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Big Fish Response to Issues   Technical Issues

Started 9/26/20 by kat (vabreeze); 6677 views.

From: AEGram


Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) said:

Happy to hear that Elephant Games was able to help you!! I don't know if you can play both games so I'm going to include 2 other players in this post to see if they know the answer. 

Here's some background on the issue so others will follow the narrative without having to search through multiple posts. This is how I understand the issue:

Wendulka had a MC game on an Android phone, but eyesight was preventing comfortable playing. So Wendulka downloaded the game to her Android tablet.  This resulted in a new game at the beginning with a new ID. She then contacted Elephant Games and asked them to transfer the progress from her old game to her new ID on the tablet. They successfully transferred that info, but friends were not transferred. 

So, now, she has original game on the phone under the original ID and basically a mirror image of the original game copied to the new device. Hence, she now has 2 games on the same level, different IDs, same inventory, same achievements, same everything other than friends.

Wendulka, please correct me if I'm wrong. 

That said.......Wendulka now has 2 completely different games on 2 different devices. Each game can be played. If you don't want to play the phone game much, you can gradually transfer items to that new device's ID. There is no issue in playing either game because they are considered separate games because they have separate IDs

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From: Wendulka


That's a perfect summary

In reply toRe: msg 30

From: Susanna502MC


Thoughts on issues:

1. We know BF has cut back on personnel. One of the first things to be affected in any company with fewer employees is maintenance. It takes longer to fix anything and preventative maintenance is cut back.

2. With their financial issues, we don't know if BF has robust enough servers or whatever.

3. The game is lots bigger now so some problems may be related to memory.

4. People are probably spending more time on their games which may be stressing the system.

5. We are less shy and more vocal about complaining about issues.

Hang in there. We can outlast it.

Susanna (Juliana, Ginger Sue, NavyBlue)