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2 anomalies - friends and inventory   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 5/25/21 by datsalotta; 1828 views.

From: datsalotta


These anomalies are strange by definition of that word.

In one PC game I have an item in inventory - ship supplies. I wanted to put it on my wish list but it did not appear when searched. I went to all the ZZ's to find where it comes from ( it is worth more than one shard) and have not found it. Not sure where it came from. The only place it could have come from is the Wheel of Fortune. Does anyone else have this item in inventory? And does it come up as a choice for your wish list?

Does anyone have this item and / or an answer as to how I can find where it comes from??? If I've missed the ZZ where it comes from I could get more. I'd like more because I only have one in inventory

In another PC game I have a friend in my invite list. I cannot gift this player because he's not in my collection of friends. However, and this is the strange part - I receive gifts from the same player. So I'm active in his Social Page but cannot return gifts. Any answers???

Is it possible that this item will be available when we go forward past level 106?

So many questions, not enough answers.

Appreciate any insights for these 2 anomalies. Thank you

datsalotta / datsdat

Datsa, you actually have an item called "ship supplies" in your inventory?  That's weird because the ship supplies are the Genie's lamp, amber box, clay tablet, ancient scroll, ship's lantern and bronze amphora.  Can you post a pic of it?  

And I have no earthly idea how someone who send you a friend invite, but who you haven't accepted, can send you a gift.  That's really strange.  

Hope someone else can be more help to you.

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Howdy Dats!

If you take a screenshot of the item called Ship Supplies in your Inventory and post it, maybe we can help identify it???


From: datsalotta


Could go for 2 days without sleep trying to figure out how to do a screen shot LOL

Not savvy obviously

So could take a while before I can bring a screen shot to the forum.

Thanks for your reply



From: datsalotta


Must be a different kind of ship.

The item I have is just a brown box

Could take me days to figure out how to do a screenshot so bear with me please

Thanks for your reply

PS I've sent a pm to the friend of datsdat who I cannot gift in return, so perhaps we can figure this out.


Dats, I looked through all the inventory pics and this is the only one I saw that looked like a brown box.

It's a crafted item called the Fortune Telling Set.

In Level 71, Skull Pete's "Trust No One" tasks...Task No. 3 "Short Supply" says "Send the airship to receive the Ship Supplies.  0/4"

But "Ship Supplies" in that task isn't an actual inventory item, it's just sending the airship.

Grasping at straws to try to help.

ETA:  Just had a thought.  I don't know what level you're on, but if you're on Level 71 and playing this task, and didn't finish it, maybe the "Ship Supplies" you did collect are waiting for you to finish the task.  Maybe that's why you see a picture of a box?


From: datsalotta


I will try to do the screenshot. I have the link now.

My brown box is made of wood and the lid is closed.

So far no one else has seen it. I do have the Fortune Telling Set also.

I keep asking myself ... so where did it come from? My only answers are either the Wheel Of Fortune or perhaps it dropped from a DQ when I wasn't paying attention...I do alotta DQs

Thanks for taking a look through your inventory. Appreciate the effort. This is a real puzzler


P.S. I am at level 106

Datsa, here's a pic of the task in Level 71 that I was referencing in my above post (courtesy of MaryCricket).  Does this look like the wooden box you're seeing?