies, I knew that he was one person that I did not want on my bad side. After all, look at what he did to poor Henry by turning him into a troll. Oh, my goodness. Does this Lord Chamberlain ever stop? Now he wants me to make a toy for his bat. Now he wants me to get more items for him and keep it a secret. Who would I tell? But he did give me the Red Eye for the Rainbow Charm of Blossoms, and to me, that was all that was important. 

Dad asked Marty and me to start taking down the Halloween decorations. Marty did not say a word the entire time we were working. When we finished with most of them, I asked him why he was so quiet. He looked at me, shook his head no, started to turn away, then came back to me and told me to sit down so we could talk. When I looked confused at him, he started to tell me all the things I did not want to hear. He said that Mom is in very critical condition in the hospital. They are doing everything they can for her, but it might not be enough. It was when he said that "she might even die", that I started crying. He told me that one of his friends had an aunt that was in an accident like that and was in the hospital for a month, and then died anyway. I screamed at him, "Don't you ever say that again about Mom. I'm going to fix it all! You don't know how things will work out! And they will work out! I'm going to make sure of it!" He looked at me and quietly asked me how I was going to fix things that the hospital couldn't. I still was screaming at him, "Never you mind! I'm just going to fix it!" and then I ran to go to the belfry as it had become my favorite place to hide out. When I got there I found the professor without his hat, glasses, or bow tie, and he seemed to be talking to Bert and Ernie.

In reply toRe: msg 69

As I sat crying on the floor, Bert, Ernie and the professor came and sat on the floor around me. I think I heard the professor telling the others about my Mom, but I was crying too loud to hear, and I really didn't care anyway. I wanted my Mom home with us and healthy.  

Mom's sister, Aunt Diane wanted to take Marty and me back to her house with her to stay "for awhile". I can't let her take me from the Midnight Castle. If I am not here, I can't find the Chamber of Wishes and make my Mom all better. Marty did not want to go either. Aunt Diane said that she could not stay here with us in the castle. I heard her tell Dad that "this place gives her the creeps". Since Marty is fourteen now, Dad decided that we could stay here as long as we behave ourselves. Dad will be here most of the time, but he spends a lot of time at the hospital with Mom too. At least if I am here, I can work on finding the rest of the items for the Rainbow Charm and get the hatch opened so I can get to the Mystery Chamber.

In reply toRe: msg 70

I knew I had to keep going in my quest to find the missing items for the Rainbow Charm. The professor told me that the innkeeper might give me the Curved Beam if I help him. So I headed for Salty's Tavern to see what I could do for him. 

Salty said that it is hard to be a ghost and preserve your humanity. He wants me to hurry for my own sake, he told me. I don't want him to become a raging poltergeist. Thankfully, I do work quickly so I was able to keep him from becoming...uh...what he said. He told me that a medium is trying to figure out who murdered him, but he needs some things to perform the ritual. Apparently the medium is waiting for a Strangled Ruby and a Memento Mori. After Salty gave them to the medium, he found out that the quack had taken off with them. Salty felt that you could never trust a living soul, but he does keep trusting me to get his items for him. He thanked me for getting the items anyway, even though since the medium took them, he did not find out who murdered him. 

According to Salty, the recruits going past the inn offered a reward for a couple of trophy items. I offered to help him get these items, even though I don't want a portion of the reward that he offered me. He told me that not every person is capable of finding the Eye of Manticore, but he is sure that I will manage. He also wants something human in his life to stay normal and asked me to help him with that. He wanted the Elephants Bone and he couldn't find the Prism of Retribution no matter how hard he tried. So I went hunting for it and finally found it in the writing desk in the Forbidden Tower where the Wise Dragon is staying. 

Then Salty said that he had a problem. A new vampire keeps coming to the inn, and wants a Blood Greed to put over the entrance and that might scare him away. He also said that the Seal of Dawn always works against the children of the night. I had to go to the creepy Dungeon of the Cursed where I found the skeletons of 3 chained prisoners. Giving them their hats, was what they wanted in exchange for the Seal of Dawn. They were in the little alcove above the Battle Pit. Salty told me that these should get rid of the bad blood around here. He needs me to do more for him tomorrow, but right now, I have to go so I can visit my Mom in the hospital. I sure hope I can find the Chamber of Wishes soon so I can make her all better.

