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Get 30 Pet Medallions    Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 8/20/19 by Katijay (Katijay46); 2051 views.
Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


Both games are finally finished had to use an amulet in my lower game...had Secret Delivery....had Knowledge Hunter my 93 game...


From: KatieAn56


Finished mine today after feeding MEGA pets, which would give me 0 or 1 medallion, (Black Cat gave me 3 medallions and then 1 medallion) OR wooden chests with 0 medallions or silver and gold chests.  I fed Good Natured Hedgehog (70%-iron chest) and got a gold chest!! A lot of my higher per cent of iron/wood chests pets gave gold and silver!!  Second DQ 220 wheels, but did get to combine that with a Trina quest.  Unfortunately, the first send off only gave me 113 wheels! By this time had to go to bed.  Got up this a.m., sent off the airship, finished that DQ.  So what is the next DQ?? Three HOSs to be visited 3 times!!! But finally finished!! I agree with Katijay this task has been torture on my level 33 game. I have over 500 pet medallions so I agree with Theo, no way would I sell those!! Good luck to all who have not finished.

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From: AuntieRoo


Just my opinion, 

About a year ago I had hundreds of Pet Medallions.Every time there was a CC I struggled with the task of “Get Medallions” so I made the decision to get rid of all my Pet Medallions.

I crafted Simple Food until they were all gone!

This helped with the Food Frenzy Achievement (craft 1000 pet foods).Although I paid 200 coins to craft the food I received much more than that  with the coin reward overall.

As far as I am aware the Pet Medallions are only used to craft pets.When a new pet is available I buy Pet Medallions with diamonds which also helps with “Marker Master Achievement” (buy 1200 items) & “Pet Prepared Achievement”(get 1000 Pet Medallions. 

Now I purchase Pet Medallions to craft Simple Food for this task 

Just my way of playing MC.

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Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


I had a Gnome Spy DQ so I used an amulet as well so I got all 30 medallions.  I was fortunate to work in a Trina request too.

Lower level players are at a disadvantage with a number of these tasks like getting these medallions. I wish they could be put on the wish list!


From: loopykaren


Hi i use everything on this i do the DC then if there dodgy ones meaning 2 parts or 3 i also use an amulet i feed some pets as well but not to many and i also craft and do the airship im basically saying whatever i can throw at this i will ps. im also cautious with the all these things to make sure i dont run low yep i have always wondered why u cant put them on the wish list to 

I wish they could be put on the wish list!”

Me too!!!

This is getting ridiculous …… I’ve finished 1 DQ, done 4 parts of Something New, fed so many pets, I’ve lost count, & I still only have 7 medallions! Even pets that usually bring iron chests brought silver & gold, except Hedgehog & Winged Cat who both brought an iron chest with not 1 medallion in it! rage

Ros, I’m starting to consider your way. I have over 1800 medallions, though, so crafting 360+ simple food just to be able to buy 23 more would take a while! Not to mention 72,000 coins! fearful

CC to AuntieRoo

From: loopykaren


Druid is the easiest way not just to craft simple food as i think that gives you 5  everytime u craft??

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From: loopykaren


yep i noticed the iron didnt give me any to i think it was all wood im sure the griffen defo gives it cant member all mine but i dint use many as i always feel on challenges its A MISER! so i do the DC,s after that then the rest as i said above

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From: loopykaren


Just had another thought on this i use to think when we were feeding pets and when we hit the tab over the chest i use to think the first percentage of the chest was the one you had to pick but then i realised you go to all the chests on that particular pet you are going to feed to see all the percentages ps. you would think i would have sussed this after nearly 3 yrs of playing with a lot of dying brain cells and wine oh man im i gonne need it for the second last task morphing!


From: AEGram


I decided a long time ago that the pet chests are not the way to go when attempting to get pet medallions (at least on my game).

I got a Another Potion that yielded 2 medallions for each part ..... (I was very fortunate that Trina was also wanting wheels and ZZs!) ..I was supposed to feed pets 10x during that I fed Griffin and Winged Cat....Winged Cat gave me 2 the end of the DQ, I had 12 medallions......oh, and after feeding the 2 pets, I also tried a few others and managed to get 1 more now I had 13.

Second DQ was Inspiration (Trina still needs more ZZs so that worked out in my favor) .... part 3 of that DQ was to feed pets 12x ...... I fed several zero, at the end of second DQ, I had 23 medallions.

THEN I got Special Interest! ----- It was not a regular one, so I fed some more pets and ended up with 5 more medallions.....up to 28, so I still had to at least do part 1 of the DQ ...... That DQ yields 3, 4, and then 6 pet I easily got my 30.

However, my point is.......I fed numerous pets and only ended up with 8 additional pet medallions......So, for my game at least, the DQs is the most reliable way to go for securing the pet medallions.