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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 111878 views.

From: Honeyphan


Honestly - and I've told this to a few friends - if I wasn't able to click on the Firefox icon to pause the game once the HOS comes up - then hover over it to bring up the box, then hover my mouse over that little box to make the scene large enough to see - I wouldn't be able to do the HOS, with as many objects as there are, some too well blended, and with as little time as they give.

I was about ready to give up and just dabble in the game here and there, as a matter of fact, until I stumbled on that trick, which takes very little time to do.

Now I can win the events and never lose another HOS! :) So cool...

Anyone who does this from a computer and plays from their site can do it. It works with Sherlock too - (I was able to finish the Halloween story and get the pumpkin souvenir too - hurrah! lol)

Not sure if you can do this if you download game, but probably (and you can always take screenshots. It takes a little more time to switch back and forth between windows, but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast too. I actually still do that sometimes for the night HOS, since I can enlarge the pic that way, and it's easier on the eyes to see. lol)...

For any of the curious who want to know how it's done - here it is step by step.

This is for playing directly off their site and with a computer (I use Firefox browser but I would think any would work...):

1) Open your HOS (enter it)

2) Immediately click on the Firefox icon in your toolbar to pause the HOS.

3) Do not click on the Firefox icon again, but move it away then back, to bring up the small window of the scene - it shows how it looked before you hit pause. It is not blurry and it doesn't have any words like "Pause" or "Play" on it - it is the scene as it looks when you play.

4) Bring your mouse to that small box of the scene so that it enlarges and keep your mouse on it. There will be a very small area you can't see, (where the small box is) - but it really isn't a problem and you can always look there right away once you go back to your HOS if you weren't able to spot something (like a token). Study the scene - the words or silhouettes showing will always be current - as will the scene.

5) Click on the Firefox window to start the HOS up again (hit play) - and click on what you found. If you get stumped again, just repeat the above. The scene showing when you hover is what it looks like before you hit pause and is always the most current one - so while game is on pause, you can see what tokens you missed, what the next items are to hunt, etc.

This has helped me so so much. I do it with the new hidden object scenes especially, and then later as I learn them, I try my best on my own, challenging myself, but when I see the timer is getting a bit too low for my liking, (especially as I level up and the HOS gets harder!) - I can always resort to this method.

Maybe it can help some of you too. :)

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From: jbbp


Thank you for your reply, Big Fish used to put what free games you could play by the side of games before

you started but not anymore I have agency 33 which I also play which is a free game, play that now more than MC


From: Cyberfox277


Please don't spend RL money on a "free" internet game, so many have ended by now, like ROM sweatconfused  Buy the game instead, and you get to play it over and over again. I've never spent a cent on a "free" internet game, but then again I'm a crystal hoarder smile And I've been trying to find you in HC, is your picture the huntress? 


From: Cyberfox277


I'm sorry to hear it, but every game sucks in the beginning, you know? We don't have anything confused When a game starts bothering you, or you run out of energy, just leave and play something else wink


From: Cyberfox277


I'm kind of confused why you'd go to such trouble, but you're the one playing it anyway smiley  Why don't you get Malwarebytes instead? There's a free version wink And you can download that game, I didn't see anything wrong about it by now smiley

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Malwarebytes isn’t a game. It is a protection program for your computer so that it won’t become infected.


From: Cyberfox277


Yes, it is, but apparently some people are afraid to load the game into the computer? wink There's nothing wrong with it? relaxed And no, I don't work for G5 smile


From: katiek2


Somehow or another, I have managed to mess up my G5 games.  They have all gone back to Level 1 and now won't allow me to play unless I change my email address, which I am not going to do.  So dear friends, it was nice playing with you on G5, but unless G5 support can bring back my games, I won't be playing again.

This was not a G5 problem, I cleaned out all my temporary files, and that is apparently what triggered the loss of my data.  I did check the event history on MS Edge, but even the information that was saved there long before yesterday, comes back at level 1 and insisting on a new email.


CC to Honeyphan

Hi Katie,

Sorry to hear that about your games.  I have a separate email address that I use for G5 games. When I set up this computer it needed and outlook address so that is the one I use for games.  I already had an email address with my internet provider that I use for personal & business use.

Cyberfox, I don't use real money for games these days.  Getting that avatar was a once off and I would never do it again.  My Avatar is wearing a red beret at present as that was the last Avatar I won in Secret Society.  If the Avatar shows as Trixie Belle, that would most likely be me.  I haven't come across another player with that name.  I have several named Adrian and Karen, some of whom have the same Avatar.  I note down the level of the player if they gift me so that I can return a gift to the right person.


From: Honeyphan


It's not that I'm afraid to download the game - it's that I can't.

It only allows you to do that with Windows 10, and I still have (and prefer) the dinosaur 8.1. lol