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How did you get your Nickname   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 9/2/19 by TinyFaerie; 8335 views.

From: susieQball


How wonderful that the abandoned  kitty got rescued by your mom.   Some how  I think that there must be angels guiding them to people that will take care of them and to fill our lives with all the love that they give us.   The way we feel for them seems to be reflected in our  forum names   always close to our hearts.  We had many abandoned and lost or wounded animals find the way  to us or we  stumbled on to them and took them in .

Derek Tangye wrote in one of his books after his beloved Monty died, that he would not have another cat unless it was jet black, and turned up late at night in the middle of a storm.  That is how he got his cat Lama.  Great series of books,  A Cat in the Window,   A Gull on the Roof,   A Donkey in the Meadow etc.  He was in top secret work in WWW2 and his wife Jeannie was liason for the Savoy hotel.


From: Werecatqueen


My nickname and IOS game name- I like werecats, I like I combined them

My Andriod game name- Meliora is one of my OCs and she's actually the dragon queen


From: Turbogramma


Back in the days of AOL chat rooms (remember them?!), my daughter was a chat leader and went by Labma.  Well, as her mother, I went by labgramma.  Then, on one of the Subaru forums I frequent, I added "turbo" because I had a Legacy Turbo Touring Wagon (rare car!) at the time.  Ergo, Turbogramma.  It suits me.  And that's how my name came about!


From: Kidmagnet


I've worked with kids for decades and even when I am not working with them they walk right up and start conversations with me lol

So - kidmagnet!


From: Kidmagnet


Turbogramma said:

Back in the days of AOL chat rooms (remember them?!),

I do!

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From: lilredhood51


mine is a pun of sorts. I started using it back in the 90's just before dh retired from the army. I was working in the px when the toy store opened for Christmas. the store manager asked us to dress us as story book characters. I chose little red riding hood and borrowed my daughters stuffed wolf who guarded my bowl o goodies.. when I got my gmail email I used lilredhood as my email and use it as a name for lots of forums and other places. when people ask me why. also refer to my last name and tell them how else could I get the wolf to stop chasing me around the woods? I said yes and the rest is history.


From: Randytb


Mine is very easy.

I have always been called a teddy bear because i was so cute and cuddly ((( they said that noy me lol)))))

I would say yeah I am a teddy bear but poke da bear and get da Grizzly lol

At 74 I am still caleed Teddy Bear .


TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I have 3 games-

nvrsdiwsgd - back when MC had tournaments, I had just started playing MC. Got frustrated after not doing so good. So I changed from player to Never Said I Was Good = nvrsdiwsgd

TLB2- boring.. intials ( 2nd game on iPad )

Twinkle- because I love shiny sparkly chimes


From: katiek2


Katie - because when I was little my dad would sing "k-k-katie" to me "k-k-k-katie, beautiful katie, you're the only girl that I will ever adore".  I can still hear him singing that song.