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Still not able to Play on iPad   Technical Issues

Started 12/10/19 by !RAGGIE-TX/OR (MaggieHand); 8735 views.
Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


Hi Bobbie, 

Many players do not come to this forum a lot.

others do not read all the threads.

I try to read relevant ones first, and read all the rest later.

WHEN you return, there will be many New players to add to your friend list.

Keeping a watch for a new message after your avatarblush 

Nope, not here either. Not since the Halloween event. I was told I would have to wait for an update which I think is ridiculous. 

I too had this problem when I purchased the diamonds. Haven't played since the Halloween event either. I have been in constant contact with customer support and they keep telling me that the "Developers are working on it". Whatever.



From: Boo9339


Hi Maggie,

I know it's just beyond crazy.  To have to wait almost four months and still no answer.  This is not at all what I would ever have thought would happen.  This is not the customer service I was used to before.  I don't know what happened with them but I don't know of any other company any where that I've dealt with that would let customers wait four months to have any problem resolved.   And it isn't like we haven't given them money for the game.  I've bought diamonds probably way too often.  Before you know it we'll be in the Spring Event, or I should say everyone else will be.  Just horrible treatment and it hurts.  But in a way I have saved money and I guess I can thank them for that.  I was spending too much.  And now I'm not buying diamonds and I've rarely bought any of their new games and soon I won't buy anymore at all and I'll cancel my membership.  I have hundreds of their games.  But now I'm afraid to buy from them.  Who knows what other games will have problems they won't address?  Just too risky.  

I hope it works out for us all soon.  But like you I doubt it.  I'll let you know if there is some kind of miracle.


Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


has anyone tried starting a new game then try to have them transfer the old game to the new one, just like when you get a new device.


From: Boo9339


Hi Robert,

Thank you for the suggestion.  When this first happened to me last October the first error messages I got were that my ipad didn't have enough memory available so I purchased a new ipad with more memory.  When that didn't correct the problem I contacted customer support again and told them but they said their position is to wait until there is an 'across the board fix' and that's all they've said to me since and I was checking back with customer support frequently.   So I can add the purchase of a new ipad to my other gripes.  Now I can't speak for anyone else that has lost their game or what they have been told but that's the information I have gotten.  I'm told over and over to just wait.  Four months and still waiting.  Needless to say I don't contact customer support much any more.

But I sincerely appreciate your suggestion.  It's really kind of you to take the time to try and help.



From: AEGram


Have you contacted Elephant Games directly about this issue? 

They can fix things that Big Fish cannot.


From: Boo9339


I can't speak for anyone else but I have contacted Elephant directly three or four times over the last four months.   With no success.


Well, my game is back with the new update. Only problem, I have no avatars, no inventory at all, no pets, etc. I do, however, have the diamonds I purchased which put in this spot to begin with. I do not have the gold coins I had or the diamonds I had before I crashed. I did also keep my friends, but I can't gift them because I have no inventory. Sorry friends.


From: Boo9339


Hi MaggieHand,

That is such good news.  I'll wait until next week to ask them about mine.  I'm happy for you and I'm sure if you contact them about your inventory they can restore it.  I'm hoping that they will also help us with the pets and avatars we missed out on.