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How did you get your Nickname   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 9/2/19 by TinyFaerie; 8503 views.

From: Randytb


Mine is very easy.

I have always been called a teddy bear because i was so cute and cuddly ((( they said that noy me lol)))))

I would say yeah I am a teddy bear but poke da bear and get da Grizzly lol

At 74 I am still caleed Teddy Bear .


TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I have 3 games-

nvrsdiwsgd - back when MC had tournaments, I had just started playing MC. Got frustrated after not doing so good. So I changed from player to Never Said I Was Good = nvrsdiwsgd

TLB2- boring.. intials ( 2nd game on iPad )

Twinkle- because I love shiny sparkly chimes


From: katiek2


Katie - because when I was little my dad would sing "k-k-katie" to me "k-k-k-katie, beautiful katie, you're the only girl that I will ever adore".  I can still hear him singing that song.

I confess - I stole mine.

I briefly played an online solitaire game, and one player was named Brad the Impala.  I thought it was a very cute play on Vlad the Impaler.  So when I started playing MC, a clever vampire name just seemed perfect!


From: Laurelind


What a cool thread!  You are one of my game friends, and I always wondered where the name Brad the Impala came from!  Mine is boring, just a shortening of my first D&D character, a druid named Laurelindien. 

Katie, what a lovely story for your name!

Stephanie (laurelind)

I had a great D&D character, I miss our old RPG games (and the gang).  I didn't really have anything specific in mind when I started, I was just looking for a female figurine who wasn't 30% boobs.  Hard to find.  I finally found a normal-breasted one and she was carrying a staff with a dragon head on it.  I filed down the dragon and made it look like a duck, one of my favorite animals.  Then I named my character "Echo."  (Supposedly a duck's quack doesn't echo.  I have no idea if this is true.)  She was a Bard who had a knack for haggling, getting strangers to tell their secrets, and enlisting anyone around her to come to her defense.  My favorite spell was "History of Blood," which would reactivate any and all old injuries (broken bones, knife wounds, punctured lung, etc.) her opponent had ever sustained.  Ahhhh, geekdom...

btw, I love Captain America.

Happy gaming!


From: LvlSlgr


My nickname - LvlSlgr - here's the story.

Years ago I moved from KY to VA. The personalized license plates for your car were only $10 extra and I wanted one and wanted it to show I was from KY. I finally came up with LVL SLGR ... because I'm from Louisville, home of the Louisville Slugger bats.

That was back in 1995 and ever since then I've use LvlSlgr as my email address, my name when needed in a website, whatever.

BTW ... in 2008 I moved back to KY. Unfortunately KY personalized license plates are limited to 6 digits/letters and LVL SLG just didn't work for me. Louisville Slug?? So I just went with the standard license plate.

That's a great license plate!  I guess "slug" only works if you went to UC Santa Cruz (home of the fightin' Banana Slugs).


From: LvlSlgr


Brad the Impala (OtterQueen) said:

(home of the fightin' Banana Slugs).

OMG ... that's so funny I had to go look it up. Really ... where do they come up with these nicknames for the schools? That certainly wouldn't inspire me to do well in sporting competitions. And I thought the University of Oregon Ducks was bad.

Thanks for making me chuckle.

Well, there are a lot of banana slugs in the redwood forests of the coastal range.  There's a candy store in Santa Cruz that makes life-size banana slug chocolates in assorted colors and flavors.  They're actually pretty tasty!