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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 90164 views.
Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


I'm soooo happy to live in WA State . . . but I wonder if DeJoy will TRY to retaliate somehow:

Postal workers in Washington State have reinstalled high-speed mail sorting machines—dismantled after controversial orders from the U.S. Postal Service— despite USPS orders not to put machines back in use.


From: LvlSlgr


Dhyani (Dhyaniland) said:

Postal workers in Washington State have reinstalled high-speed mail sorting machines

Good for them ... and the residents of the state of Washington!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


It's a sad state of affairs when the people have no choice but to bypass the government to take care of themselves.

People should have stopped listening to this administration months ago.

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


I just don't see the logic:

Trump Administration Says Some Coronavirus Tests Can Bypass F.D.A. Scrutiny

The new policy states that so-called laboratory-developed tests will no longer require F.D.A. authorization.

Here's the article:


From: LvlSlgr


Dhyani (Dhyaniland) said:

I just don't see the logic

Just read the headline again. There's a one-word clue in there which explains why you don't see the logic or why there isn't any logic to the story. LOLwink

And they wonder why people don't want to take the vaccine when available.....................


From: mmpendo


And neither do I. 

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) said:

And they wonder why people don't want to take the vaccine when available

I'd rather stay home. There is no way in this universe that I would take a vaccine that hasn't gone through proper Stage 3 trials.

Even then I might be wary.

  • Edited August 23, 2020 1:41 pm  by  mmpendo
In reply toRe: msg 474

Some of the posts I have seen here are among the most outrageous I have ever seen, with the liberals quoting other liberals, the other side sticking to their guns in a similar fashion ---- ensuring that the discussion will stay completely off the rails with just a handful of posters monopolizing the thread. (exceptions, of course) as they rant on and on. 

But I will say this ---- over time butch53 is one of the nicest, most polite, considerate, and thoughtful posters we have here, and attacking him is completely inexcusable. I have never seen a single thing said by butch53 that in any way has been rude or insulting to anyone here ---- ever. But snide remarks and/or attacks on him do indeed serve to show how very little some have to say.

How about letting everyone speak their view with considerably more tolerance, patience, and good will?

As an older citizen, I would be happy to volunteer for Stage 3 trials if asked or given an opportunity. Of course.

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