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iOS Winter Event Helpers   Archives

Started 12/10/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 13209 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

Hi Crystal. Got your messages, thanks! I sent invites to your three IDs. Enjoy your time with family

Best regards,


Shan (Orakyl)

From: Shan (Orakyl)


Hi All and Happy 2020!

A little late to the party, but hoping still room for helpers for the current and future seasonal events.

I have 2 games (IOS) :

Name: *Shan1 - Level 37 - No current WE pets crafted - Egg drop-off point (?)/Gift Decorations

Name: *Shan2 - Level 11 - No WE pets crafted -  Egg Collector (feeder account created solely for collecting for the consortium)


Hi Orakyl,

Thanks for reaching out. There’s always room for more helpers. Do you have any questions?

Sorry for the delay in my reply - I live in Australia.

When you have a moment, could you please send me a PM with your game IDs, and I will send you friend requests.

Many thanks 



From: misstracy22


Hi Orakyl,

Welcome, just accepted your invites. More than enough room for new friends. 
Thank you for helping with the Team Egg Roll. You are superb.
Anything you need or want to ask just PM me, I’m here to help.

Enjoy the castle and the WE.

Tracy blowfish


Kate (KatieAn56)

From: Kate (KatieAn56)


Debbie said in another thread "the game, has almost a rhythm to it, just like a river, it ebbs and flows. " Unfortunately, I do believe my river has totally ebbed. wink  In the last week and a half I have only received 1 egg per DQ, if any at all. flushed And my DQs are mostly chasing pigs, dwarves, elves, etc. This takes about 30-45 minutes and sometimes longer per DQ, trying to get 3 of each of these.   I want to get as many of my Christmas rooms done as I can since we are nearing the end of the WE. unamused So just a heads up I will not be donating as many eggs per day as I was. persevere


From: misstracy22


Hi Katie, 

Hi Katie,

Thanks for letting us know what you’re up to. But a very BIG THANK YOU for all your hard work. You are absolutely fabulousstar2. Hope you have enjoyed the WE. I also try to visit as many Christmas rooms as I can. To increase my inventory for those in need. If you need anything please do let me know. 
Debbie is right about ebb and flow. I seem to be getting more pink parcels, than I was before. I think that maybe because I’ve gifted most of my stock. That’s what they are for, so that’s what I do.

kissing_heart Thank you again


Debbie is absolutely right. The game ebbs and flows. If you’re ready for a break, take one. With your help, we have already collected loads of eggs from this event!

i can see that several of my friends who have been collecting eggs have already added something like ‘OnABreak’ to their game names. You’re not alone. 


Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Please indulge and join me!!

So let’s all try to picture this... 

We play MC....whatever lvl you are on...we all wander from the Tavern, “Hi Salty!” the Castle Gates, past the Guards, “ Thank you so very much Sirs!!”....into the Entry. Check your pockets. Out of luck!! No money for the Fortune Wheel. So you carry on. Over to Ice Rock. Wrap your scarf around your neck tightly!! “Hi Henry!!” Shivering go back inside. 

Throne Hall warms you up. Forbidden Tower looks interesting. 
You continue wandering endlessly,.... because why not? ”How many times have you done this before? “ You’ve done it sooo many times before. You could lead a tour group!
Perhaps you move a bit faster through Dungeon of the Cursed. A bit off-putting!! Jump through to the Underground Grotto. You know your way to Mirror Lake, and Mystery Chamber. 

Depending upon where you are in your journey, you may know how to get around to other areas with ease....The Town, Ancient Park, Metro Station, Cloud City....and you could wind your way around continuously.

It is such fun! You can lose yourself in it! Which we all sometimes need to do. It is also profitable. It gives us coins, stamps, pet food, airship items. Oh, airship items!! That darn Trina!! We certainly do all need them!! 

But during the WE, our very exclusive, limited players are able to chase around some floating spirits, which earns them our very precious WE Pet Eggs!!

How Phenomenal is that?? 

Now, come with me, and let’s try this again...

We begin at the Tavern...Wave to Salty!! We say, “Wish us luck!!” We walk on...The ice skaters look like they are having so much fun!! 

Up to the Castle Gates we go. We look at the Guards. We’re ready to walk through, but they STOP us!! They indicate, “ No, Entry!! “ We look at each other and them and say, “ Sirs, we have been through this way a million times before. Why can we not proceed?”  They continue to indicate, “No Entry!!”
We are stupefied! We don’t know what to do. We look at each other. And here is what I say to you, “Sometimes you hit a brick wall!! A closed door that use to never be there before.” 

Much like acquiring Eggs during the WE, this is exactly what happens. Or is that eggsactly??

So please don’t despair!! Let’s turn around, so glad for the heads up to everyone. But come on over to the Tavern. Let’s go get something to eat and drink and rest our weary bones for a bit.

But just as any part of our MC journey, we take a breather if necessary to try, try again!!

Next time, you know, I think I might throw in a wink to those guards at the Castle Gates! winkPerhaps that will help. Maybe you could toss your hair! LOL 
We try anything! Because after all, this is MC!!  We have been presented with twists, turns, challenges, obstacles to overcome!! We never know what we are going to encounter!! (Wait a minute, yes we do!! AEGram, that is your cue!!) 

So we are so incredibly grateful and appreciative of all that you have donated!! 

Just remember, like I said, the game does have a rhythm, like a river it ebbs and flows. 
As well, sometimes you hit a brick wall, or Castle Guards that stop you and slam the door in your face!! Never allow that to deter you from your MC journey!! Whether it be for WE Pet Eggs or anything else!! 

I am so very honored that you have joined us this WE for Team Egg Roll!! 

Hugs~ Debbie 


From: misstracy22


Hi Debbie,

If you ever have the time and want to. Maybe a book or two would be in order. You are so brilliant. Your descriptions are amazing. To explain something so beautifully. I saw every detail in my mind. 
Awaiting a sign first edition of your book....


Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Not  only generous but a wonderfull storyteller!

Thank you and a BIG THANK YOU to AEGram for all she did for the MC players.

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