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DQs and Trina Quests   Achievements and Musings

Started 5/5/18 by Cookie (GulfGuppy); 127130 views.
Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I just wrote down mine to add to list

Game Robert(PC)                  Robert1(PC)         Pretty(Kindle

Three's a Crowd 61                       83                      48

Five stars 38                                    38                     15

you're a ten 15                                  15                    9

key master 71                                 153                       45

Ace Assistant70                             152                        46

I am sooo far behind, only recently became interested , in trying for these achievements.

and over at Finish Your Game, I won’t post until further along. kissing_closed_eyes


3s a crowd: 146

5 stars :  44

Your’e a 10: 93

Key Master: 162

Ace Assistant: 163



From: mamarose1900


May 2018

Three's a Crowd: 138

Five Stars: 77

You're a Ten: 55

Key Master: 203

Ace Assistant; 202

And, because I'm over halfway there-Magic Miser: 62,148

Just a Note: if you haven't heard about Finish Your Game, it's a forum started for people challenging themselves to complete achievements and games. It's an easy-to-use forum dedicated to meeting challenges. It has a nice section for Midnight Castle. :)

Have fun stormin' the castle! :)

Hi mamaroseblush

I do belong to finish your game, about same place as you with magic miser: 59,226

I never really thought  get all above achievements, as some  are very time intensive, not to mention all the inventory and coins, airships ( grumble) thanks to my friends who gift those ....heart_eyes

Mostly do Trina if coinsides with DQs

and like most, try to combine DQs, Trina, character quests with level updates.

But in between events, I try to do DQs as able, as the DQ thread keeps me inspired!relaxed


In reply toRe: msg 13

Question?  Key Master are keys given for doing Trina's Quests (Ace Assistant) so shouldn't they be the same number or where we given a free golden key at some point in the game?  In the meantime, here are my stats as of 5/7/18:

Three's a Crowd:  145

Five Stars:  149

You're a 10:  84

Key Master:  524

Ace Assistant:  523

Magic Miser:  99,877 (close to goal)

Keep stormin' the castle.


From: jessara


No, we got our first golden key by disenchanting the frged key for Trina, which didn't count as a quest.

I've completed one more Trina quest (airships/shards) and two each of the three and five parters

Strange Papers
Ancient Picture
Helping Hand


Strange Papers

Robbery of the Century 

Rare Editions 

Trina: shards/ZZ


In reply toRe: msg 16

Update:  Got the Magic Miser achievement this morning!  Yipppee!  

Keep stormin' the castle.


From: jessara


One Trina Quest - Zoom zones and shards

One of each type of daily

Birth of Goo
In the Service of the Record Keeper