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Astounding News   Messages from the Heart

Started 8/11/19 by Shawkn; 2501 views.
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From: Shawkn


I was glad to read what you posted about Nathan's doctor.  He is a remarkable doctor and humble enough to admit he may have been wrong.  I could tell he felt some trepidation while telling us he might have misdiagnosed Nathan.  I was quick to let him off the hook by reminding him that there is no blood test for Alzheimer's  or any other definitive test.  It's a combination of a brain scan coupled with interviewing the patient and family to create an overall impression.  Unfortunately, Nathan was going through some other things at the time of our initial diagnosis which gave him many of the behaviors of an Alzheimer's diagnosis.  Once he got the diagnosis, he subtly began living the disease instead of his life which didn't help with his annual evaluations.  We will be seeing his doctor again in early September to see how we are to move forward with the visual memory issue.  The specialist who did the in-depth testing said the only thing she wants him to do is not drive anywhere for the first time by himself, get out more / volunteer and to practice making visual things "personal" if he needs to remember them.  Example, if he needs to remember a picture, put himself in the picture.

Sayadina / Kate


From: Shawkn


You got that right!  As for Al, he's been replaced with new jokes like, "Don't try and pull the Alzheimer's card on me!" and getting flash cards for visual memory training.  One of the things the specialist wants him to do is get out more and volunteer so Nathan is looking at the local SPCA or the Wildlife Rescue / Rehab in our area.  He just took a bunch of baby bunnies there who my German Shepherd found all over our back yard and tried to herd into a group.  I think he'd be great at that.

Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


Wow!  That is just incredible!  I’m very happy for you two!


From: Shawkn


Thanks :) 

Al was not our first invisible person by the way.  We've had "Fanny, the Invisible Maid" with us for years!  If we are having a lazy day and don't want to do work around the house, we tell each other Fanny can do it later.  If something doesn't get done, we blame Fanny.  If we opt for take-out instead of cooking, it's because it's Fanny's day off.  You get the idea. LOVE that woman!!! LOL!

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I'm so happy for you!!

I love your outlook..


From: oiuoiu321


Such great news!  Congratulations on evicting that miserable Al.  I'm hoping and praying that Nathan will get some great results from using the right strategies for his actual condition.


From: katiek2


That's wonderful!  We have Pete the Widget - whenever something goes missing, or gets broken, or... you get the picture, Pete the Widget did it.  Our invisible friends are so helpful, aren't they


From: SharpEye1


Hi Kate,

This is the best news!!  I am so happy for you and Nathan!!  Now, if they could just find a couple miracle cures for you (in time, I know it's doable)!! heart_eyes  Yes, Nathan would be awesome doing ASPCA volunteer work, which I think would also improve his visual memory, just because he loves animals so much.  You tend to remember the things you're interested in. 

I also love your Al and Fanny solutions!  But, then, you've always been so creative like that!  

All my Love to you, Nathan, and your fur babies.


What incredibly, wonderful news!  You both must just be over the moon.  I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak that followed the initial diagnosis, but how you both managed it with your "boarder" was so creative.  While I do think 6 years is a lifetime when you think you're living with a disease, I'm very glad the doctor eventually questioned his original diagnosis and referred your husband to a specialist.  Should have been done sooner, but I agree with both of you kicking Al Zymers out of the house and not giving him another second of your time.

Your post brought a tear to my eye and I wish nothing but the best to both of you from now on.


From: Randytb


Dear Kate,

Just read your post sorry i am so slow at getting to the message board at times.

You my dear have lifted a lot of peoples hopes and opened there minds to your fantastic news.

Going through a sickness of the ones you love the most causes the deepest hurt and heart ache and you and Nathan are a shining example of how love and a sense of humor can make the sun shine in the darkest of times.

I love how you both have handled the news ,, how you lived with it and have overcome it .

I am also sure his memory issues will in time get better and as I tell my sister all the time after her stroke you can retrain your brain just takes work and I am sure you and Nathan will see that in time.

Bye bye Al and Fanny no pay raise for you.

The best to both of you and please keep us updated.