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NEW CASTLE CHALLENGE 7-7   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jul-7 by Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom); 1325 views.

From: AEGram


TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd) said:

Did anyone notify BF or EG of this back when it was first noticed?

To my knowledge, no one has notified BF or EG that when changing the final avatar in the current CC to a previous avatar, you cannot change your mind to put back that original final avatar.

One person apparently contacted BF and BF kindly unlocked the final avatar for her/him, but I don't think someone specifically explained to them that no player can change back to the current final avatar if they change their mind.

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


I notified both EG and BFG “that no player can change back to the current final avatar if they change their mind.”

EG was unaware of the problem. 
BFG knew about the issue. 
Both were very sorry about this issue/glitch with the game. 

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From: CzoeMC


This is the first Challenge  that I will not finish.

First, I got a late start, because of hubbie's surgery. I got the only avatar I liked,  and the others were not worth the time, effort, and inventory, to proceed.

Still love exploring the Castle, thanks to the developers, and good warm socially distant hugs to all of you.heart_eyes_cat

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Sorry to hear that about your hubby, Czoe. Hope everything is good now. Miss you!


From: CzoeMC


Aah, sweetie, hope that you and your family are all well. We are here.

And I can't even express how much my hopes for our MC community, and every one else to be safe.

Sending my positive mojo out. It is quite draining. I would like to do something actual, but being cooped up and isolated is driving me crazy  scream but at least family is available in mutual texts, and distance meets. :::sigh::: , so someday, somewhere, somehow....

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


CzoeMC said:

so someday, somewhere, somehow....

It will all get better.