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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 666026 views.

From: Maur391000


what are you uninstalling? the game or the game manager?


From: EllyV


only the game.

after that just type midnight castle in the box at the top where you can search for new games and you get the latest version.

good luckrelaxed.



From: johnwishuk


waow thaks a lot..


From: AEGram


Just a reminder......when PC players don't see the update, it's safe to uninstall the game through the Game Manager, search for MC, and re-install.

However, when iOS players don't see the update, they need to open App Store, click on the people icon in the top right corner, and swipe down on the page until the game shows up. There's also another way to get the update to present by actually opening the App Store, searching for Midnight Castle....there you will see "update." 

IF you search in the App Store for MC and see a download or install button DO NOT press that!!!

IF you play on iOS (either iPhone or iPad), you DO NOT want to uninstall/reinstall the game.

Doing either of those in purple will result in a new game being delivered to you and your regular game will be lost.


From: misstracy22



Thanks for this very helpful info for iOS players. I think some will have lost their games by going down the wrong pathway to update their games. If this dose happen I know I’ve used iCloud to reset my game in the past. It only works if you do it within a day or so. As iCloud saves on a daily basis.
Helpful hint provided by my beloved. Not me, I’m a techie - phob.


Tracy koala



From: AEGram


It's beneficial to back up your iPad; however, it only helps so much regarding Midnight Castle.

IF you purchase a new iPad, the iCloud backup will serve you well when setting up the new iPad....just backup on the old iPad, turn it off, power on the new device and follow the prompts to set it up from a recent backup. That will bring down everything you put in the backup to the new iPad and all will appear as on the old device (if you backed up everything).

HOWEVER, if the iPad game goes missing from the BF/EG servers, the backup you have is only one that contains the game ID (which can no longer be found on their servers), and your friends. So, you will be starting a new game and all your friends will magically appear when the friends feature of the game is introduced at Level 6.

There is no true game backup for either PC or iOS or Android users because all the game progress, inventory, achievements, avatars, pets, coinage, etc. is housed on their servers. Your device only has the game ID to tell their servers what game to deliver to you; your friends present in your game based on your device files.

(It is because your friends list is on YOUR device that they cannot transfer friends when they transfer your game to a new device for you.)


From: misstracy22


Thank you. You are such a genius. I will now keep this info, to go back to when I need it. You explain things so well and in so much detail. 

I have a separate list of my friends with their id’s. Which I also learnt from you. Way back when I first started. Just in case I loose my game. It is always a worry. That I loose all of them. I take screen shots of my inventory too. As I would loose precious eggs that friends donate. Plus other items for those in need. Major tips from this forum. You and others on here are worth your weight in platinum. 

Thanks again for helping me and others.

Lots of hugs, Tracy monkey

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Another mess in aisle 5...........

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From: jbbp


Sorry what pass?