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A Call To Arms - Archive (all 250 pages)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/14/18 by Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325); 38322 views.
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I get what I take as a yes nod from Alya and nod back.

Now we must help Imp through this dark time so Rosie , Penny and Ayla could you gather everyone villagers and all our animals and meet me out side Imp's cottage I will join you all there.

I head towards the woods to where The Golden Queens Liar is and hear footsteps behind me,,, I draw my Sai and turn fast and ready to plungs it deep,,,

I stop in mid air when I see who it is ,,,,, I cross my chest with my Sai and bow deeply for before me is  a site to behold,,,

There standing before me is My Lady surrounded my four Elven warriors one being Ireth ,,, she takes my breath away for she is more beautiful then the last time I saw here.

She laughs her sing song laugh and holds her hand out and I take it head still bowed and kiss it.

My heart is beating out of my chest with pure joy that she would join us to guide and help us in this very dark time.

She places her hand om my shoulder and says so very good to see you My Brave One and we are here to help as much as we can,,, now please take me to Our Queen.

Yes My Lady this way as I show them the entrance to The Queen's Liar ,,, My Lady enters and we five remain outside to gaurde ,,

From where we stand I can see the whole village and our animals gathering in front of Imp's cottage,,,,

My Lady joins us with The Golden Queen and I am informed we are to preform a prayer circle around Imp's cottage and must be done now for we will loose her if it not be done.

We form a prayer ring as instructed by The Queen she sits on the knob of the hill and spreads her huge wings and waits for us to complete the rings.

We have to follow the prayer ring exactly or it will not work,,, My Lady stands at Imp's head , I am on her right, Alya to her left , followed by Rose next to me Penny next to Alya  Opel and The boys complete the inner circle and out side another circle is completed by all villagers and the last one formed is the Animals.

We all join hands close our eyes and speak to Imp allowing our minds to join to fill her with the love and devotion we all have for her,, My Ladies body glows as our power and our love flow to Imp.

We all hear Our Golden Queen call on her ancient leaders and there power I feel Imp so close to me and tell her over and over how loved and needed she is to follow her heart and follow the path home to us.

The chanting stops and I look at Imp who now seems to be in a very calm sleep like sake,,,, The prayer ring breaks up and every one returns to there duties.

My Lady and I walk outside and Alya stays with Imp,,, My Lady says we have done all we can for now but you must be sure to get her to drink this three times a day it will make her stronger and able to fight these demons,

My Brave One I must leave now for my time runs short but I am always a thought away ,,, before you leave My Lady I have some news for you and Ireth back in the other realm one of my group there is working on a cure for those poison arrows like the one that wounded Ireth  she is close to finding a cure and I will make sure you have it as soon as it is done.

With that she fades like the sunset and be brave is all I hear .

I am about to enter and check on Imp when I get a panic message from my Amulet ,,, it is Roo calling me.

I listen and think what bad timing this is but I am needed there ,,,, I rub my Amulet and expain to the Queen what is going on but am cut off as she says go Imp will be taken care off just do not be gone long.

I call Frost and we head to the other Realm................


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********** BUMP **************** to place

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Getting back on course to The Main Camp and to our very important meeting with Our Golden Queen who has been more than patience with us.

I am calming down after that snafu at The Tea Room but that is to be expected when i am away, but I can not think about that now.

My heart and head fill with the sight and smells coming from the Mountain Tops for just beyond them is The Main Camp.

I rub My Amulet and call Rosie and Penny Cap here 5 minutes out hope everything is ready for inspection .

The Camp comes into view and I can see The Main Parade Ground / Training ground what a sight for sore eyes.

Frost, lands us perfectly with Snow and Pup right behind.

I still am amazed every time the Huge Dragons can soar sky ward and land with out a hint of a whisper.

Pup and I dismount and with a sense of pride I say to Pup welcome lill one to The Main Camp where you life is about to change.

Pup is speechless,

Follow me Pup ,, I start bye Saluting Rosie and Penny ,,, * Rosie* welcome home Sir your troops are ready.

I do my inspection stopping ever so often to nod and smile ,, every thing is perfect even the critters are spic and span.

I turn to Rosie and Penny well done and I am so happy to finally be back.

