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iOS Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started 12/13/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 9925 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
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Hi, I’m one of the egg drop off people. Just checking: Do iOS players still have a bunch of eggs to send to the consortium? I remember keeping them on my wish list for a few weeks afterward last year, and I am happy to do soo again. Thanks to everyone who helped collect and move the eggs this year!


From: KatieAn56



The only eggs I have left is 2343 of the Snow White Egg (Timid Stoat). I have a friend or two that have them on their list, but I am keeping them (not selling or sharding them at this time) in case more friends need them.  So if any of the Consortium or Egg Drop people put them on their list, I will be happy to gift them.

By my count I collected 353 eggs.


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From: attie1234


GM!  My final count for the Team Egg Roll on my Attie game is:

Winter Cat-39

Sled Dog-65


Total of 149 eggs  grin

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends for helping with Team Egg Roll! What a fun event and such a generous group of friends!

kissing_heart Attie (Benit)

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Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


Hi Lady P;

sometimes I get I am an egg drop off point also, you have given so many eggs to meblush
I may have regifted you I am trying to hand out the items to those in need. Debbie, Catherine, and Tracey must be overflowing with them.

I plan to have my consortium list up for the rest of the week at least..

my totals are minus some days in the beginning, and occasionally during event.


my wheel,was very sticky this event, but able to get all the original ones plus a few others...think I gifted out the wands, and whatever else was on friend’s lists.

Reindeer- 37

Sled Dog-3

Penguin- 31


mammoth- 35




snow white egg- 146




From: oiuoiu321


Wow Kate, Way to go!!!  That's a huge haul.  Thanks for all the work (and fun).


From: oiuoiu321


Crystal;P, that's such a great contribution, THANKS!!!

And so interesting to see the numbers broken down like that.

I too found the Fortune Wheel sticky this event.  That's the way it rolls (WHEEL PUN!) sometimes.


From: KatieAn56


Thank you oiuoiu. In looking at what others have collected it didn't seem like a large amount. LOL!! Your kind words and thanks are very much appreciated. 

Before the WE I was getting a few eggs from the Wheel, but during the WE/CC I only got one. unamused

This was my first WE and my first time joining Team Egg Roll!!

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Hi, Crystal, I must have been confused too! You and Debbie were the only friends with the same eggs as me, so I was sending them to both of you!

I only got two eggs from the wheel, but didn’t play as much as in previous years, so I thought that was why.

maybe next time I will have better luck!


From: misstracy22



Just to let you know to please send any WE eggs to the consortium members. I’m sure you know who we are. Only some other players may not. So we are - 

Debbie -


and me Tracy - 

If you find we don’t have the eggs you want to gift, please just PM us and we can change our wish lists. 
You are and have been a wonderful star, collecting eggs and gifting to the consortium members.

We thank you so very much. 
Tracy snail

Final count, my friends and egg collectors passed 256 eggs to me during the event!  I received 50 Little White Bears, 48 Sled Dogs, 40 Penguins, 48 Snowmen, 31 Reindeer and 39 Winter Cats!

First prize to CindyK and her WitchyW game who contributed a massive 64 eggs!

Silver award for contributing 20 or more each are 1Ben, Attie, Benit, Kate and Zaza. 

Bronze for Blue, Jackie and Shan2 with 10 or more each.

Honorable mention to everyone one else who contributed:   April, Carly, Dawn, Fredismom, FrostyBread, Haven, Jacki, Loki, Lynn, Margarite, mipary, Savina, Shan1, Shroomie, Sinbad, TJ, Valerie (with 8!) and Waterhawk. 

Whew - that's a lot!  I even won two eggs off the Fortune Wheel myself, and I already have all the pets.

Well done to everyone who helped 'catch' the eggs and so generously donated them to the Consortium.  I'll continue to leave a winter egg or two on my list for a while longer to catch up with any one who still has eggs to gift.