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Midnight Castle, The Hidden Mysteries   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/28/18 by Rahia13; 45808 views.
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From: Rahia13


"What's wrong, Salty," I asked pulling up a stool.
"I don't have anything for you, Rahia. I'm sorry," he sobbed. His whole body shook and I realized that my initial sense of dread had been correct. Midnight Castle was stopping in my tracks. I wouldn't be able to go after the Ghostly Messenger today. I was well and truly stuck until the next rumble.
"It's okay, Salty," I soothed, "It just means we can play dice a little longer."
"Really? You're not mad," he beamed.
"No. If I've learned anything in my time in the Castle, it's patience."
"Wonderful," he dried his eyes and headed towards the dice table, "Let's play. It's on me!"
"Great," I forced a smile on my lips and sat down to play.

When will the next rumble be? How long will I have to wait before I can go after the Ghostly Messenger? I sighed and settled my heart. It didn't matter! I still had to figure out what had happened to Nimie! There were still adventures to be had in Midnight Castle. There were still mysteries to solve! Hopefully, I would solve the case of Nimie!