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Just Joining (late) The Party!   Welcome!

Started 9/15/19 by SirePeteS; 6847 views.
TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I suggest you scroll through the Tip, Tricks, Guides and Advice section of the forum here.. A wealth of knowledge!

Good Luck and welcome to the forum!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Hey Pete.

Let us know the platform you play on, your in-game name and your game ID.

We'll get you set up in no time.

Simplest advice  you will get is "do the rounds... do the rounds... do the rounds... "

Always watch your stamp numbers and your gold.

The Welcome thread has all your FAQ'a about navigating the site, plus links to helpful topics.

Feel free to ask any questions, for the (unofficial) motto here is:

"There are no stupid questions, only stupid politicians".



Hello, Sire Pete!

Nice to finally "meet" you in person.  We've been friends for a while, and your strategy of adding friends and asking for assistance is a good one.  I hope you're taking advantage of the last few days of the current anniversary event and doing the Hidden Object Scenes in all your friends' rooms for extra coins and items.  The fall event will start soon, then the winter event after that.  These are great opportunities to stock up on coins (once you level up in the "friend" HOS's, you get 250 coins each) which you will definitely need as you get to higher levels in the game.  Don't hesitate to put whatever you need on your wish list as there are many players eager to help you progress.

As they say here in the forum, have fun storming the castle!


- Brad the Impala

ETA - I notice your private room is set to the default and has not been switched to the anniversary event room.  This prevents your friends from doing the HOS in your room.  If you go to your private room, there is an icon in the lower left corner which allows you to switch rooms.  Then you need to change something in your room to make the new one appear to your friends.  (It's some weird glitch.)  The on/off button at the bottom center will allow you to make changes.  Your friends will thank you for switching to the appropriate event room when a new event starts as this is their opportunity to earn coins and get special event items.  During the winter event, they can also leave you nice gifts in your Christmas room!


From: AEGram


In addition to what Brad the Impala said about the private rooms.....It requires one of the Golden Keys from a Trina quest to unlock each of the private rooms. If you click on the "off" button at the bottom, you will see that each room contains "slots" that can be opened for additional or no keys. It is totally unnecessary to open these slots because they only allow you to express your personality by paying for "upgrades/changes" in the items with either coins, diamonds, or shards.

Christmas Room 1 has no HOS in it. You don't even need to spend the key to unlock that one until much later. 

Christmas Room 2, Halloween Room, and Spring Room 2 each have 3 HOSs where you can earn 250 coins upon completion once you have the room maxed out. And, even when collecting only the first 6 items, you already earn 50 coins for each play. So they are far more helpful in building a coin supply.

Spring Room 1 has one HOS in it, but it just gives the coin amounts you get the same as any of the regular HOS completion.

That said, you WILL want to unlock the Santa Sack inside of the Christmas Room 2 so other players can give you a gift under your tree. (This is explained in more detail in the MC Game Guide under Trina and the Private Room, so I won't spend a bunch of time giving additional details. In particular, that section explains about the Gift for a Friend boxes you get when playing.

In addition, after the features of the game are explained in the beginning of the MC Game Guide, there is a section on strategy. You can read over that material to see if any of it is something you may want to try. 

Another way to play smart is to read through the list of character quests for each level. That will help you decide when or if you want to just take a break from trying to level up and do some rounds to build coins. Each level concludes with the amount of coins necessary to complete that level (if you have to actually craft all the items --and some you will win from the Fortune Wheel and will be gifted by friends). It also includes the amount of stamps required for each level.

There are multiple ways to play the game. Some players like to play the puzzles to get items. Some players like to feed pets to help get items. Some players like to craft items for profit. These are helpful ways to get through the levels faster, but you will find that if you employ them too frequently, you will lose out on the pet food to feed the pets, the stamps to craft the items needed in the game, and airship items if you want to do the Daily or Trina's quests. There really is no substitution for periodically just doing the rounds. And, doing the rounds of the event HOSs will benefit you in many ways.

(For instance, the events generally last 40 days. If it takes you the first 10 days to max out the rooms, then you have 30 days of playing each room for a total of 250 coins. So a visit to each friend's 3 rooms will give you 750 coins every day you visit -- and you can visit each of those rooms one time during the 24-hour GMT day. If you have only 20 friends displaying their Christmas Rm 2, and you play all their rooms every day, here's the numbers: 20 friends at 750 coins equals 15,000 coins. Plus you have the 750 coins from your own room you can visit, so that is 21 x 750 = 15,750 coins that can be earned every day. 30 days in the event x 15,750 = 472,500 coins that you could earn during that single event alone.) And this doesn't include the coins you earn at the lower rates while you're leveling up each of the rooms.


From: SirePeteS


Thank you for the response ... and 'getting started' guidance.

I am on PC only. ID # 822927 as "SirePeteS" So much to learn, still.

As I have been playing helter-skelter guessing Have not been efficient but just touring.

I keep wondering about values (usefullness) of items. Like, I accumulate a black bird [I think Baby Raven?]. Have over 150 and don't know what to do or what this is for.

I found the "guide". Going though that, for knowledge & guidance.


From: SirePeteS


Hello to you AND thank you for the assist. Had been wondering how to make two-way contact. Until I found his site. Being here, makes all the difference.

Will take your advice about the Private Room, etc. Currently not sure, clear how-to but will make the effort.

I am really not a 'gamer'. This is only my second effort. Became disabled. Was using the idle time to keep busy - both mentally and physically.

Had been playing Antique Road Trip - American Dreamin' until my drive failed. Had over 4,000,000 coins and other accumulated stuff plus friends there. Lost all of that. So, have been kinda leery to start another game and not be able to preserve what had been done.

I am getting impressions I need to amass huge cache of coins then jewels. Seems just when I don't expect, I see some restriction keeping me from progress until I surrender huge amounts of coins. Still tring to figure a way (ways) to gain more coins, quickly.

In reply toRe: msg 5

From: SirePeteS


Thank you for the reply and more helpful information. Right now, though, is almost informatin overload since I'm still learneing what the game requires. Will keep reading the Guide.


From: SharpEye1


Does this happen to be the "Sir Pete" from ART that "Kathaleen" (Charlieisr on this forum) and I (SharpEye) have been friends with?!  If so, I'm SOOOOO glad you found us and decided to join MC!  You may not know, based on your comment about the PC dying, but ART has officially been dropped.  None of us can access the message board or give keys and they won't fix that since it's no longer supported.

Anyway, I'm happy to add you as a friend in my game.  I'm at the end of content (Level 93) so I'm happy to gift you whatever you need to help you progress.  Also, FYI--you can send private messages to friends here by clicking on their name, a drop menu pops up, select send private message, and type and send.  You will know if someone has sent you a private message by looking at the top right of your screen where there are 2 boxes.  If you have messages, the gray will turn orange and have the number in the box, indicating how many messages you have.

Ada (aka SharpEye)

Yeah, I got started during a long string of gout attacks.  I can only watch so much TV, and playing is something I can do sitting down, and keeps my mind off the pain somewhat.

Playing the HOS's in your friends' rooms will definitely help get your coinage up.  And there are only 3 more days in this event.  You can also add pet eggs to your wish list which you can sell for coins, or add the crafted items required for quests which will help you avoid spending coins.  Still, you'll need to continue visiting the HOS's to build your inventory of stamps, pet food, and airship items.

Also, somewhere in all the helpfulness here are instructions on how to back up your game.

Best of luck!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Do you have everything you need to add Pete to the member's list, my dear?