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Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 652737 views.

From: Magiemagaluf


I downloaded the upgrade so hopefully, when I finally reach the end, I will have the new areas.  I notified both Big Fish and Elephant Games regarding the lose of my game, and it was Elephant Games who emailed me, saying they would try to get it back, but so far, nothing.  I am now on level 36 after starting from scratch and am a bit wary of doing anything that will send me right back to the beginning again.

Thanks very much for your help.  Much appreciated.


From: AEGram


kaaawagirl said:

OK I'll try that. Forgive me for being non-techy, but how do I back up the game?

True, there are instructions for the location of the MC game files in your user folder.

But....those files only contain your ID and a list of your friends......The ID is so when you launch the game, the game server knows which game to deliver to you. Your friends load from the files on your computer.

So, in essence, when you "back up the game," you're only saving the friends list and your ID................because the friends are housed on your computer, when you have BF move your game progress from one computer to another, they cannot transfer your friends....because those aren't on their server.

All of the other game files are on the BF servers....your inventory, your game progress, what avatar you're displaying, your coins, your achievements, your pets.....everything game related except for your friends.

If their server has a problem saving your game when you close it for the day, then nothing you've saved on your computer will get back any of that progress, inventory, achievements, etc.

.........Regarding the uninstall and reinstall of MC when you don't see the update in your Game would:

1. FROM GAME MANAGER, select the trash bin next to Midnight Castle and choose to uninstall the game.

2. WHILE STILL IN GAME MANAGER...after the game has been uninstalled, click on PC games at the top of the tree on the left side of the Game Manager.....that will take you to the BF PC games page.

3. On the BF PC games page, in the "Search for a PC Game" field, type in Midnight Castle, and then hit the search magnifier.

4. When Midnight Castle presents, select it and it will be installed.

5. When you launch the game, the download will commence because it's been included in the game files.

As soon as the game finishes launching, you'll have the new material, all your inventory, achievements, etc. from your game.


From: kaaawagirl


AEGram, Many Mahalos!   I tried to get a positive response to un/re installing from BFG, , but she was reluctant to confirm what you just told me.  I have a list of my friends, altho most of them aren't playing anymore.  I've kept them to access their private rooms during Events. I tried downloading complete content, but since I was only at level 108, not sure I really got anything new.  I feel more comfortable trying this now.  Aloha, Dinah

You mentioned Dhyani who was a great help to me a couple of years ago, but don't see her posting here.  Is she ok?



From: LvlSlgr


I haven't heard from her in a while either. I think the last time she posted was about an update to Windows. I know she lived with her elderly father and he was a handful. I'm thinking he might be the reason she's not as active in the forum as she used to be. My mother is 97 and even though she didn't live with me, I have an idea what it's like. Thank goodness she went to live with my younger brother last summer.

Thank you for letting me know.  Yes she was certainly having a time with her father.  97 is quite an age with what she has lived through before and now is amazing.  I know what it feels like to be at the end of your rope and thank goodness for MC.  Take care.



From: TinyFaerie


I talk to her almost daily. Indeed she has her hand full with her dad. He keeps her pretty busy.

Gertie (Gertie0513)

From: Gertie (Gertie0513)


Hello  I read your answer and thought, okay I can do that.  My question is...I have more than one MC game.  Will all the games be updated with everything, all the items etc.? Or does that solution only work if you have one MC game?

Thanks for any help



From: AEGram


I'm not exactly sure which solution you're referencing because I touched on two different things. So, I'll answer for both things.

1. Regarding not getting the update. If all games are housed on the same device and you log onto the computer with different user accounts to play each one......uninstalling and reinstalling the game through the game manager will result in all games on that same device getting the update.

What will happen is...on game #1, you do the uninstall/reinstall, then launch the game. As you launch the game, the download will will run....when the game loads, you will be at your current level with your game just as it was before the update, but you will have the new material.

When you then close out of that game, log into a different user account, and launch the game from the desktop icon or through Game Manager, you will see a download as the game loads. If this second game isn't as far along as the first, the download will take less time to run. But, once the download has concluded, that game will then present entirely intact with the new material. ...............As a result, my preference would be to log into the computer account on which you have the game that is at the highest level......then subsequently log in to every other user account and launch the game for each of those additional games. 

2. The game files are located in the C:\Users\*your user name you log onto the computer with*\AppData\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle folder.

This is a hidden folder, so you would either need to put the exact path in the run line, or unhide your folders. 

If you purchased a new PC and you wanted to transfer your game to that new would copy the items in this Midnight Castle folder to a thumb drive......on the new computer>>download the game; open the game to get the game files to create in that AppData\EG\MC folder; close out of the game; attach the thumb drive to the new computer; copy and paste those items from the thumb drive to the AppData location on the new computer. When the message presents saying those items already exist, you would select yes that you want to replace the existing items.

When you launch the game on the new will open your game to the exact condition as it was on the old device.......this is because your files sent your Id to the BF game server, the game server located your game and delivered it to your device (it has no idea that it is a different device because none of your device information is on the game server). You will also have all your friends because of the files on your computer....your game will be entirely intact.

However, instead of purchasing a new device, you get the "there was a problem with the game save" message, no files housed on your device that you saved to some backup drive or thumb drive will deliver your "intact" game to your computer.........this is because the game server has no record of your ID in its files and has cannot deliver a game to you other than a brand new one at Level 1.

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