I see you have made a few changes and it looks great ,,, after my meeting with the Golden Queen I will have a closer look.

I can feel Pup shaking behind me ,,, I turn my head * FRONT AND CENTER INDUCTEE*

PUP STANDS BESIDE ME AND MAKES A VERY SNAPPY SALUTE * fast learner this child,,, Rosie Penny I introduce Dandydog whom I call Pup,, nothing formal just yet and it will all come clear later.

I turn to the Troops and say I am happy to be back and congratulation on doing a bang up job and following orders and keeping our neighbors safe

I nod to Rosie and she steps forward ..DISSSSSSSSSSSSMISED

I take a huge breath and let it out slowly.

Frost stay with Snow and Pup as I head towards The Queens Liar.

I reach the mouth of her Liar and hear her soft sing song voice,, enter warrior,

I enter and kneel as I draw my sword and my Sai lower my head in deep respect and say Your Majesty .

Rise warrior ,,, it is good to see you again does this old heart good to have you back.

My Queen I am honored to be here with you and to present you with new blood to our clan.

I explain in great detail ( as if I needed to) how we come across Snow and how Frost is now reunited with his twin sister thought to have perished many years ago.

Also how two destinies have been brought together and are here for your blessing your acceptance and full fill there destinies.

** This being your first time * for such a ceremony I must greet and talk to each individual alone then You Frost Snow and Pup is it? will meet.

Understood My Queen,,,, bring me Snow first warrior and wait outside.

I rise and back out with head down in deep respect ,,, I turn at the entrance and go to the open field .

* Master *  Snow is ready,,, thank you brave one ,, Pup stay with Frost till I return for you.

Snow please follow me * Captain*

We arrive at the the entrance and enter to meet the Queen.

Snow expands her wings and lowers her head and greets the Queen in there native tongue.

I back out and wait at the entrance.

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From: Randytb


Snow appears at the entrance with a smile a mile wide  *yes Dragons do smile *

She speaks to Frost and me and repeats what the Queen has said to her,,, with The Queens permission of course.

She wants to she Pup now Captain could you fetch her?

I go and get Pup who is now a nervous wreck,,,, I hug her and tell her just me respectful and no monkey business ok?

Pup nods and heads off.

Pup enters the liar and bows to The Golden Queen ,

The Queen speaks to Pup ** So you are Snows choice n rider**

I think so Pup answers that is what I have been told that a Dragon choices there riders not the rider the Dragon,,,

** Yes that is how it has been from the beginning of our time.**

You also know when you are accepted as a rider you as they ( The Dragons) become immortal and death is only by The Thread?

Pup stares at the Queen rendered speechless by what The Queen just said.

The Queen smiles at Pup and the look on her face,,, are you ready to accept Snow as your Dragon???

Oh yes your Majesty with my heart and soul I do and all that comes with this honor,, and I will serve you with the greatest honor .

The Queen closes her eyes and chants in her ancient tongue and Pup feels The Queens power and closes her eyes.

Snow and I wait and look at each other and say it is done and I see the Queens mark appear on Snows forehead.

Pup joins us and both Snow and I see the same mark on Pups forearm.

Snow speaks to Pup ** Mistress we are now joined as one*** and lowers her head to Pup.

Pup is so excited she grabs Snow and hugs her and whispers I am so honored that we are one.

The Queen has asked for Frost now.

He knew and is right behind me ,,, I turn to him ,,, go my brave one The Queen awaits you,,

Frosts enters and reaching The Golden One he expands his huge wings and gurgles, she answers back.

Welcome Frost it is good to see you again and I join you in your happiness in finding your long lost Twin,,,, I knew of her but as your Queen could not tell you for the reasons you know of by our laws.

Now that we are all here it is time to prepare for our journey to Pern for the ceremony and induction of a new Dragon and Rider.

Your Majesty there is one thing  ,, may I speak freely?

Of course you may.

*** The know of your struggle here in fighting the evil that follows us all and your troubled heart in your search in finding your mate The Wise One also about Gammon  and know of her true destiny ***

I feel in my heart that * Mistress * can be of great help with Gammon and I am sure Snow and her rider will help in any way they can.

