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Welcome! Thoughts? Questions? Wine?   Howling with the Hostess

Started 5/5/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 23999 views.

From: AEGram


NiaMCA (atheym) said:

In the Titan Town HOS the Clothespin is called the Hat Pin. When I see Hat Pin listed, I never remember to look for the Clothespin! Is there a place to report this kind of mistake? Thanks!

In that same HOS, you will find a bunch of 3 cherries called just "Cherry." 

Per MaryCricket, Elephant Games has been advised of the errors. They replied that it would be fixed in a future update; however, it was overlooked in this most recent update. 

Since then, they've been inundated with people having game problems resulting from iOS 14 being released at the same time. Their response was that they were ignoring all other issues until the game problems were resolved. Now that most people can once again enter their iOS games, we'll just have to wait and see if it's ever corrected. But, again, they are aware of the issue/problem.




Anyway if you get a can of worms you can put them in the garden or go fishing. We are here for fun and help one another. Enjoy the game.


Billye (BillyeLH)

From: Billye (BillyeLH)


Do you realize how long ago that message was posted? 

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I asked a friend who has crossed 70 & is heading towards 80, what sort of changes he is feeling in himself? He shared the following: 1 After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children and my friends, I have now started loving myself. 2 I have realized that I am not “Atlas”. The world does not rest on my shoulders. 3 I have stopped bargaining with vegetable & fruit vendors. A few pennies more is not going to break me, but it might help the poor fellow save for his daughter’s school fees. 4 I leave my waitress a big tip. The extra money might bring a smile to her face. She is toiling much harder for a living than I am. 5 I stopped telling the elderly that they've already narrated that story many times. The story makes them walk down memory lane & relive their past. 6 I have learned not to correct people even when I know they are wrong. The onus of making everyone perfect is not on me. Peace is more precious than perfection. 7 I give compliments freely & generously. Compliments are a mood enhancer not only for the recipient, but also for me. And a small tip for the recipient of a compliment, never, NEVER turn it down, just say "Thank You.” 8 I have learned not to bother about a crease or a spot on my shirt. Personality speaks louder than appearances. 9 I walk away from people who don't value me. They might not know my worth, but I do. 10 I remain cool when someone plays dirty to outrun me in the rat race. I am not a rat & neither am I in any race. 11 I am learning not to be embarrassed by my emotions. It’s my emotions that make me human. 12 I have learned that it's better to drop the ego than to break a relationship. My ego will keep me aloof, whereas with relationships, I will never be alone. 13 I have learned to live each day as if it's the last. After all, it might be the last. 14 I am doing what makes me happy. I am responsible for my happiness, and I owe it to myself. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy at any time, just choose to be! I decided to share this for all my friends. Why do we have to wait to be 60 or 70 or 80, why can't we practice this at any stage and age ?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Billye (BillyeLH) said:

Do you realize how long ago that message was posted?

Heavens to Betsy, we have been here a while, haven't we?


From: katiek2


Having entered that time after 70 and before 80, I can attest to the wisdom of your friend, particularly No. 12.  Thank you for sharing this.


Billye (BillyeLH)

From: Billye (BillyeLH)


Hi, Jenifer,

Yes, we have most certainly!

OMG, as I was reading, I began ticking off certain ones.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5,...oh well, you get the idea.  I even jotted a few down.  Love, love, love the "Peace is more precious than perfection" and "Happiness is a choice."  I feel better somehow, thank you.

NiaMCA (atheym)

From: NiaMCA (atheym)


Thanks for your response. I’ve also seen Dice for one die, and Tassel for 2 Tassels! Those are not quite as confusing!

English is most probably the devs second language, so I think they do a good job.  I watch the nightly news broadcasts and cringe at some of the phrasing that is used by people with English as their first language.  Most notable was one some time ago when the Queen's Tiara was on show for the first time since her coronation.  The news reader said "This has not been seen since the Queen was coronated"  Aaaaaaarrrgh.  She was crowned at the coronation ceremony.  No wonder our school children have problems expressing themselves.