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Please Wait Freeze   Technical Issues

Started 7/26/19 by Katijay (Katijay46); 4941 views.
Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


I just keep task manager open and if it does the please wait freeze several times in a row I just close BF down completely and wait awhile before opening again and that will usually give me a longer run between freezes, but still experiencing all the freezes you reported....

I've had the same issue while playing the private rooms.  Have to CTRLALTDEL every time.  And I'm one who hasn't had any problems playing MC since it began.  But this is getting ridiculous.


From: crownthornes


I'm having the same problem in the private rooms. No problem in the normal game. I've just stopped playing the private rooms. Hopefully at Halloween everything will be okay pray

Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


I have 2 games and they are up and I played all my private rooms in my lower level game and had no problem after GMT, gifts were freezing in both games and the only private rooms that did not freeze was mine & Johns in both I have shut both games all the way down and will try again try to work DQ' castle rooms do not freeze either....




All 3 of my games keep freezing and its getting. Unable to get into the rhythm of playing the game. Reading about problems I think I will wait a couple of days and try again. Don't need the stress.

Good luck all. TOAD/Otter/MOUSE


From: loopykaren


Hi i also have this but mines is a strange one i have about 80 odd friends & everytime i hit on this one friend when im playing the Anniversary rooms i get to this name user whos called elainewhat...& i think its on a level 12 i keep forgetting that this 1 friend totally crashes my game and i keep clicking on it as i try to do these fast ....i noticed thats shes red a lot so maybe its some 1 who has lost there game and has restarted again but its very annoying ..another thing im noticing is i dont know if the more friends you have the more time it takes to load them all up when u first start the game but i dont give up till i have played every Anniversary room i can.

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From: IBemeWhoU


If you are all having the same problem, please take a screen shot and sent it to BFG support.  Apparently they aren't going to do anything while they think it is just my problem or they are just saying that so I will leave them alone.  

Miss M (MissM0)

From: Miss M (MissM0)


My game has been freezing occasionally when I am gifting - it takes the gift out of inventory but doesn't send it and it takes away my gifting spot and the person I was trying to send it to is still on my list of people I can gift that day - I have to get out of the game by force and then end it with the task manager - today is it much worse and now I can't even load the game...this is very frustrating and you are definitely NOT alone!