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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 111865 views.

Hi Cyberfox277, 

I think I led you up the garden path the other day with my reply.  Call it a senior's moment.

Trixie Belle is on the Vista computer and I keep her purely for friends to use for rooms in seasonal events.  I don't play her at all as she was transferred to my (then) new desktop and emerged as Myrtle.

I added two extra uses Cattipuss and Silky, which I no longer have time to play very often and they will have whatever seasonal room is available for the current event for friends to use.

On the "new" laptop, password of which I have long forgotten has Pouncy Cat.   That will be stuck on the last seasonal room I used until such time as I can get someone to break into it.  The last tech guy that looked at it was as useful "tits on a bull" as we say down here.  He said he had disabled the function for it wanting a password every 3 months.  Ha!  Did not happen.  Also could not get the desktop to update and it still refuses to complete updates.


From: Honeyphan


Of course - would love to have you as a friend there too! :)

I'm MysteryAngel145 - will be looking for your invite...


From: Cyberfox277


I wasn't planning to delete you anyway smile I can always play that Spring event wink I have no idea if we're friends anymore with your other nicks, I only visit everyone during the events, and my gift list was getting so long I had to shut down my WL confused I think that's the main problem with MC game, only five gifts, and no free gifts once a day hushedsweat


From: Cyberfox277


It really helps, and I hope I've been helping you relaxed Don't be afraid if you spend all those hearts with your friends, they recharge, and no, I don't mean me smile As far as I know depending on the level, you can only spend 5 to 7 heart on each friend anyway. Google it if you want to know what reputation points are like wink


From: Cyberfox277


Hello Merry, I was looking for you, we don't have a chat in Hidden City but I think it's you relaxed  If you're not sorry confused It's not the wisest thing to do to fill your WL with things no one has, well I don't, some things one drop once? Think ahead, check what you need to complete that artifact and put it on your WL? Then you have the chargers and can move on? Just saying, you're the one playing your own game winkrelaxed


From: Merry1043


Thank you. I am having a hard time playing this game and will give up before long.   I find everything hard to follow and it takes forever for me to load the game.

ART (Antique Road Trip American Dreamin') was discontinued back in 2015/6.  Can't remember exactly when.  Charlieisr will probably know.   Big Fish and the company that produced it parted company and there were no further updates to it.  We continued playing it for quite some time after that as it was still on the Big Fish site, but eventually it became so unstable that it was no longer safe to play.  They had seasonal events as well but they were recycled each year so we always knew what we had to find.  Many people put a lot of work into that game, creating spread sheets with where to find everything.  It had a chat function in it as well that worked well.  

Some of the G5 games also have a chat function while others don't.  

Merry, I find Hidden City the hardest of all the G5 games that I play.  I just go in and gift a few people play a couple of scenes as best as I can, which is not very well.  That is the one game that I actually spent real money on because I really, really wanted one particular Avatar.

I find the other games are easier to play in some respects and have not spent a cent on any of the others.   I just plug along and hope for the best.  I tend not to go to far in the events and just play for fun.   

In Secret Society, the event scenes move to another part of the board and you can keep playing them.  It is best to open the scenes when the event starts because if you don't, when you reach the level that they become available to play they cost heaps to open.  You can gift as many people a day  as you like as long as you have the item in your inventory to gift whether it is on someone's wish list or not.  Some items you cannot gift until you have reached a certain level.  I have found that if you put up a collection item that you need on your wish list, very often someone will gift it to you.  You may also visit other games and charge different scenes, much like many of their other games.

Keep trying them out until you find one you feel comfortable with.


From: marbur220


Hi, Merry!

I thought I was the only one who has issues with this game.  I love MC and when I saw this recommended, I downloaded it but my fingers are not nimble enough when I try to slide the screen sideways (so I’m always getting dinged for an incorrect choice) and some of the objects are next to impossible to find in the allotted time.  Even with hi speed internet, it takes forever to load.

Is this game only giftable on the same platform like MC?  If not (and I can figure out what I have), I’ll gift my stuff away before I delete the game.  I play on an iPad so iOS.

Have a great weekend!