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Midnight Castle, The Hidden Mysteries   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/28/18 by Rahia13; 45807 views.
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From: Rahia13


I glared at the object and noticed four things missing. At least it would be easy, I thought. Professor Pinfeather's popped up and sent me to Skull Pete, Arabella and Salty. I told him this wasn't helping! I needed to catch up to the Ghostly Messenger now and that sending Nimie through the portal would help. He refused, yet again and off I went to Skull Pete.

"Back again, lass,: he chuckled.
"I can't seem to stay away," I grinned. Well, he did have a ship and it was the fastest in the harbor! I had to get the lighthouse repaired fast so I asked, "What do you need?"
"Ah, I had the Dawn's Ray somewhere around here," he said scratching his head, "Check the Pirate Loot, Battle Trophy, Cannon, Armory and Lantern. Also bring me some Star Dust, a Jolly Roger and a Lost Page."
"Aye, aye Cap'n," I saluted and he roared with laughter.
"We will make a proper pirate of you yet!"
I set off to do my tasks and once completed received Dawn's Ray. It looked like the Pang of Consciousness but glowed.

I headed to Arabella and she sent me to the Rune Altar, Six Paw, Paper Lantern, Fire Altar, Astral Lamp and the Crystal Ball. I completed my tasks easily and she handed over the Moon Firefly, once again a look a like. I sighed and went straight to the Tavern. Salty was waiting and smiled broadly. He sent me to the Flower, Elf Potions and the Forest Lantern. He also asked for a Color of Fern, Rainbow Stone and a Silver Actinia. Once I returned to him he gave me the Edge of Dusk. I glared but put them all in the Lighthouse Heart.

Professor Pinfeathers then told me I would need a Magnifying Prism which was last seen by the Lord Chamberlain. I rolled my eyes and headed off to see the old vampire.


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From: Rahia13


"I'm busy," Lord Chamberlain said looking down his nose at me.
"Yes, I see," I smirked looking at the maids dusting the Flag and the Door Cache, "I need a Magnifying Prism."
"I might have one but first I need you to bring me some things," he replied rapping his cane against the floor.
"Sure, sure."
"Wonderful! I need a Book of Dancing Shadows, a Binding Fate, a Folio, a Manuscript of Resurrection, a Writing Piece, a Book of Wisdom, a Cube of Fate," he grinned wickedly pausing on the last bit, "and one hundred Magic Shards."
"You want what," I asked in surprise.
"One hundred Magic Shards!"
"I thought that's what I heard. Fine," I grumbled and went off to craft. It only took me a few moments as I had most of the components already. I returned and handed him all the items. My hands clutched the Magic Shards, refusing to let go.
"Ahem," Lord Chamberlain cleared his throat.
"Right," I sighed and let go.
"Fantastic," he said and tossed the Magnifying Prism at my head, "I believe that is what you were looking for!"
I grumbled and glared but I could still hear him laughing as I inserted the item into the Lighthouse Heart. I made my way back to the Lighthouse and installed the Heart. It was repaired and lighting all the sailors way! I scurried off to Skull Pete to tell him the good news. We could finally set sail!
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From: Rahia13


A Willing Crew

I returned to Skull Pete and told him to weigh anchor, we could get a move on!

"How am I to sail without a crew," he asked, "Find me a crew! Go talk to Salty, Iron Knight, Lord Chamberlain, Henry the Archaeologist, Anabel and Valeria Steiner!"
"Sure," I sighed, "Why don't I just sail the ship myself while I'm at!"
"What was that," he yelled.
"Nothing," I called and ran off to the Tavern.

"Hey, Salty," I called.
"Back again, I see," he grinned.
"I can't seem to stay away," I smiled, "So, ever dreamed of becoming a pirate? Sailing the seven seas?"
"No," he said flatly, "but maybe you can convince me."
"I'll try," I nodded. I crafted him a Forest Sounds, a Wreath of Fear, a Thicket Keeper, an Idol for Rock Master, an Elixir of Immortality (which I only took a sip of) and a Forgotten Relic. I carried it all back to him in a nice pink box with a red ribbon.
"I'm sorry, Rahia. These gifts are great but my place is on land now. This is my home. I'm not as young as I once was," he made excuse after excuse.
"It's okay, Salty. I understand," I waved and headed off to the Dark Tower.

