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Game stuck on loading   Technical Issues

Started Dec-2 by LadyJodina; 876 views.

From: LadyJodina


Help! Android tablet: My game is stuck on the download in progress screen with 0% happening.  This has been since yesterday and still today.  Please help! Thanks

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Have you gone into the Big Fish game manager?

There may be an update waiting for you there.


From: LadyJodina


Hello and thank you. I only know there is no update showing as available on my device. I don’t know where Big Fish game manager is.  I did leave it on the stuck download in progress page and plugged it in then made sure sleep mode was turned off.  That afternoon, lo and behold, there was my game again!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

That is good my dear.

I wonder how long it took to download!


From: Diannef130


I have three different games on three kindles and all three of them keep repeating the download thing.  Sometimes I can be playing and suddenly it says changes are afoot and it sits on the download screen for a long time.  Sometimes when I start the game it goes to the download message immediately and stays there for a long time.  Sometimes it says please wait.  I have been playing this game for over four years, I am addicted, but I am getting very frustrated.  I opened a ticket with support but have not received a response other than the automated one. Any words of encouragement?

You MUST Reply to the Automated Response from BFG to keep your Ticket 'active'

Sounds like your connection is timing out.  While you're waiting for BF CS, try connecting ONE of your devices DIRECTLY into your MODEM (bypassing WiFi altogether) then open MC and see if the Update download completes.  Repeat for each Kindle.

I play on PC, but the 'timing out' issue is widespread over all platforms. 

Hope this helps!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom