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Continuation of the game   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 6/30/20 by Stuki1944; 3058 views.

From: AEGram


In answer to your one on this forum knows the answer.

The Developers NEVER share in advance the date of any content releases.

Here's a history of when updates have been sent out:

Jan 2015 - 53 to 59
Feb 2015 - 59 to 61
Apr 2015 - 61 to 63
Jul 2015 - 63 to 65
Oct 2015 - 65 to 66
Dec 2015 - 66 to 68
Jan 2016 - 68 to 69
Aug 2016 - 71 to 75
Mar 2017 - 75 to 76
Jun 2017 - 76 to 78
Sep 2017 - 78 to 80
Dec 2017 - 80 to 82
Feb 2018 - 82 to 84
Jun 2018 - 84 to 86
Sep 2018 - 86 to 88
Dec 2018 - 88 to 89
Mar 2019 - 89 to 91
Jul 2019 - 91 to 93
Oct 2019 - 93 to 95
Feb 2020 - 95 to 97

So......based on history, you can make your best guess. It will be no better or worse than what any of us can offer. wink

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From: Stuki1944


Thanks for your reply I’m very grateful

Guess we all have to wait and see


From: Susanna502MC


I read so many posts from people frustrated waiting for the next update that I decided to not worry so much about leveling up. Don't get me wrong - I still move up, but I don't concentrate on it. I also opened some additional games. I have 4 games right now which is the max I think I can handle. My oldest game is Level 89, then one at 70, one at 69, and the baby at 23. Since I'm not worried about speed, I don't need to do rounds. Sometimes I do DQs, my 2 middle games have side quests, and the baby is far enough to be able to do Castle Challenges. If I am short on time, I just do my gifting. Enjoy the game (while it lasts).

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From: zaraonyx


Just to let you all know - the new content is here, & I am now on Level 100. 

The new scenes are stunningly beautiful! They have some really wonderful artists.

Having grown up reading what are called “fairy tales” & “myths & legends” from many different countries, & still re-reading & loving them now at my elderly age (& occasionally finding new stories from other countries), I am rapt at the devs including all the various creatures & characters that they do. I’m so very happy that they have now included a wonderful full-sized Baba Yaga one-legged hut, with resident witch. This game is a total pleasure!

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Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

I have no idea how you manage to keep track of so much information! I vote to rename you The Oracle!


From: misstracy22



I’ll second that vote too. Amazing font of knowledge about MC. First port of call for me, when I’m confused. Which is often. 
Thanks and take care, to you both.

hugs, Tracy monkey


From: AEGram


Actually, I remember little........take me away from my computer with it's huge Excel Spreadsheet filled with notes, data, etc., and I can't tell you much about the game. 

I just got curious about some things and made notes about that....watched what others were asking about and made notes about that........some of my notes have notes on them.

But, I thank you for the compliment. Although, Oracle?  ....not in a heartbeat. There are others who know/remember without notes far more about this game than I do.


From: butch53


Wow, level 100 already!  I downloaded the new version on July 7, and have been playing as continuously as possible, and have level 99, but just got to the fire Conjurer.  Level 99 and 4954 of 7920 needed to get to level 100.


From: AEGram


butch53 said:

Wow, level 100 already! 

This most recent update will take MOST players to 1734/8000 into Level 100.......... I say "most" because some experienced a glitch of sorts several years ago and their experience points/level may be different than the average player.

That said, we are now all sitting waiting for Morisa's 11 tasks (she has 12 in total) with her saying: I'm busy practicing magic and preparing herbs right now. Come back in another Moon phase. 4954 (half way through) of 7920 in Level 99, you are quite close to the new end of the line. blush


From: LadyAstra



      Seeing that the new update got us into Level 100 started me thinking.  If the devs continue to move us ahead at a rate of 2 to 2.5 levels per update, we've got about 10 updates until we catch up with Just John at Level 120/121.