I found the Iron Knight pacing the Dark Tower Hall. I hoped it wouldn't take much to convince him.

"Ever dreamed of being a wolf at sea," I asked as I entered the room.
"I always dreamed of being a pirate since I was a little boy," he answered smiling.
"Well, Skull Pete needs a crew. How about it?"
"I don't know. Convince me," he said with a grin.
I headed off to find things to do just that. I searched the Writing Corner and the Secret Slab but came up empty. I brought him an Impenetrable and a Sword of Law but he shrugged. I thought of a Hero Belt and a Lily Shield which he took with but still seemed unconvinced. I brought out my final weapons a Warrior Power and an Example of Bravery.
"I'll do it," he agreed!
"Yes," I jumped up and down, "I mean, great! I'll tell Skull Pete!"

I then went to Lord Chamberlain with hands full. I gave him a Card of Destiny, a Crafty Leprechaun, a Flask of Miracles, a Golden Chest, an Ice Breath and a Lord of Water . However, even with all of this he refused.
"My place is here! This is my Castle after all," he said, tapping his cane against the floor with every word.
"Right," I smiled. At least I wouldn't have to deal with him!

My next stop was Ice Rock and Henry. I hoped he could hear the call of adventure!


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From: Rahia13


"Henry, want to go on Pirate Ship," I asked.
"I'm not good with water," he shrugged, "I sink but you can try to convince me."
I went around looking for anything to convince him. I searched the Sphinx's Paw, the Three Monks, the Bag, the Birdcage, the Mirror Obelisk and the Ancient Scrolls. I came up empty handed. I would just have to convince him some other way.
"I just heard of an ancient civilization to the north. They want me to be the lead Archaeologist! Can you believe it," he said when I returned.
"Oh," I sighed, "So I guess nothing I would say could convince you? We could really use your help and knowledge. I'm sure we will find a lot of lost civilizations along the way."
"Hmm possible," he mused, "Okay, I'll give you three months of my time. The civilization to the north has been there for a thousand years. I'm sure a few more months of them waiting wouldn't hurt!"
I smiled and thanked him. That was easier than I thought! Besides, once he was on board the ship there wouldn't be a thing he could do to get off. I giggled and headed back to the Dark Tower.

"I'm sorry, Rahia but my place is here," she said when I asked, "You can try to convince me but this is my home."
I searched the Centopath, Bas-Relief, the Great Anvil, the Donation Box, the Mailbox and even brought her some Sun Wings. I knew that she was right, however. Her place was here in Midnight Castle. I decided not to pus and headed to the Chapel. I was positive that Valeria would jump at the chance.

"I don't know," she stammered. I was shocked to see the thought of being at sea scared Valeria. I had never really seen her truly afraid but I could see the fear shining in her eyes. I offered up a Drop of Time, a Seal of the Guardian, a Stone Light and a Baton of Swiftness but she was still afraid. I set to work and made a Real Power, a Golden Coin, an Ageless Guardian and a Secret Oppressor which finally convinced her that there was nothing to fear but fear itself.

I had a willing crew for Skull Pete so I returned with the good news.

"Wonderful work," he said, giving me a pat on the head, "Sadly, I lost the Ocean Guide. We can't set sail without that."
"I thought all you needed was a crew," I cried, "The Ghostly Messenger already has a huge head start!"
"I promise this will be the last thing you have to find," he assured me but I felt uneasy. I knew I was going to stopped in this task. I could feel it in my bones!

I went to go talk to Professor Pinfeathers. He sent me to the Lord Chamberlain and the Lighthouse Keeper. So, off I went with a sense of dread filling my heart. The Ghostly Messenger already had such a major head start. How was I meant to catch him now?

