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HOSs and ZZs .... in Excel Spreadsheet   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 7/28/19 by AEGram; 12570 views.
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From: AEGram


The Spreadsheet on the first post of this thread has now been updated. 

The 3 areas/locations, 6 HOSs, and 6 ZZs from this recent update have been added to Twisted Mountain. 

All new items added to previous HOSs and ZZs are also added to those HOSs and ZZs.

A side note: When I update the file, I put a background color on all the previous areas that were added. I also put that same background color for the 3 new locations added this time because they weren't all added at the bottom. (Shaman Glen was added below Mountain Ledge because you access it from Mountain Ledge).

Because it was a bit confusing, I left those backgrounds colored. For those who download the file, they'll be able to easily see what was added and where.

But feel free to remove the background color once you get familiar with where things are located.

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From: AEGram


My apologies to those who use this spreadsheet (on post #1).

I had an error when typing the name of an item.....

On Twisted Mountain - Mountain Foot......under Mountain Spring ...... Infinite SWORD has been added WAS incorrectly listed as Infinite Soul.

This has been corrected and I've inserted a new, corrected copy to post #1.

Thanks, to Whitebutterfly for noticing this!!!!!!!