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Finding friends ...   Friends

Started 1/14/20 by loopykaren; 1302 views.

From: chattysneaky


Thanks, Kayla for your help! I do think the game has good graphics and I am having a lot of fun playing it. I cant wait until I unlock more, I only have the castle and town unlocked as of now. You and gramps are the only friends that I have on the game so putting my id up isn't a bad idea at all. I don't know anyone else besides you two from mm who is playing this game. I wish I did it would be nice hearing from them. I owe you and gramps big time for helping me out with the stamps! If it wasn't for you two I would be stuck in a rut, lol!  Sending you two gifts is not a problem, you always ask for stuff that I have an okay or good amount of. But if you need anything that I don't have a good amount of I would send it to you anyway, so don't hesitate to ask. Anything new going on with you? Not much going on here, I did celebrate my 17th birthday last Friday so that was fun. Thanks for letting me know about the direct messages that I can send to you, I will surely do that if I go on a huge rant, lol Take care and I hope you have a nice night xox

Hi Karen this is bouncysparkling and zombiefan from Moshi!


From: loopykaren


aww guys im so glad there is more madness here lol x

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From: loopykaren


Have i got you as friends? on here i mean? x

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From: loopykaren


Erm just to be clear MC  forum and for future  reference ( dont let them get me into trouble as they will always blame me ;-) ) Behave people if you can! lol Xx