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elusive owl and light   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 11/21/19 by pclark200; 1411 views.
Tennco (carlyMC)

From: Tennco (carlyMC)


I dont know if it helps but you can try closing game and restarting. 

And clear your cache, too! Good luck!


From: SharpEye1


Hi there, my friend!  I can help you with ghost traps or anything else you need.  Just send me your ID and I'm happy to invite you to my PC game.

Ada heart_eyes


From: ElouiseM0


I posted last week about being able to get between two and three ghosts per room (scene) by waiting. You wait until you see the first ghost, then play a HOS, then wait for a second ghost, then play the second HOS, then wait for the third ghost. If you grab ghost #1, might not get ghost #2, but will sometimes get ghost #3. Same with ghost #2. If you trap it, you might not get ghost #3. However, this way you get up to three ghosts if you have two HOS open per scene (room). If you have only one HOS open, you can try for two ghosts. This helped me a lot. Last night I got the last owl and light I needed on my Android game using this method. Tonight, it's time to try and trap the last owl I need on my PC game. wink


From: pclark200


Ada, or anyone else that wants to send me ghost catchers, my game ID is 660419, and the name (currently up) is PlayerPatFinally. I did the whole darn castle again today, and hit about 15 of the redundant ghosts of owls and lights. Elouise, I might try your method next.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I'll send you a invite. nvrsdiwsgd. Glad to help!

Might want to take the player out of your name... will try to send trap in the morning


From: LvlSlgr


pclark200 - I just sent you an invitation. I can send you the ghost trap daily if you have it on your wishlist.


From: katiek2


Hi, I'm through with everything and have ghost catchers I can send.  I'll send you an invite from katiek.  If you would like to stay on my friend list, I gift anywhere from once to all three times per day, depending on what else is happening around me.  If I get too far behind, I take down my wish list until caught up, so you'll always receive a return gift, it just might take a few days.  You'd be very welcome.\


Edited to add:  Just sent you an invite from katiek


From: pclark200


Thank you, thank you! I have been gone all day, so will be catching up with the castle tonight. Finally got the owl ghost, and now just need the final light. "I get by with a little help from my friends!!"