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Anniversary Room 2020...   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jul-11 by Honeyphan; 526 views.

From: Nanakool


I hope your right and we do get the event 25/7/ 2020 being honest I have my doubts. Just can’t see dev’s doing another update so quickly. MayBe all info for the event was in the update we just got. Any way like you I really hope it happens.     Ann


From: Honeyphan


Hi Ann!  :)

My feeling is that it was included and will "go off" or "turn on" like a countdown thing when the game clock hits that date.  It wouldn't need to be in a new content update, since the room is already there and will just need to be opened. Or maybe there will be a mini update to start it.

I just can't see the devs going to all that trouble of creating a room, furniture, and a HOS, as well as making an achievement and pet that comes from it - the egg for it -only to use it one time.

Again, just my thoughts.

Here's hoping! :D

  • Edited July 11, 2020 7:00 am  by  Honeyphan

From: AEGram


The Anniversary Room was made available to players on July 25, 2019...........Included with that update/release was also a content update that took players from Level 91 to Level 93. .................The update prior to the one with the Anniversary Room was released in March 15, 2019. So it had been a little over 4 months since our last update.

This year..........we received an update on February 25, 2020 and now one on July 6, 2020. That time period is also a little over 4 months. 

It's very possible that the Devs felt they needed to release the content update prior to the opening of the Anniversary Room because that would push it to 5 full months between updates. They probably are concerned that players may lose interest with updates being spread apart longer than 3-4 months.

My hope/opinion is that the Many Gifts HOS inside the Anniversary Room will once again be activated sometime this month. The message when trying to open the Many Gifts HOS says: "Come back later! The Many Gifts is not available for now. " ..................That's a strong indication that the HOS will once again be activated.