* Your words are very true and I have been waiting for this for many years now and Frost it is here*

The Queen calls for all of us to join her and Frost and we follow her request.

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From: Randytb


We all stand in the front of our Queen ,,, I can sense her deep sorrow , her longing to be reunited with her love her mate

**Kadith**** know to all in The Realm of The Midnight Castle as The Wise One.

Her heart breaks more every day in missing him but in my heart I pray we have brought her a tiny ray of hope.

I did not realize she heard my thoughts and answered *** My bravest of warriors *** you have brought hope to me and all in Pern for this is a blessing to have found Snow ** Ruth Ann**whom was thought to be dead for as you know there is and always has been only one white Dragon Ruth know in this realm as Frost and now we are blessed with two of the greatest defenders of Pern.

We are also blessed in *Ruth Ann* finding her Rider * Falga* == Ruth Ann will now address her Rider when they speak or need to communicate as ** MY RIDER**

We have a very hard road ahead of us and we will need all of our strength and loyalty to be as one.

Captain Randy ,,, Frost you know of what I speak and now it will be clear to the rest here.

Back in Pern during a very evil and hard battle with The Thread my rider Moreta was killed yet as it should have been I myself should be dead for Dragons die the riders follow or vise versa but it was to be for my destiny by The Gods was to find Moreta's daughter * Gammon * and to  be my rider and through her and our brave Dragons and riders the secret to where my mate is and to return him to Pern.

Evil has once again reared it's ugly head and  has taken over Gammon's spirit she is here in the Main Camp fighting for her life and until this wonderful news of Ruth Ann and Falga  her Rider hope was fading that she could be saved.

Pup stepped forward and I grabbed her arm to stop her but The Queen spoke it is okay Brave One let her speak.

The Queen told Pup speak your heart sweetheart (( all Dragons and Riders use many terms of endearment to each other)))

Your Majesty I sense a very deep and troubled heart and soul could I be feeling Gammon??

Could I be of any help ??

**Yes my dear child I believe so**

Pup puffs up her chest and says then I am at your command My Queen I will do your bidding with the greatest of honor.

The Queens eyes fill with tears but they do not fall,,, my brave warrior please take Falga to Gammon I will remain here with the others and we will pray in our ancient way.

Pup and I bow and back out and head for Rosie's hut where Gammon is.

Rosie warns me it is not good Cap you will not recognize her she has become so weak thin and frail.

My heart breaks into a million bits and I gasp at the site of my Imp ,,, so full of life and so full of mischievous ways to be reduced to what is before me is unreal to me.

I take her boiling hot hand,, lean over and kiss her burning forehead and whisper ,I am here my Imp ,, wake up come back to me.

Pup takes her other hand and says hey there Imp I am Dandydog but Cap calls me pup pleased to meet you,, can we be friends.

Imp stirs moans  shivers ,, we hold her hand a lill tighter ,, my heart jumps as I feel Imp respond in her grasp on my hand is a tad stronger.

Talk to her Pup,, does not matter what just talk to her.

She raised he enormous wings and chanted in ancient tongue and at that moment we where joined in mind body and soul.

Now my children we have work to do and it must start here....

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We take turns siting with Imp and talking to her about any thing and every thing under the sun.

Bright happy things ,, mischief she got into,, the pranks she pulled, how she would try and out do Captain Randy never succeeded but she did so try .

Rosie and Penny took turns washing her boiling hot body with cool natural lotions and trying to get her to eat  but where never successful .

I went in early and saw Rosie trying to get Imp to at least drink she needed liquid more than food right now and I had an idea,, Rosie I have an idea and will need your help.

BRB and I ran to my hut and found my old water canteen .

I return with it filled with cool mountain stream water and a few drops of B12 I had left over from Doc Deadman' s visit it is still good I know just by the smell.

Okay Rosie can you lift her head for me ,, no that will not work she might choke like that here take the canteen,,

I lifted Imp from behind by her shoulders ( so wet and hot ) and slipped behind her so that she was leaning on my chest

Feeling herself being moves she started to fight and as weak as she was it took ever ounce of strength I had to restrain her .

Rosie called Penny and they held her legs and that made her fight harder ,,,

In her weakened state the fight lessened and she dell back on my chest.

