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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started Dec-13 by April @ MC (April54321); 14785 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

Attention ALL Consortium Members...

Big News , a major announcement is coming, so please stay tuned. tv

Check back regularly and often for this exciting twist, that will affect everyone’s games...

The impending information, will be released shortly...

We hope you are as excited about it as we are!! 

Debbie & April 

We are ready to unveil our big twist...

Please All Consortium Members, refer to the Egg Drop Off Points, associated with their platform!! 
Have fun and enjoy!! kissing_heart 

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Changes made to egg wish lists as per the post on page 1. 

All the best. 

Dot sunglassesearth_asia


From: GrannyBee


Wish List Updated. :)


From: PenWeb






have changed the wish list per latest posting


From: SirePeteS


Greetings Forum friends and Consortium Members:

Hope I am not violating protocol here by replying to Ada's message. I'm not versed enough to do much more on this forum.

Like Ada, I have been "out of the game" for a bit - now I'm back, but limited. I spent two weeks in hospital over December. Still have more surgeries to get past. Did not have access to the PC while hospitalized. By time I did get back on MC there were numerous items, many, much giftings from many of you. Thank you all! I won't have time or opportunity to return the favors, individually - please note I am grateful & respectful.

I have not been playing, participating in the Christmas [stuff]. I note eggs and more have appeared in my account. Based on what I have (tried to) learn, I have identified many of you, Consortium Members (as friends on my list). As often as I can, I have transferred eggs and Christmas-related [stuff] as often and as quickly as I can to you. Perhaps I have sent the wrong items to the wrong member. I wanted to get [stuff] from my account and onto your accounts. Later you can re-gift as you desire or as is appropriate.

If someone tells me to stop, I will otherwise - as I get time (and energy lately) I will continue to send as I have.

     Kindest regards to all,





From: TinyFaerie


I changed my wish list to group 3

Hi Pete!! 
My goodness, sounds like you didn’t have the greatest plans for the holidays!! I am so very sorry!! cry I hope and it is my prayer, that your time in the hospital and the future times, will be time well spent!! That doctors will resolve any and all issues you may be enduring, and hopefully soon, you will recover and get back to feeling healthy and well. Feeling like a new YOU!! wink

I know you are a good friend of Ada’s, as I am as well. Please know this about the Consortium and the Thread, you just need to post, either a general message, or to any of us, or PM any of us, if you are seeking a particular person to convey a message to, and someone will respond.  We are here to help each and every player that we are able to, so we don’t stand on formalities of how someone reaches out to us. But that was so extremely kind and very gracious of you to be concerned!! It says so much about you!! 

Truly the only thing you should be concerned about at this time, is getting rest, healing and recuperating. When you are much better, we are always here, to help you with any pets you may have missed from not being able to play!! 

If you are determined that you want to push yourself to send gifts, as only you are capable of knowing your limitations, you may continue to send what you have to the Consortium Members that are on your friends list. Or you may PM me, and I can make sure you have invitations from all the PC Consortium Members and Drop Spots. 
Whatever is easiest for you and takes the least amount of energy, that is what I want to make certain happens. 

So it is completely up to you!! I am here to help, support, and assist you in any way I possibly can! Please feel free to send me a PM at anytime!!

Until then, please feel better!! I hope 2020, brings much love, good HEALTH, happiness, laughter, and joy into your life!! 
Thank you again so very much for reaching out, 



From: misstracy22


Yay, progress. Welcome back to the sunnies. I’m pleased you are getting better. Hope you are feeling better with your progress. Still don’t over do it. 
Take it easy.

Tracy relaxed


From: misstracy22


Hi Pete,

I know we aren’t on the same platform. Only I would like to agree with all of what Debbie has posted. Debbie can use so many better words than me. 
I feel for you, if I can do anything, please do PM me. 
Take it easy, don’t get frustrated with your situation, it will pass.

hugs, Tracy (gentle hugs)mouse2