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When I finally was able to get back to Old Salty, he told me that although Valeria is his soulmate, they are so far apart, and he wanted me to help draw them closer. Since the Night Orchid is her favorite, he wanted me to get one for her. He wanted me to help replace one silver arrow from those that she has lost. Apparently it seems to be working, as these things are attracting her to him in what he called, the Astral sense. 

Salty also found that someone had taken some valuable things from his collection, and when I found replacements for the items, he declared that they were better than the originals. But he is still obsessed with finding his killer, and I can't say I blame him. He wanted the Grave Blade and a few other items that are bound to death, and therefore have energy of their own. He said that at midnight he would see the face of his killer, and how he died. Unfortunately the pages with the rituals are torn. He needs more ingredients for the ritual. I had to open a magic table in the forbidden tower with the Book of Evil, to find Salty the Symbol of Doom. The ritual showed Salty the image of the Chamberlain. The Chamberlain killed Salty, but he still doesn't know why.

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Boy that Lord Chamberlain sure is somebody to stay away from. I would if I could, but Professor Pinfeathers just keeps sending me to him, to do his tasks for him and get the parts I have needed for various items I have had to put together so far. First I find out that the Chamberlain turned poor Henry the Archaeologist into Rustle the Mountain Troll, and now I am finding out that he killed Old Salty. Poor Salty. 

Speaking of Salty, I still was not finished with his tasks. He told me that he could get the Curved Beam for the Rainbow Charm for me, but I need to help him get closer to Valeria. He felt that the Royal Stone would be a wonderful gift for his love, and that both of them could use the Medallion of Happiness. I agreed, and found his items for him and he said that his informers are already looking for the Curved Beam.  

Then what Salty said next sent chills down my spine. He said that he knows how to find out what happened to my uncle. Salty declared that my uncle was murdered while searching for the Mystery Chamber of Wishes. Was the Chamberlain responsible for that murder too? It is hard to tell right now. But Salty's informers came through for him and found the Curved Beam and after finding a couple more items, I was able to put the Curved Beam into the Rainbow Charm. Good. Just a few more and maybe I will be able to get to the Mystery Chamber and make my Mom better. I want her to come back home soon. Dad says that she is not doing very well right now and we can't lose hope.

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Professor Pinfeathers told me that the Wise Dragon has the Predator's Eye, but be careful, his breath could knock you flat. 

I went to the Forbidden Tower where the dragon is residing and because his eyes were closed, I thought he was sleeping and was prepared to go back up the stairs. He opened his eyes and stated that he was not sleeping, he was thinking. Okay, I sometimes think with my eyes closed too, but then I usually fall asleep. Anyway, I went to gather several items that the dragon wanted and apparently I surprised him with how quickly I returned with the items. He said that he is collecting things, but it is a secret. The dragon seemed a bit distracted today as he told me the the waters of the River of Time keeps whispering and he wished they would speak up. Then he said that it was not a day to think of the future - it is laundry day. I thought that was more than a little strange, but he gave me the Predator's Eye after gathering more items for his "collection". 

Then I asked the dragon how Seraphim was coming in her training. He was very happy with her progress, but was a little annoyed when she kept blowing smoke rings and laughing at it. But other than that, she is progressing well as a Midnight Castle dragon. She will be a very loyal and protective resident. That made me very happy to see her again. I missed her very much, but she had grown even more if that was possible and would have broken my bed if she tried to sleep on it now. But I visit her often, so that she won't forget me and Destiny. Speaking of Destiny, she follows me all over the castle except when I have to visit Lord Chamberlain. She won't go near him. Animals can usually tell a bad person from a good one, but I didn't know she could tell about ghosts. She apparently has the same vision I have for seeing the ghosts in the Midnight Castle.