We where all soaked with sweat now but she was calming down and we talk in as calm a voice we could and I stroked her wet hair.

Rosie pour the water into the cap of the canteen ,, now as I hold her gentility pour a few drops on her lips.

At first they just rolled down her chin but Rosie kept trying and we almost jumped for joy when I saw Imp's mouth open and a few drops where taken.

Rosie Penny and I beamed it was working.

Okay Rosie you and I will be the ones to give her the water ,, we have to do this several times a day I do not want to over do it and have her throw it up.

I layed  Imp down and Rosie and Penny told me to leave so they could change and wash her and put on fresh sheets.

Pup joined them to give a hand.

I went to my hut to freshen up and to look through a book I found on herbs and natural potions maybe I will find something there.

I have a better idea,,,, I went to see The Queen who was still with Frost and Snow chanting.

I did not want to interrupt but as I was about to leave The Queen spoke to me,,,, Brave Warrior come in.

I joined the group and told Her Majesty of my idea,,,,brave one follow your heart it will never wrong you.

I bowed thank you my Queen I will need Frost for a short time,, but of course she said,, and Brave one in my heart and soul I know we are going to save Gammon now go we will wait here.

We back out and Frost and I take off to The Tea Room.

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Frost and I arrive at the cliff just before the dark Abyss  where many an enemy has fallen and I spot a group getting closer.

The seem to be leading  group of about 50 or so towards the Abyss .

What are they doing there?

I see the group is lead by an ugly Gnome with a hound from Hell beside him.

The group is followed up by more Gnomes and hounds,,, whips cracking and Hounds snapping.

Frost we must save these people  go uo higher and come around from the back and have the Gnomes chase us.


Frost goes up then down from behind and gets the Gnomes attention ,,, they start to shot arrows and spears nothing hit us

I look we are far enough away from the prisoners so I give the order and Frost freezes them to the spot.

That leaves  the leader and hie smelly hound who is stupid to even know the rest of his group is gone ,

The prisoners try to flee but they are all changed together and in a panic they just make there bounds worse.

Frost hold steady as I fire off two flaming arrows and turn the hound and the Gnome to flame.

WE land and try to calm the group ,,, there are men,, women,, and children Mothers holding there children men holding there families

Please every one calm down so I can release you

I have to cut the chains with my Sai and that was not easy everyone shacking so bad hard to get the chains.

I finally cut the last one and everyone huddles ,,, Every one you are free to return to your homes I am sorry I can not go with you but I will check on you all later where is your homes?

One man steps up and draws there home in the sand yes I know where it is ,,, now I know why when we fly over many times before there were no signs of life just burnt out homes and land.

They had been captured and now where on the way to the Abyss.

I could not leave then here nor could I send them back to nothing ,,,,,

I take my Amulet and speak to The Queen,, your Majesty I ran into a group of evil Gnomes on my way back ,, and Frost tool care of them and there hounds from hell but I now have a groups of there prisoners and I can no let them return to there homes for they have been destroyed .

With your permission may we give them a safe place to stay until they cab return home?


My Queen there are about 50 .


I await them here your Majesty,,,, I turn to the one who stepped up and quickly introduce myself and Frost,,, do not be afraid 

there are two more Dragons coming to take you all back to our Main Camp there we will feed you and give you all a place to rest up and help you rebuild your homes from this day on you are under the protection of Our Golden Queen and her Army

It was not an easy task to get them all in the carts for they where so scared but finally the last man climbed in and Jewel ,, Brulle and Frost grabbed the carts in the huge claws and we headed to The Main Camp.

We arrived at The Main Camp and I had some of My Troops where given orders to help set the up and to make sure they had food and drink.

I rushed over to check on Imp and was elated to see Pup was still there talking to Imp and holding her hand,

Imp was much calmer and looks like her fever may have broken.

I touched her head and it did seem a lot less ferocious.

I touched Pup on her shoulder and said go take a break young'un I will sit with her.

Pup hugged me and said welcome back my Captain,,, I will go freshen up eat then come back ,,, and you Sir look like you could use a hot shower ,, some food and a good nights rest.

Later my Pup after you get back I will meet with The Queen then we shall see.