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Friends of Meek again. on PC   Technical Issues

Started Aug-14 by MeekMonkey; 1687 views.

From: MeekMonkey


Hi Mysty I have u on all 3 of my games Aly which I gift dinosaur bones to you as I will be closing Aly down mid to late October, as it is on a desktop I will be traveling in my caravan. I also have Meek and Patrick. They are on my laptop, I will be playing both games from then on but won't be using Aly. Maybe in 3 or 5 years I may have a desktop again.

Mysty (Mysty3615)

From: Mysty (Mysty3615)


Hi Meek, Thanks for the heads up on your Aly Game. Sorry to see it go! I'm guessing this is why you posted the No Gifts message? Or would you like to receive gifts until that time? 


From: MeekMonkey


I posted a no gift message as I was trying something out but worked out that it would take to long to get what I wanted a was not worth the time or effort.