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From: Rahia13


The Ocean Guide

I went to see Lord Chamberlain with my head bowed and asked about the Ocean Guide.

"Well, I see you've come to your sense and realize I belong in the Castle and not on some leaky ship," he laughed.
"Yes," I agreed.
"Good! Go search the Rusty Safe and the Dragon Head. I'm sure I saw it somewhere around there!"
I set off but found nothing so I returned yet again.
"I guess you could try the Floating Barrel or," he smirked," the Ghostly Chest."
I glared but did as he suggested. I finally found it in the Ghostly Chest. I smiled but that instantly faded as I realized it was broken. I returned to Lord Chamberlain and told him.
"Go search the Sunken Chest and talk to Anabel, she may have the Shiny Lens," he said and I knew I was dismissed.

"Anabel, have you seen a Shiny Lens," I asked.
"Sure, I have one here," she smiled and opened her hands to show me.
"May I have it," I asked hopefully.
"If you search the Glass Painting and the Gnome Road Sign," she giggled, "Oh, and I need some Fairy Dust, a Web of Lies, a Warlock's Ritual and a Bloody Tooth! I have to make sure the Iron Knight doesn't board that ship!"
I rolled my eyes but did as she asked. She gave me the Shiny Lens, laughed and went into the Dark Tower to talk to the Iron Knight.

I returned to the Lord Chamberlain to let him know but he just shrugged me off. I stuck my tongue out at him and ran off to the Lighthouse Keeper. He asked for all manor of crafted things. He wanted a Wild Necklace, a Burden of Obedience, a Blessing Pendant, a Time Flow, a Buckle of Full Moon, an Emerald Tablet, a Vulture's Claw and a Bouquet of Fear. What did I get in return for my trouble?

"I'm sorry, dear," he said with a smile, "I just can't help you today. Perhaps if you go talk to Professor Pinfeathers again."
I wanted to claw his eyes out but he really was kind, sort of! I headed back to Professor Pinfeather's and asked what I should do next. He suggested I talk to Skull Pete and Salty. I headed to Skull Pete and he sent me on several missions. He asked me to search the Boatswain's Bag and the Ship Compass. He then sent me to the Pulley and the Gnome Safe. When I returned he asked me to find four ship supplies and 10 Simple Food.

"What? I need that food! Flutter eats that much in an hour," I cried feeling helpless.
"Oh, I have a Spring Butterfly too. She's so pretty. Sadly, eats like an elephant," he said with a grin.
I couldn't argue so I set off in search of food and supplies. I found the first set of supplies at the airship station. I continued my search but came up empty handed. It wasn't until the airship returned that I realized I would have to get them from there. I sighed and played the waiting game. Finally, I got the last bit of supplies and headed back to Skull Pete. He gave me the Digital Detector and I was almost finished.

I skipped towards the Tavern and Salty. This was going far better than I had initially thought! I was making progress! We would be able to sail today! I gave a small cheer of triumph and entered the Tavern. My joy vanished and my heart sank. There was Salty but he looked devastated.


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From: Rahia13


"What's wrong, Salty," I asked pulling up a stool.
"I don't have anything for you, Rahia. I'm sorry," he sobbed. His whole body shook and I realized that my initial sense of dread had been correct. Midnight Castle was stopping in my tracks. I wouldn't be able to go after the Ghostly Messenger today. I was well and truly stuck until the next rumble.
"It's okay, Salty," I soothed, "It just means we can play dice a little longer."
"Really? You're not mad," he beamed.
"No. If I've learned anything in my time in the Castle, it's patience."
"Wonderful," he dried his eyes and headed towards the dice table, "Let's play. It's on me!"
"Great," I forced a smile on my lips and sat down to play.

When will the next rumble be? How long will I have to wait before I can go after the Ghostly Messenger? I sighed and settled my heart. It didn't matter! I still had to figure out what had happened to Nimie! There were still adventures to be had in Midnight Castle. There were still mysteries to solve! Hopefully, I would solve the case of Nimie!