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iOS Winter Event Helpers   Archives

Started 12/10/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 13179 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: zaza3110



 Zaza, level 91, only fire Rooster crafted.

Kate (KatieAn56)

From: Kate (KatieAn56)


Hi April,

Hope all is well with you.

Kate, Level 36, Winter Pets I have not crafted and/or have no egg for:

Baby Mammoth, Fire Rooster, Friendly Fox, Funny Yeti, Holiday Sphinx (new), Little White Bear, Red Cardinal, Sled Dog, Timid Stout (new) and Well Dressed Snowman.

Easier for me to look in the Lab and see which ones I had not crafted LOL!! See ya in the castle!



From: CindyK65


I have 2 games (IOS) and would like to help.

WitchyWoman - Level 36 - No WE pets crafted -  Egg Collector

CindyK - Level 81 - All WE pets crafted - Egg drop-off point - Gift decorations



Hi Zaza,

Fantastic. Please don’t craft any more winter pets. We will put you down as an egg collector and let you know the drop off points as soon as poss. If you need holiday wands or decorations to help with your Daily Quests, please put them on your Wishlist now.

Many thanks. 

Hi KatieAn,

Thank you so much. We will be in touch to let you know how to help.

Sorry I jumped the gun with my earlier reply, so had to do a quick edit.

Will be in touch as soon as poss. 

Hi CindyK

Thank you, thank you. Help on both fronts, that’s fantastic.

As with the other egg collectors, please put what you need on your Wishlist - I can’t help with holiday wands at the moment but have plenty of decorations. 

We will be in touch regarding egg drop off - stayed tuned.

Hi April,

I play as Lady Pirate, level 95, all pets crafted. I can help as an egg drop off point and will gift wands or decorations as I get them to the folks sending me the eggs. 

My son, who plays as JohnVCa, level 13 (I think) has not crafted the winter pets yet and will collect and transfer eggs to drop off points or consortium people.

Many thanks to you, Debbie, and the other consortium members for all you do to help other players!

Kate (KatieAn56)

From: Kate (KatieAn56)


Hi April,

No problem I didn't see the earlier response. LOL! I will collect eggs.  :)


TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


I have 2 games (IOS) 

1Ben- Level 17 - No WE pets crafted -  Egg Collector

TJ - Level  45 - All WE pets crafted - Egg drop-off point 

Hi Lady Pirate, 

Thank you so much.

We will add you and John to the list and publish them as soon as poss.