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Can’t get into my Castle    Friends

Started Jul-16 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 795 views.
Char (roxnsilver)

From: Char (roxnsilver)


Hey Druid, 

So sorry to hear you are having the same problem that my granddaughter was having on my Loki account that she took over. BF finally contacted my and as I suspected, my iPad was too old. She has been saving her money to buy a new one so she could take over her sister's game (Roxy). That iPad was destroyed in the accident. She would really like to continue the 'Roxy' game

So I bought her an early Christmas present and she is now back in the Castle as of Thursday afternoon. It took 5 days to get the first response from BF. The game was installed with everything except the friends list. I am not sure what their problem is but no one ever gets their friends back. She is bummed as she didn't keep an updated list so I am going to post a notice here. Be sure and delete the old Loki game and accept her invite once you are able to get back in the Castle. We miss you.



From: KatieAn56


Oh no!!! Hopefully they can get it fixed soon.  If I can help you with the CC once you get back in, let me know please.


Sun (sunriserain)

From: Sun (sunriserain)


Thanks for letting us know, Druid. I was concerned. Looking forward to having you back in the castle



From: WelshShelley


Hi Druid,

Are you still having problems My Friend, with the phone?

When you come back, I will try and help as much as I can for you to catch up.

Hope you are keeping well, as I am here in the Welsh Valleys.

Come Back soon, we miss you.

Welsh Shelley


From: Beadgal


Missing you in the Castle, Druid.  
When you return, I will send send you lots of goodies to help you catch up. Hope to see you back in the Castle soon.