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Just Joining (late) The Party!   Welcome!

Started 9/15/19 by SirePeteS; 5175 views.

From: SharpEye1


Does this happen to be the "Sir Pete" from ART that "Kathaleen" (Charlieisr on this forum) and I (SharpEye) have been friends with?!  If so, I'm SOOOOO glad you found us and decided to join MC!  You may not know, based on your comment about the PC dying, but ART has officially been dropped.  None of us can access the message board or give keys and they won't fix that since it's no longer supported.

Anyway, I'm happy to add you as a friend in my game.  I'm at the end of content (Level 93) so I'm happy to gift you whatever you need to help you progress.  Also, FYI--you can send private messages to friends here by clicking on their name, a drop menu pops up, select send private message, and type and send.  You will know if someone has sent you a private message by looking at the top right of your screen where there are 2 boxes.  If you have messages, the gray will turn orange and have the number in the box, indicating how many messages you have.

Ada (aka SharpEye)

Yeah, I got started during a long string of gout attacks.  I can only watch so much TV, and playing is something I can do sitting down, and keeps my mind off the pain somewhat.

Playing the HOS's in your friends' rooms will definitely help get your coinage up.  And there are only 3 more days in this event.  You can also add pet eggs to your wish list which you can sell for coins, or add the crafted items required for quests which will help you avoid spending coins.  Still, you'll need to continue visiting the HOS's to build your inventory of stamps, pet food, and airship items.

Also, somewhere in all the helpfulness here are instructions on how to back up your game.

Best of luck!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Do you have everything you need to add Pete to the member's list, my dear?


From: SharpEye1


Yep!  Although, our good friend Chili will be adding him to the Master List for PC players. as she kindly let me turn it all over to her  a while back. wink

Pete is on PC only. ID # 822927 and plays as SirePeteS

CC to chilpep

From: chilpep


He will be added later today.


From: SharpEye1


Thank you, my friend!! heart_eyes

FYI, the Raven Egg is for crafting the Little Raven pet.  It's one of the new pets for the anniversary event.




I play TOAD488361  Otter595356 if you need more friends just send friend request. I have been ill and not playing much but feeling better. Will play at least once a day and as I have many friends you will probably get gift once a week.

Good luck KNIMtheTOAD


From: SirePeteS


Well ... time for next set of questions. Thought I had an initial understanding, was doing OK. Just experience  new wrinkles.

Had been visiting friends' rooms & clicking on HOS. Got build-up of coins. Now, that seemed to stop. Did I happen to join & start during some specific event which has ended? What do I do to get more coins now - quickly?

Was playing HOS and had to 'craft' an item. Again, thought I understood this & proceeding OK. Now, I'm stuck. I have one Unique Amulet but need two. How do I seek & get amulet(s)?