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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 502335 views.

From: theoldguy


Good deal.  Just came through.  Glad to have you on board.


From: bajon


I keep it simple. I only gift players that gift me. It has worked out for me. I assume the others are event friends.


From: jbbp


Hi, I make a list of my friends if I gift them I put \ beside the name and if they give back I put / across mine which gives it x hope this makes sense 


From: zebragrevy


The download for midnight castle did not work today.  Are you aware?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Need to know your platform and if you get your updates through the game manager or not.


From: GaviTn


the game shut down on it's own, I was on level either 108/109 when I restarted it  It took me back to level #1, now how do I get my original game back, both had ID# 822345. please give  me a hint. Gavi-Tn #822345

Unfortunately you're not the only player experiencing issues with this last update. Elephant Games is aware of these problems and are working on a fix. You'll find the discussions here:

updates ( starting with msg 24

New Update on 10/4 (

If I were you I would contact both Elephant Games and Big Fish Games and let them know what happened, include your game id# in your correspondence. Some players have gotten some of there games back, others have not. You'll find how to contact them here (starting with Msg 14):

Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE! [midnightcastle 312.1] (


From: RBL37


I keep a pretty detailed list including what the player sent and what I sent. So if it's a 15 coin charm then that's a 15c. If it's a 30 coin stamp then it's 30s. I note who I exchange eggs with so when I may have an extra 1 or 2 I can see if that particular player needs one...I never want to undercut someone if I can afford to send them back something similar to what I received. I'm gonna send you a friend request through the forum and then I can send you an actual copy of one of my pages - including how I keep track of where I'm at in returning the gifts. I've been playing a LONG time but had to restart at much lower levels several times (and redo almost everything even though I was at what night appear to be a decent level). This system I have now has by far worked the best. 


From: theoldguy


Thanks I appreciate the information.  I'm getting better at it!


From: kaaawagirl


I too have noticed red/green icon discrepancies, so I have decided not to delete those who left their private rooms in an event location.  I can still utilize them when the event comes around again.  On another topic:  Has anyone received the new avatar frame from the current CC?  The only friend I have that has one is "John", but that's not indicative of game glitches (Of Course he has one!) Be interested to hear if it's the game, and whether or there's a fix or I just blow CC off because there's no reward. Thanks.

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