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Started 2/14/20 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 33503 views.

Thanks 4 the invite.  I will definitely accept. You play  3 games ????  Now that’s dedication.  Sleep much?  I had 2 at once cause I had lost one in that big UPDATE fiasco about a year or so ago,  remember that?  Never Thought that would ever come back after a year of being gone so I started a new one cause I just missed playing MC too much.  I got to about level 42 when I got my original back.  Was astounded that it came back at all after all that time.  I ended giving that iPad to my daughter in law and just stuck with the new one.  To b honest, I didn’t mind playing over.  Thought about starting a second one myself but I can’t keep up with the gifting now and feel bad about it.  I have about 80 “friends” and I just did that 4 the last season event, the spring one.  That was a suggestion from one of the generous consortium or may have even have been a member like me.  The members have also been so very giving in advice.  I even asked 4 an egg I couldn’t get and I even got that.  Never thought that would happen.

anyway thanks 4 the feedback and hope to talk again.


Hello again.  You r right about that.  The consortium AND its members r very helpful.  This game has given me so many hours of enjoyment.  I am surprised that u actually can play it WITHOUT spending money IF u r patient.  Of course I have several times throughout the 6 years bought the $80 chest of coins.  I am not so healthy and with that and the COVID I pretty much stay home, so I “treat” myself with coins periodically.  Don’t regret a cent.

Thanks again and will talk soon hopefully,



From: misstracy22


Hi again, 

May I say you are such a lovely person. You have a heart and soul of platinum. I say platinum cause I believe it’s more precious. I’ve read your post on here so often and think you have a wonderful attitude. 
I’m one of those people who has never spent a penny on the castle. I’ve been playing for a number of years now. I enjoy just playing and gifting so much. Please please do ask if there is anything you need help with. 

Hugs, Tracy monkey


Hey hey hey miss Tracy,

nice to hear from ya again.  Thank u so much for the very kind compliment, it is a wonderful thing when we can not only take a moment and appreciate others but to let them KNOW we do.  I am endeavoring to do that more.  I just wanted to say “thanks girl” and let u no how much it means to get words of appreciation.  I c u wrote at 3 am.  Where r u at?  If that’s ok 2 ask?  I am in Colorado and am a die hard night owl.  I wake anywhere from 1 pm to 4 pm and go to bed at about 4 am to 8am, depending on my own desires.  Isn’t life grand?  I have put in my time and worked mostly 3rd shift condensed shifts which I loved.  It gave me either a 3 or 4 day week alternately.  That I could go on trips and camping with my son and daughter in law and friends etc.  so now I cannot switch back.  But who cares I can do what ever I want...... LOVE ?? IT....... Was just wondering if u were a night owl 2?

Lets keep stormen that castle together,


Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


A very special THANK YOU, kissing_heart, to my dear friend Kidmagnet, who didn’t realize trying to teach me about technology was going to be a full time job with no paycheck  !! 
You are one very special person!! 

A debt of gratitude and so much thanks to you for always helping me!! You are just incredible!!

Hugs ~ Debbie XOXO 


From: misstracy22



well done and thank you.

Tracy dromedary_camel


From: misstracy22


Well done. I love your post and your new skills. 
hugs Tracy wink

I am asking this question on behalf of a friend who does not come to the forum.   Does anyone know what level you need to be to craft the Little Raven and the Gargoyle?  They are showing in her pet crafting tab with ? marks in the assembler parts.  She is at level 14.

I crafted these pets so long ago and wasn't keeping records of what was needed to craft them or even what levels they arrived at.

Hope someone out their has an answer.

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi ‍ !!

The Little Raven is a Pet that became available during the Anniversary Celebration summer of last year, August, I believe, 8/19. 
Since the Anniversary Celebration was not held again, the only way to get the Little Raven, is to put the components on your WL, and hopefully friends will have the necessary items. Of course, the Consortium, is always here to lend a helping hand, if that is not the case!! 

The Gluttonous Gargoyle, came out during last Fall’s Event, of 2019. To gather the components needed you play Fall/Halloween Room 2. Or also, you may put the components on your WL and friends or Consortium Members, if you seek our help, will send you the necessary items. wink

I hope this helps answer your questions, and your friend gets her Event Pets!! Please let her know some of the older FE Pets are really great to have as well!

If we may be of any help or assistance please just let us know!!

Hope you and your family are staying safe and well!!

Debbie two_hearts